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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: toystorybr0



what is the pop punk style?

Artist styling/ Costume ideas

Hair The hair for my band is simple, because they don't have to do much to it. As the stereotypical band hairstyle is usually longer and styled to the side to give off a more edge, rock twist that makes them look like a band. As shown in the first picture, this basic style is more of what young bands go through, as its short, stylish and attractive, a lot of girls would find this appealing and therefore band members use this to their advantage to get ore fans. The second and third picture is more of a older and subtle look, as it is easily pulled off and looks more fierce and strong. Short hair styled would work for my genre also.

MERCH I would say that band merch is one of the key things that I need to consider. For my band, they need to be wearing some sort of merch, as it usually is a t shirt. Merch is just other bands t shirts, hats, accessories to show your support for them. At almost every gig you will find the crowd covered in it and also the band playing wearing it to also promote and also respect the other bands. I will probally get my band to wear some of their fellow friends who are supporting them on tour's merch as this is what you will find in most live concerts. They all already own these clothings so getting it would not be a problem.

Colour themes There is no main colour theme when it comes to bands because they just wear whatever they want, and each time it will be completely different which makes it so unique. However there tends to be trends along my genre of music, they they tend to wear a lot of black and white, but also the lead singer wears a bright more outrageous shirt to stand out from the band. This gives him the centre focus for everyone to know that he is important, I will try to get something similar like this across to my band and make sure they incorporate these ideas.

Clothing The pop punk genre don't really wear anything fancy but usual, causal clothes that you will wear yourself. skinny jeans, shorts, t shirt, hoodies, denim jacket, snapback, beanies and vans or converse shoes. You will find every band member dressed like this because it's cooler to wear when you're sweating on stage, so much easier to change into and it shows that they aren't as different as their fans. They look like everyone else so they can easily be related.

Facial expressions Bands usually take things less seriously and much around a lot. As seen from previous experience they like to give off, funny, derp and loud faces at people. They may not appear friendly at first however it just takes getting used to. My genre allows for a bubbly happy show of smiles to be shown. You will also see them pose in funny structures, as they are just showing off their personalty and being teenagers A lot of them just stick out their tongue, open their mouth and make large gestures with their hands.

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