Assessing and Teaching Spelling

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Information about Assessing and Teaching Spelling

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: kailabarrett


Assessing and Teaching Spelling: Assessing and Teaching Spelling By: Kaila Barrett Assessment of Spelling Skills: Assessment of Spelling Skills There are a variety of ways to asses spelling such as formal and informal assessments which I will talk more about later. I think that it is important to note that when doing assessments there may be specific patterns of spelling errors may determined. Also when the teacher is choosing an assessment skill they should know the limitations of the test and have a supplemental test if it is needed. This could happen when there is a special education student in the classroom who really struggles with spelling. Formal Spelling Assessment: Formal Spelling Assessment There are many different ways to assess spelling but they are usually broken down into two categories and those are norm referenced such as standardized tests and criterion referenced such published measures. Achievement Tests: Achievement Tests Achievement Tests are basically what it says, it tests the students achievement scores in spelling. This type of test uses recall in the beginning and recognition in the end. What all that means is that recall is when a teacher says the word and the students write it. Recognition is when the students select the word from multiple choices. It is also important to note that these tests focus on a single score compared with a standardized score which is then the grade-equivalent score. These are the tests that I have seen the more through all of my experience in and out of schools. Diagnostic Tests: Diagnostic Tests Diagnostic Tests - In my opinion these tests are more in depth than the achievement tests because they focus on the students strengths and weaknesses when it comes to spelling tests. Criterion-Referenced Tests: Criterion-Referenced Tests Criterion-Referenced Tests are tests that focus on describing the performance in terms of the fixed criteria. In other words the tests focus on the instruction and planning rather than the scores that the students are achieving. What I like about these assessments is that the teacher can figure out what skills the students have mastered and what skills the students are struggling with when it comes to spelling tests. Informal Spelling Assessments: Informal Spelling Assessments Informal Spelling Assessment is one of my favorite ways to asses students because it focuses more in observation, evaluation, attitudes, written work, and oral responses. When I was a student I always loved doing spelling tests because I was good at them but when I work with students a lot of them do not like taking them and tend to stress over the tests. I personally think the key to this is observation because it can tell you so much about a student. There are many different types of informal assessments and some of those include; dictated spelling test, informal spelling inventory, curriculum-based measurement, spelling error analysis, cloze procedure, and probes. Informal Spelling Assessments: Informal Spelling Assessments I think all of the tests work pretty well but the ones that I want to talk more about is the dictation spelling test because I have seen this a lot and this is basically when a teacher says the word aloud and then the students write down the word. Probes are another assessment method that I have seen and the students are tested for one minute and the teacher records right and wrong answers. I have seen teachers do this more than one time with students in order to get a reliable answer from the students. I think the cloze procedure would work as well and this is when the student write the right response in the blank… “The opposite of down is____?” would be a great example. The last test I would like to mention is the curriculum based measurement and this begins with the selection of appropriate word lists. An example of this is “The girls dress has a stane on it” and then give the students other spelling options to fix the sentence with. They also have to produce the spelling of the word when they’re doing this as well.

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