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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: iloveashwini


Happy Birthday Ashwini!

Transformation of the famous Ashwini Kannan Before IIMB After getting into IIMB Shopping worth Rs 10k every week (especially before placements tracking!) You look like Angelina Jolie

This transformation has helped her receive multiple offers Offers Received Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Timeline

Quiz Time One of them is RAKA, other is Ashwini! Guess which one is Ashwini! Visit B-204 and give the correct answer to get a special reward. You can ask for anything. ANYTHING ;)

Ashwini Trivia 1. She is half bald (sottai) and uses beer shampoo for hair growth. 2. Her level of “pervert”ness has increased exponentially due to intensive googling. With ‘Safe Search’ turned off. Has been notified by Sigma. 3. Till last week she thought Canada is a state in the US. 4. Most sought after tracker – Personally preferred by several PRs. And the winner is…..

Ashwini Trivia 1. She is responsible for half of India’s chicken consumption. Per meal. Before Ashwini’s lunch After Ashwini’s lunch 2. Biggest rowdy in the campus. Singlehandedly beats up guys around her, sometimes causing unintended family planning (Contact Hemanth/Chandru for details). Refer point above for source of her strength.

New member of Sports Council! How She Thinks She plays throwBALL… How She Actually Plays…

New habits acquired in IIMB! Her own cocktail receipe But Prefers… Sex on the Beach

She hates only one guy on campus : STK YAAY!!! Both of u look alike How on earth do I look like her?

Come.. Hoosh me at A-Base

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