Asexual Reproduction

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Information about Asexual Reproduction

Published on December 11, 2007

Author: gmanb5



A survey of the various types of asexual reproduction.

Asexual Reproduction It only takes one

Binary Fission (mitosis) One parent makes one daughter cell Used by one-celled organisms, like bacteria)

Budding The offspring just pops out of the parent Examples: hydra and yeast

Spores Spores are formed and dispersed by some plants, algae, and fungi.

Vegetative Reproduction New individuals are made without seeds or spores

Types of Vegetative Reproduction Runners Rhizomes Tubers Bulbs Grafting

Runners Plant stems send out “extensions” above ground. These extensions give rise to new plants.

Rhizomes Like runners, but underground. The runners are called stolons and they come from the roots.

Tubers An underground, modified stem which can form buds which make new plants.

Bulbs Underground shoot with modified leaves which are used as food for dormant plant.

Grafting Part of one plant fuses with another plant.

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