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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Haggrid


INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT:  INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT Globally: History of growth In next 20 years 27,000 new aircraft required globally. Long term economic growth anticipated Increasing competition between airlines, large scale replacement of existing planes and widespread opening up of new markets worldwide. In Australia: Over 12,000 civil registered aircraft Annually, over 80 million domestic & international passenger movements at major airports Estimated industry employment in Australia 60,000 + Defence Force Aerospace sector anticipates a 5 fold increase in annual exports by 2012. JOB OPPORTUNITIES & CAREER PATHWAYS:  JOB OPPORTUNITIES & CAREER PATHWAYS Aviation Aerospace & Defence Career Sectors Qualification Level Often have tertiary aviation qualifications PILOT:  Step 1: Private Pilot Licence (flying schools, aero clubs) Step 2: Commercial Pilot Licence (gain experience) Step 3: Air Transport Pilot Licence Step 4: Employment with an airline Alternative Pathways Airline Cadet Pilot Tertiary Qualifications Bachelor of Aviation Advanced Diploma of Aviation Diploma of Aviation Join the Defence Force Preferred entry requirements: Year 12 Maths & Science PILOT AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL:  AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Careers: Brisbane or Melbourne based Choice of Enroute or Tower Streams Pre-requisites: Year 12 English, Maths & Science (pref Physics) Or Tertiary qualification Or Private / Commercial Pilots Licence Minimum 18 years old Australian citizen/permanent resident Aptitude with computers/instrumentation & equipment, spatial ability & situational awareness Enter Via Airservices Australia: 12 months initial training + 4 months field training Or join the Defence Force CABIN CREW:  Step 1: Preparation Pre-requisites: Minimum 18 years old Height: 163 - 183 cm Senior First Aid Certificate Responsible service of alcohol certificate Customer service experience Food and beverage serving Second Language (beneficial) Step 2: Apply to an airline Cert II in Transport & Distribution Aviation Flight Operations – Cabin Crew CABIN CREW AVIATION SUPPORT CREW:  AVIATION SUPPORT CREW Minimum Year 10 Senior First Aid Certificate Australian Citizenship Meet selection criteria for Aviation Firefighter Meet Government Regulatory requirements. Minimum Year 10 Pass Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting Aircraft refuellers Security Staff Passenger Service Staff MANUFACTURING:  MANUFACTURING Careers In Manufacturing: Aeronautical Engineers. Draftspersons Aviation Technical Service Officers Pilots-Test Aircraft Technicians Production Managers/Supervisors Support & Logistics Trades Personnel (Manufacture & Maintenance) Pre-requisites: Technical Areas – (Engineering) University Degree Allied Trade Training Year 10 English, Maths & Science Cert IV in Aeroskills Cert II in Aeroskills Non Technical Trade Training Year 10 English & Maths Aptitude for the use of hand tools Enter via application to manufacturing company ENGINEERS IN AEROSPACE:  What do Aerospace Engineers do? Design aircraft & aircraft systems Manage aerospace projects Software integration Develop aircraft modifications Conduct research & development ENGINEERS IN AEROSPACE High demand for skilled engineers: Australian companies: are critical suppliers for advanced aircraft structures and components. range from small to large organizations providing support roles to the international aerospace/aviation industry. involved in key research developing next-generation technology for future aircraft with composites becoming a crucial material used. ENGINEERS IN AEROSPACE:  Tertiary Education – University Degree Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering Other Engineering – Avionics, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Systems, Manufacturing, etc. Opportunities for Postgraduate studies. ENGINEERS IN AEROSPACE Education Pre-requisites: Year 12 English, Maths, Physics Employment & Skill Development with: Australian companies making large & small parts and components. a range of other support roles to the international and local aerospace/aviation industry. companies, both large and small, located in both metropolitan and regional areas. TECHNICIANS - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME):  High demand for skilled technicians: The average age of technicians in Australia is 55 years! Technicians are critical