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Published on September 15, 2014

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By Adam Gofton AS MEDIA: Assessment 2: MAP 1: Mad Men In this assignment I will be explaining the diverse cinematography skills used in the TV programme Mad Men [season 1: episode 1]. To do this I watched the programme several times to get a feel of what is happening and began taking notes on the camera techniques, mise en scene and how it links to the representation of gender. In the very first scene there is a pan across the bar to show all of the characters that are in the bar. I realised that most of the characters in the bar where male and only a small handful where female. I think this could represent how dominant males where in those times because they were able to go out and have fun in bars while the women were at home usually looking after the children or doing house work. Contrasting to this, Peggy Olson is always in sharp focus and is the subject of every shot she is in. I think this could show that she is different from other women she is ahead of the times for how women in society have changed. I think this could also be the reasoning behind main character Don Draper having a love affair with her because she is so diverse and not like a stereotypical girl in those times. Alan Taylor has used many different cinematography techniques to tell a story to the audience the point I have chose is where he uses a medium shot when the girl is wearing yellow in the lift. I think the way she is

By Adam Gofton wearing yellow and the men in the lift are wearing dark suits, could show how women needed to look appealing to men in those times because men where usually the ones bringing in the income while women are at home house keeping and looking after children. It could show that she is trying to bring attention to herself so obviously that the men are kind of mocking her saying what they like in women. Not longer after that, the girl is being taught how to use the office equipment and the women training her says “Men have made it but for women to use.” I think this could be a small way the director has chosen to show that the average women had accepted and believed themselves that men were superior and they needed to tailor things so that it’s easier for women to use. Near the end of the video there is a tracking shot going through the office and you are able to see the employee hierarchy. You see that all the women work together in an open office and the men are in a private office. This shows the company are male ran and the males dominate the workplace. Overall I think there is many little places that show gender at the time.

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