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Published on August 22, 2008

Author: Stan


Survival Chinese (2) : Survival Chinese (2) Stanley You Why are you in this session? : Why are you in this session? 1. You are in China and don’t want to get lost. 2. You want to go to China and don’t want to get lost. 3. You are a terrible map-user. 4. You are bored and find this class sounds interesting. 5. You are a big fan of Chinese. Pinyin-Mandarin Pronunciation System : Pinyin-Mandarin Pronunciation System Initials (Consonants) b p m f d t n l g k h j q x z c s zh ch sh r y w Finals (Vowels) a o e i u ü ai ei ao ou an en in ang eng ing ong Tones ˉ ̒ ˇ ﹨ Greetings : Greetings How to ask your way? : How to ask your way? Some words Some phrases DIY your own sentence You can DIY your sentence! : You can DIY your sentence! The possible answers : The possible answers Some words you need to remember : Some words you need to remember Time to say goodbye. : Time to say goodbye. Xià huí jiàn! See you next time! 下回见! Slide 17: PPT available at: and public content on If you miss any part of the session, you can see the archive. My email:

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