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Published on January 14, 2009

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Revision for Mass Participation + ??Excellence ?? : Revision for Mass Participation + ??Excellence ?? Schools – Policy / Administration / Provision Initiatives in Schools : Initiatives in Schools In schools (many to develop the base of the performance pyramid): The work of specialist sports colleges The TOP Programmes The work of the Youth Sport Trust ..and school sports co-ordinators ..and sports development officers Sportsmark Activemark Sports Colleges (Provision)Aim – PE for all + Identify + develop talent : Sports Colleges (Provision)Aim – PE for all + Identify + develop talent Mass Participation / Excellence? : Mass Participation / Excellence? What they Get What they give Increased funding Government grant + lottery funding Additional staffing Enhanced facilities Community Schools – community uses facilities + expertise Feeder primary schools Community clubs – in their facilities with coaches arranged by them Linked with UKSI TOP Sport : TOP Sport Slide 6: excellence Meaning? Exhaustion (hard training) Colleges (Sports) Elitism Lottery funding Lilleshall Equipment Nation Building – Shop Window Curriculum – PE in Schools Esteem Administration : Administration Sports Councils – Sport England Uk sport Mass Participation - Elite More people – active schools / communities / sport - MP More places – facilities - MP More medals – world class start / potential / performance (links UK Sport)- E Sport development projects MP Distribute Lottery funding Facility development Supported by Government – reflects policies. Infrastructure in England National Sports Centres, eg Lilleshall - E Fund Sports Coach UK – MP + E Fund Coaching for Teachers - MP Elite Events to UK anti – doping Distributes funding World Class Programme – Start, Potential, Performance, Events – links Sport England UK hosts international events, eg Indoor Athletics Fund Sports Coach UK Oversees UKSI:- Tries to give elite sports people everything they need to compete successfully Coaching, medical, research Links with NGBs SPORTS COACH UK : SPORTS COACH UK Educate coaches at all levels Workshops for high level coaches - E Provide infrastructure for coaching Educate coaching attitudes Run Coaching for Teachers Programme - MP Policy - Government : Policy - Government DCMS – Department for culture, media + sport DfEs – department for education + employment Minister for Sport Give grants to UK Sport + Sport England GOVERNMENT POLICY Raising the Game PE Youth Sports Trust – improve sport in schools (eg with Sports Colleges) Sometimes linked to a sport through another institute, eg Burleigh Sports College specialises in tennis, linked with Loughborough + LTA National Governing Bodies : National Governing Bodies Excellence Mass participation National Centres of Excellence, eg Burton on Trent – Football Coaching structure Medical support, eg specific first aid for football courses by FA Elite leagues, eg Premier football, using sponsorship + TV funding Stage international + national competitions Professional officials Select + work with national squads Developing talent Delivering funding to top players Educating coaches / officials Doping control Liaise with Sports Coach UK Promote sport Educating coaches / officials Local competitions Liaise with Sports Coach UK June 2007 : June 2007 1(b) Describe each level of the performance pyramid. [4] 1 (c) How do National Governing Bodies support performers at the top of the performance pyramid? [4] Performance Pyramid : Performance Pyramid 1. (foundation) learning basic skills / young or school children / school PE / introduction to sport / variety of activities / learning positive attitude to physical activity / grass roots / mass participation 2. (participation) school or club participation /choosing activities / recreational involvement / extra-curricular non- competitive / regular participation / for health or fitness or friendships or fun or enjoyment / hobby / leisure 3. (performance) school or club participation with emphasis on competition or winning / skilled / committed / train regularly / coaching / keen to improve / structured or organised / compete at district or county or regional level / 4. (excellence) high standard or highly skilled / “professional” / get paid / elite / national / international / fully committed / high level of coaching / science support NGBs support top performers : NGBs support top performers 1. (selection) select or manage national team / talent ID / select for World Class Programme (podium/development/talent) 2. (funding) provide funding 3. (science) provide sport science support or analysis 4. (coaching/training) high level coaching or training / performance directors / national coach / train high performance coaches or officials / academies 5. (sponsorship/media) seek sponsorship or develop commercial links / obtain media coverage / negotiate with media 6 (facilities / equipment) give access to high level facilities or equipment. 7. (liaison) Work with UK SPORT or UKSI or HCSCs eg Sp England or sports colleges or high level clubs 8. (competition) organise or provide or inform about competitions / attract events / appoint officials 9. (doping/discipline) provide anti-doping education / give info. about 100% ME / deal with discipline 10. (education) encourage or support academic education / provide lifestyle or career advice January 2007 : January 2007 (c) (i) Describe how sport is organised and administered in the UK. (3) (ii) How do the National Lottery and the United Kingdom Sports Institute (UKSI) help to develop sporting excellence in the UK? (6) Sports Organisation in UK : Sports Organisation in UK 1(complicated)complicated/complex/inefficient 2 (funding/clubs) public or private or voluntary funding or clubs 3 (hierarchical) hierarchical/on different levels 4 (decentralised) decentralised/ little government involvement or interference 5 (NGB) NGBs/each sport has own NGB/ NGBs or associations or clubs autonomous 6 (volunteers) volunteers/unqualified officials or administrators/ unpaid coaches 7 (increasing efficiency) increasing efficiency/increased govt support/ work of DCMS/an increasingly professional or businesslike approach (by clubs and organisations) 9 (organisations /example ) accept one of the following with linked feature UK Sport - excellence UKSI/EIS - excellence H C Councils - M.P./ start-stay-succeed SCUK - develop coaching WSF/DSE - M.P.or Ex by women or disabled YST - Top Sport/helps sports colleges/M.P. SDOs - M.P./develop partnerships National Lottery + Excellence : National Lottery + Excellence National Lottery 1 The ‘World Class (performance) Programme’/WC(P)P/talent ID/talent-development-podium or start-potential-performance 2 money for: accommodation or living costs or travel/Athlete Personal Awards/grants that recognise sacrifice or dedication 3 fund: UK Sport/UKSI (EIS)/ NGBs/H.C. councils/YST/Sports Colleges 4 high level facilities or equipment 5 attracting or providing world class events 6 Mass participation /increasing numbers/building base of performance pyramid/clubs or teams/facilities or equipment UKSI + Excellence : UKSI + Excellence 7 high level or specialist coaching or facilities or equipment/specialist training/high performance centres 8 sports science/nutritional advice or psychological training or acclimatisation training/performance analysis 9 give academic education /other qualifications/flexible education programmes 10 suitable competition /with other elite performers 11 career advice /Performance Lifestyle Advice/(formerly) ACE UK 12 links with NGBs or sports colleges /talent ID 13 sports medicine

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