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Information about Asphalt

Published on December 3, 2016

Author: bilalakhund


1. Presented by Muhammad Bilal Class no:151

2. Asphalt is refined bitumen which is sticky, black and highly viscous liquid produced from petroleum during refinery process. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates ,binder(bitumen) and filler( something that is used to fill gaps and cheap like calcium carbonate) Basically asphalt is semisolid hydrocarbon In some regions it is also known as asphalt concrete

3. Asphalt is produced in asphalt plants this can be a fixed plant or even in mobile mixing plant. The average production temperature of asphalt is between 150C-180C depending on the condition and environment of the site Nowadays new techniques are available to produce asphalt at lower temperatures.

4. There are basically two types of asphalt Natural and refined Naturally occurring bitumen is sometimes specified by the term ‘crude bitumen’ The Canadian province of Alberta has the most of the world’s reserves of natural bitumen covering 142,000 square kilometers , an area larger than England.

5. Asphalt mixes are typically composed of 5% bitumen and 95% of aggregates(stone , sand, gravel) . It is a complex mixture of thousands of different organic compounds mutually dissolved or dispersed. uses of asphalt: • The primary use of asphalt (70%) is in road construction where it is use as a glue or binder.

6. It can also be used for various other purposes like • Transportation (railway beds , airport runways etc) • Recreation ( playgrounds , running tracks , tennis courts etc) • Building construction ( floorings) • It has water-proofing properties so it can produce new construction materials having good water resistance properties.

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