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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: conglaoshi



Learn to ask and answer about your age in Chinese.

Can you say the following words or expressions in Chinese? I You he/she hello years old How old are you? hello teacher good morning goodbye 47 9 years old I’m … years old.

Ways of asking age 你多大? nǐ duō dà (for numbers ≥ 10) 你几岁? nǐ jǐ suì (for numbers under 10) How old are you?

Talking about age • To say a person’s age in Chinese you just need to say “person + number + age” (pronoun or name: I,you,she,he,Jade,etc.) (1-99+) 岁(suì) E.g. 岁。 suì) 我/Jenny (wǒ/Jenny 十四 shí sì

Things to watch out for In Chinese, the number “二” (èr) changes to “两” (liǎng) while expressing a person’s age or before a measure word, so “two years old” becomes “两岁”(liǎng suì). However, this is only for two, not 12, 22, etc. Question: How to say “Jim is two years old” in Chinese?

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