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Published on October 1, 2014

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ASAS 2014 - Agile Projects doe not yield an effective IT business alignment

Klasien Postma, Solution Architect 1 Agile projects do not yield an effective IT business alignment

Portfolio 2 ERP + CRM (, Oracle, SAP) Maatwerk (Mobile, Smart Tech, GEO, Java, .Net, OpenSource) Elastische infrastructuren Advies & onder- steuning (Vertical, Horizontal, Professional) Applicatie Integratie & Middleware (Integratie, Portalen, Proces- en regelsystemen) Online (Concepting, design) Business Intelligence (Bicc, Datawarehouse, Dashboards, Analytics)

Introduction – My architect roles … 3 View slide

… in the public sector  Council for the Judiciary (spir-it)  Tax authority 4 View slide

Trends in the public sector Centralization: fewer offices Specialization: shared service centers IT: Governance, demand, supply 5

Current objectives public sector Business -Shorter and simpler procedures -Better accessibility, understandability IT-development Reduced time-to-market, small projects Engaged business, happy end-users Principles Service oriented Re-use, before buy, before build Standardized building blocks One-off creation, multiple use 6

7 Natural reflex: introduce new method

But…how to implement into large organizations 8

Scaled Agile Framework TM (SAFe) – Tax authority Original concepts from Dean Leffingwell: Backlogs: −Portfolio-backlog  Epics −Program-backlog  Features −Team-backlog  Stories, Spikes Implementation: −Step by step started in May 2014 −Started with two projects of the business demand-unit ‘IM Surcharges’ 9

POTs and SOTs −POT (product development team): chain oriented, business value, project scope −SOT (service development team): component oriented, quality & re-usability, cross- project scope Backlogs: −Company-backlog −Project-backlog −Service-backlog −Architecture-backlog Implementation: −Step by step, started in February 2013 −Started with supply-unit Spir-it −Reorganization design- and development-teams POTs and SOTs – Council for the Judiciary (spir-it) 10


1. ‘During the renovation, the store remains open’ 12 Think big, act small; improve during implementation

2. Another framework to integrate Manage expectations: small steps and achievements Convince the organization, use agile-coaches Be aware Agile requires a new mindset 13

2. Another framework to integrate 14 Scrum: •Product back-log •Sprint back-log •Product Increment •Burndown chart Think lean: •Who needs the document? •Why does she/he need it? •What’s the value to him/her? •What if the document is missing?

3. Many teams, scrum and waterfall Create teams with a broad range of skills, max 10 persons Stubs, don’t wait with physical integration till the end of iteration Product-owner (little time, flexible working hours, dislocated) −Joins Daily-standups as much as possible (minimum once a week) −Joins all milestone meetings (Sprint-planning, Demo and Review) 15

4. Architecture and Agile/scrum 16 Why? To serve organizational interests To keep cross-project scope To outline a global overview

4. Architecture and Agile/scrum 17 What Who When Domain architecture Domain architect Long term planning ‘Project start architecture’ Project architect Project initiation Architecture implementation IT-architect Sprints Architecture control and changes Project architect Sprints

Issue Demand, Supply, Business don’t act as partners Users are referred to as clients, not colleagues Supply is not considered as a business partner Many prejudices, low trust 18 Next challenge: how to involve the business

Next challenge: how to involve the business 19 Most important: collaboration based on equality and trust Business Demand Supply

Improve collaboration Business Business = IT Dig into automated processes too Don’t be averse to IT 20

Improve collaboration Demand It starts with operations: reality differs from theory Involve end-users to make specifications Don’t consider IT as difficult 21

Improve collaboration Supply Invite eg. real users for the demo Visit specification meetings Focus on simple explanation 22

Conclusion Effective adoption of business reality into IT solutions requires a mindset beyond thinking in models and predefined patterns. 23

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