to the sustainability of Australian commercial airlines and the Defence Force. Manufacturers require technicians to maintain and build their capability as global suppliers of components and aircraft. TECHNICIANS - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) What do Technicians do? Manufacture and assemble aircraft structures and components. Carry out repairs and maintenance to aircraft in: Avionics - electrics, electronics, instrumentation Mechanics - engines, hydraulics Structures - body, wings Aircraft Maintenance Engineers require a licence to release commercial aircraft for flight. TECHNICIANS - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME):  TECHNICIANS - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Vocational Qualification: Certificate IV in Aeroskills Mechanical/ Avionics/ Structural Training options: Apprenticeship Employment combined with TAFE training. Full time course Up front (Aviation Australia Qld.) and then complete on-job-experience (nominal 3yrs) Education Pre-requisites: English, Maths, Science (preference Year 12) Optional VET in schools programs: Engineering Studies, Information Technology Systems, Information Processing & Technology Aerospace Studies (currently only available in QLD ) Apprenticeships can be obtained through Group Training Companies and/or enterprises directly. DEFENCE FORCE CAREERS :  DEFENCE FORCE CAREERS Pilots (Navy, Army, Air Force) Air Traffic Controllers (Air Force) Cabin Crew = Crew Attendants (Air Force) Aviation Fire Fighting and Rescue (Army, Air Force) Ground-crewman Aircraft Support (Army) Aerospace Engineers - Aeronautical - Navy, Army, Air Force Armament, Electronics - Air Force Weapons Electrical Aircraft, - Navy Technicians - Avionics Technicians - Navy, Army, Air Force Aircraft Technicians - Navy, Army, Air Force Aircraft Structural Fitters - Army, Air Force The Defence Force has equivalents for all Aviation and Aerospace careers plus more ADDITIONAL DEFENCE FORCE CAREERS:  ADDITIONAL DEFENCE FORCE CAREERS Air Combat Officer (Air Force) Navigation Air Defence Airborne Electronics Analysis Navy Observer (Airborne Tactical Officer) Aircraft Life Support Fitters Army, Air Force Air Surveillance Operators Air Force OFFICERS:  OFFICERS Officer careers Pilots Air Traffic Controllers Aerospace Engineers Air Combat Officers Enter via Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Undergraduate sponsorship Graduate entry Direct Entry Officer (not engineers) Pre-requisites Year 12 required English, Maths, Physics Officer Qualities Leadership, communication, integrity, teamwork GENERAL ENTRY:  GENERAL ENTRY General Entry Careers Technical Trades Non-Technical Trades: Crew Attendants Air Surveillance Operators Fire Fighters Ground-crewman ACFT SPT Enter via Tech trade training Qualified trade entry Non-technical trade training Pre-requisites Tech trade training Year 10 English, Maths, Science Qualified trade entry trade certificate Non-technical trade training Year 10 English & Maths + job-specific pre-requisites BENEFITS OF DEFENCE FORCE CAREER PATHWAY:  BENEFITS OF DEFENCE FORCE CAREER PATHWAY Defence Force pays for studies and training Fast tracked training Receive a salary to study/train Guaranteed a job when qualified Qualifications civilian accredited Pathway to civilian industry Job specific information is available from defencejobs stand or SKILL SHORTAGES / CAREER OPPORTUNITIES:  Growth Areas Pilots Air Traffic Control Cabin Crew Engineers Technicians All Support Roles SKILL SHORTAGES / CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Current Projects with Australian Support Airbus A380 Joint Strike Fighter Boeing 787 Eurocopter Tiger (& Many Others) APPEAL FOR YOUNG PEOPLE :  Exciting & Vibrant Industry Teamwork State-of-the-Art Technology Worldwide Travel Opportunities APPEAL FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AEROSPACE AVIATION & DEFENCE WEBSITES:  Career info: Training: Group Training Companies: Employment: AEROSPACE AVIATION & DEFENCE WEBSITES CAREERS INFORMATION AT THE AIRSHOW:  CAREERS INFORMATION AT THE AIRSHOW Exhibitors at the International Airshow 2007 can provide careers information at their respective stands from 23rd -25th March. Company information will be available to collect showing organisational profile, company background, primary capabilities, current projects, disciplines employed, employment paths, etc. Look for exhibitors displaying this sign. THANK YOU TO THE CAREERS & SKILLS SHOWCASE SPONSORS:  THANK YOU TO THE CAREERS & SKILLS SHOWCASE SPONSORS

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