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Published on March 6, 2014

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Organisations with high employee engagement experience 2.5 times greater revenue growth than those organisations with low employee engagement. Understanding the pulse of employee engagement has never been more important.

The innovative AskU survey app delivers targeted, real-time insights, helping you to measure changes in employee behaviour, sentiment and satisfaction.

And with 50% of revenues going to charity, employees have an extra incentive to complete - contributing time and their perspectives as part of a broader workplace giving program.

AskU is the app that delivers better survey results, faster insights and social impact.

The real time survey app Gauging the pulse of your connected employees

“ … organisations with high employee engagement experience 2.5 times greater revenue growth than those organisations with low employee engagement. -- Hay Group Insight, Engaging and Enabling Employees, 2009 ”

PUTTING YOUR BEST ASSETS TO WORK Easy to use, digital and mobile technologies tap the interests, working styles, creativity and enthusiasm of your best assets – your people. Jane works part time while studying at university. She needs her job to help her pay for tuition, books and a growing social life. Increase participation and responsiveness They click the links, download AskU to their phones and enter the Private Code. A series of quick to answer questions allow them to have their voice heard. Jonas has been with the company for his entire career. There has been a recent restructure and a great deal of change is taking place. Follow-up short surveys are notified via the phone with single tap messages. And the same snap survey can be taken in moments. The company is keen to harness both Jane’s enthusiasm and Jonas’ experience in the year ahead. They each receive an email from HR seeking their feedback and input. Stimulate ideas, debate and conversations Showcase contributions from the quietest voices AskU brings surveys into the 21st Century. Bringing you insight and creating new methods of employee engagement. Track changes in sentiment, mood and engagement $500* per private survey * Contact us for subscription rates.

CREATE AN ASKU SURVEY IN 3 CLICKS Design your survey, write questions, test and launch in minutes. Simple and intuitive, our Surveys Dashboard lets you create, edit, test and publish your surveys through a drag and drop interface. Protected by a secure code, simply login to AskU on your Android or iOS device to ensure your survey works the way you intended. When you are satisfied, our One Click Launcher publishes your survey to your private group. You can allow participants to share their results via social media and swipe backwards to view real time results.

POWERFUL YET FLEXIBLE QUESTION STYLES DRIVE PARTICIPATION AND RELEVANCE Five powerful question types are available to help you create and structure your surveys. A simple drag and drop interface makes survey design a snap. Create question rules for more complex question sequencing, response routing and answer dependency at the click of a mouse. You can also order and resequence your survey questions with your mouse in a matter of minutes. Schedule your questions to automatically expire at the end of each week. You can also allow questions to be shared via social channels to share with colleagues. Question types: Ranking Sliding scale Multiple choice Number input Free text

“ With 50% of AskU revenue going to charity, attendees have the extra incentive to participate. The impact is shown on the home page every time you login. -- Jenny Geddes, CEO, Australian Charities Fund ”

EMBRACE REAL TIME RESULTS AND LIVE FEEDBACK Our employees live in a real time results, digitally connected world. Feedback loops help us understand who our employees are and how they belong. Online surveys have the potential for two way engagement and feedback. When employees provide feedback they expect it to be visible and actionable. Employees can compare their responses with those of their colleagues with a simple backward swipe of their phone. Demonstrating immediate response, engaging with the results and opening the debate around important issues can transform any situation. And with AskU, it’s not just real time results – you can deep dive and analyse the data post- event too. Export your results to Excel to create your own custom reports.

PwC NATIONAL TOWN HALL EVENTS Need: PwC wanted to create higher levels of employee participation and engagement before, during and after their series of “Town Hall” events . Solution: A mobile app that all employees could access whether they were in the office, on client sites – or attending the event virtually or in-person. Approach: Using AskU, employees could contribute open text questions in the lead-up to events in each capital city. PwC ensured hot topics were addressed in the meeting. In-event feedback was gathered in real time and displayed on-screen. And AskU was also used for post-event polling. Impact and insight: The comms team were able to brief the CEO ahead of the meeting and prepare responses. Employees were engaged ahead of the meetings and could see their responses on the live update screens.

AN AUSTRALIAN THEATRE COMPANY Need: A well-known Australian theatre company wanted to engage their audiences as well as the broader public in a conversation about theatre events and attendance. Solution: An innovative surveying platform with access to a diverse, existing panel of consumers allowing the same questions to be asked of public as well as the Company’s existing member base. Approach: Public and private polls were launched within AskU, allowing the Company to survey their existing audiences as well as AskU’s 2000strong active community. Impact and insight: The internal polling was designed to clarify assumptions and assist programming while the external polling provided market validation.

GET STARTED WITH ASKU TODAY We know you will love AskU. But seeing is believing. Get started with your first survey today.

QUESTIONS? Ask Me … “The app that delivers better survey results, faster insights and social impact. ” Gavin Heaton +61 421 470 265

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