Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: gardenmark


Garden-mark Landscape Solutions: Garden-mark Landscape Solutions Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity? :  Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity? When you think of having a healthy lawn near your doorstep, you think of the cost of maintenance and the time that will take up for this. On top of this you have water and electricity bills to be paid for the same! While having a green and uniformly mowed lawn may be an indulgence, it is a necessity in the present context to go for a better alternative that serves both purposes. With an  artificial lawn  you save a lot of resources, money and energy and your lawn looks green and fresh at the same time. Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity? :  Artificial turf indulgence or a necessity? It’s amazing to know what technology can do for you. The idea of artificial grass came with AstroTurf developed by Monsanto. Since the 60’s, a lot of development has taken place we have turfs that are as beautiful and real as natural lawns. You not only save a whole lot of money with  synthetic turfs  but your guests will be amazed and fooled by the amount of maintenance that you can possibly do throughout the year. Artificial turf and natural resources: Artificial turf and natural resources Our environment is in a stage where it needs utmost protection from us humans. Installing an  artificial lawn  will save your household gallons of water every year. Natural lawns need a lot of sprinkling and watering to look green and fresh. Mowing the surface to get a uniform height requires the use of electricity and not to talk about the manpower, money and energy that go in. Even though sunlight is free, these other resources like water and electricity demand to be conserved. While we have to use pesticides, weedicides , germicides and a whole lot of other chemicals to foster better growth of grass, all this seeps into the water table and actually pollutes the ground water. Diseases can spread this way and this is similar to farming with excessive use of fertilizers and that kills a whole lot of animals and sometimes even infects humans. Synthetic lawns in the swimming pool :  Synthetic lawns in the swimming pool Swimming pool landscaping is a tad more difficult job than landscaping your backyard. If you want to easily maintain your poolside garden, you can rightly use natural rocks and stones that can be arranged in different grades of color, uniquely contoured borders, etc. to spice up the area. However when it comes to planting around the swimming pool, it inadvertently will cause a lot of dirt and garbage into the swimming pool, o never know if a tree root is capable of cracking your swimming pool walls or you maybe swimming with a snake! An  artificial lawn  could be a good alternative that eliminates all the risk and trouble and guarantees a fuss free poolside. In case you don’t have enough space in your backyard and wish to have a rooftop pool, the  synthetic lawns  will rightly transform the concrete structure into something more natural. Installing Synthetic Lawns professionally :  Installing Synthetic Lawns professionally A well maintained patch of green not just adds charm to the whole environment but will be the most comfortable place to have your sporting activities like hockey, football and anything that will involve running and beating the ground! However, the downside is that a natural surface is very difficult to maintain as it requires a lot of investment and labor. This is probably the reason that gave rise to the invention of  synthetic lawns  and since then the whole concept of natural green in playgrounds has completely changed. There are many companies around that take up lawn installation projects and come up with wonderful results. What you see looks like actual grass and this surface is highly comfortable and risk free walking upon. The fiber imitates the natural softness of grass and one would not be able to quickly realize that it’s not natural soil he/she is walking upon. With gradual research and development, we now have several varieties of products and suited to every budget and taste. Compare deals online and discuss with friends, relatives and experts what material would rightly suit your needs. The desired area for installation is first cleaned up and thinly trimmed to ensure a stable base. The artificial lawn could be easily rolled up to fit the size of the area. All the blades need to be in the same direction to give a natural look to the surface.  Artificial lawn  can add up a lot of value to your house and it can rightly be used for dog runs, games turf, garden lawns, safety flooring in the kids room, school playfield and a lot others. Installing Synthetic Lawns professionally: Installing Synthetic Lawns professionally Artificial installations generally come with good drainage systems. If you are installing the  synthetic lawn  over the garden area, all the fluid that is deposited is gradually passed on to the water table below the soil. The material is highly porous. On concrete surfaces, customized drainage systems could be installed which helps in getting rid of the water spills instantaneously. It is always recommended to ask for photos of the installation work done by a company before employing them on the project. A good turf will change your whole lifestyle.

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