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Published on June 28, 2014

Author: Waddonoewo


Arts And Entertainment - Getting Your Man To Appreciate Theater _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Jasono Haongo - If you ask a person what comes to mind when they think about Broadway theatre, they are likely to say is goes hand in hand with images of New York City and its Theater District. New York is certainly the mecca of all things Broadway. However, many major cities and metro regions across the United States have ornate play houses that host the hottest Broadway plays. It used to be that to see quality arts you had to be in New York City, but no more. Opera, ballet, musicals, productions and the works are seen across the country, making it more accessible to fans of Broadway... and their husbands. To Learn More About Arts & Entertainment Yes, that's right, their husbands. To be sure, not all husbands or men are fanatically against attending Broadway plays, in fact we all enjoy it equally. It does seem, however, that stubborn men, and especially husbands, protest the most when it comes to accompanying their wives to a musical of any sort. At least, this is the stereotype or stigma that goes along with a 'macho' man. So, ladies, how can you convince, bribe, encourage or drag your man to a play and help him actually enjoy himself? Here are a few tips: Find Some Action: Choose a drama or action infused production or play. Les Miserables is a great play with some war scenes, fighting, explosions and the works. With such intense action, he may not mind

the musical aspect and in fact, he may find it adds to the experience. Ask him to think of it as the soundtrack to his favorite war movie. Surprise Him: Make all the arrangements and include arts, entertainment and food and surprise him for the evening. Plan dinner or even a weekend getaway. Make A Deal: Offer to do something he enjoys or give him some space to enjoy the things he loves in return for taking you out so that he sees this is a give-and-take deal. Make It An Event: If he likes going to dinner and dancing, then get dressed up an have dinner, see the Broadway play and go dancing. Combining the evening with things you both enjoy will draw out the fun for both of you. The More The Merrier: Invite your couple friends to join you. Your man will be more comfortable around a group of guys he knows and your gal friends will be excited to get out too. Give A Little: The best relationships are those with two-way streets - meaning, if you're asking him to give the arts a try, make an honest effort to enjoy things he does. Perhaps this means you don a football jersey and watch a game on Sunday, but who knows, you may get in to the spirit of the game and enjoy yourself. Showing him that you are meeting him in the middle will make him want to do the same for you. These tips are geared towards the arts but can really be applied to anything you want to get your spouse interested in. The best way to encourage someone to enjoy the arts is to do just that - encourage them with positive reinforcement and never negative or nagging words. Encourage and discover with them

which plays, productions or musicals they enjoy and what parts they love the most. Was it the music, the storyline, the special affects, set, props and wardrobe - all of these are magnificent when you are experiencing them from the audience of one of America's fabulous theatres. So… What’s Next ? To learn more about Arts & Entertainment, Click Here:

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