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Published on September 16, 2014

Author: ChrisEarl



Framwellgate School Durham AS media lesson 3 2014 - foundation portfolio - shots

Foundation Portfolio - Shots AS MEDIA STUDIES

Learning Intentions  To learn basic terminology of shots  To plan shoot covering range of different shots  To organise shooting to take place before/ during next lesson (Thursday)

Success Criteria  All students will note down information about different kinds of shot and will plan a simple shoot  Most students will create a simple storyboard/ shooting schedule  Some students will devise a detailed storyboard/ shooting schedule

Types of shot  Extreme Long Shot (ELS)  Long Shot (LS)  Medium Shot (MS)  Two Shot  Close Up (CU)  Extreme Close Up (ECU)  High Angle  Low Angle

Nike - Invitation

Name the Shot  Extreme Long Shot  Extreme Close Up  Two Shot  Long Shot

Task  3 minutes to correctly identify the shots  Label shots on left using titles from right (abbreviate where appropriate)

Mise En Scene  What appears in the shot (denotation)  Costume  Props  Make-up  Framing  Setting  Purpose and effect  Intended connotation

Explain the Mise En Scene

Task  Work in groups of 1/2  Given a number of shots to compose  Given camera/ tripod to use for next three days  Select appropriate locations  Follow instructions on sheet and complete shoot  Upload footage onto computer by end of lesson on Thursday  Editing begins Friday 12th September  Final submission Friday 19th September  Maintain blog throughout process


Classic “Don'ts”  Don’t...  forget to charge battery or load media  leave lens cover on  leave camera on when not shooting  have irrelevant people or things in shot  catch camera reflected in window/ mirror  get thumb or shadow in shot  talk over shot  edit shots “in camera”

Shooting Tips  Use a tripod –shots will look much better  Run through the action before shooting  Make sure you’re covering everything, particularly if you have complicated movement  Start recording about 5s before the action starts  You can edit this out later  Record at least 2 takes for each shot  Record a “master” shot for each scene

Resolution  Cameras default to 1080/ 60 (HD resolution/ frame-rate)  Better set at 720/ 30  Whenever you turn on the camera  Check the bottom left corner of the screen  If number is 1080, press “menu” button, select “resolution” and select “720”  You will always need to reset the frame rate to 30.  In the menu, click down to the second page  Select “Stabilizer”  Make sure the green tick is selected  Click menu button  The number at the bottom left should now read “720P30”

Charging it Up  Make sure battery and charger with camera  Different cameras have different adapters  Battery should be connected to the base unit in order to charge it

Camcorder Media  Mini-DV Tape|  Mini-DVD Disc  SD Card

Turning it on  Press the “on/off” button once  Check the “mode” – you won’t be able to record if the video camera icon is not selected  If you can’t see anything, make sure you’ve taken the lens cover off

Lens Covers  Some cameras have internal lens covers  The Powershots have the lens cover attached to the camera

Aspect Ratio  Some cameras default to an aspect ratio of 4:3 (old TV standard)  Make sure you set your camcorder to 16:9 (or “widescreen”). You will usually do this via the camera menu

Zoom  To “zoom” (i.e. make the image bigger or smaller) , use the “W/T” slider (usually found on the “shoulder” of the camera  The slider is “touch sensitive” – the zoom will speed up or slow down depending on pressure  Advised not to zoom when recording; this will generally make your footage look amateurish  However, if you practice a zoom a few times, it can look quite effective

Focus  Most domestic camcorders use “auto-focus”  You can alter this, although you will need to experiment  You will find it difficult to maintain the focus if your subject moves much  You are advised to only experiment with focus at your own risk

Light  Camcorders work best in reasonable light  If you shoot at night or in low light, image quality will degrade  Ideally, shoot during the day and then tint the image to create “day for night”  Otherwise, make sure you have enough light

Effects  Many cameras come with “effects” buttons  You are advised not to use these when you are shooting  You can create more powerful effects using the editing software, with the advantage that you can undo them if you don’t like them

Tripod Basics

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