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Published on March 28, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Artificial satellites also have orbited the moon, the sun, asteroids , and the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Such satellites mainly gather information about the bodies they orbit. Artificial satellites differ from natural satellites, natural objects that orbit a planet. Earth's moon is a natural satellite. Artificial satellite is a manufactured object that continuously orbits Earth or some other body in space. PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite Missions PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite orbit In terms of altitude satellites are classified as: Low earth orbit satellite Middle earth orbit satellite Geostationary earth orbit satellite PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite Orbits PowerPoint Presentation: LEO: Low Earth Orbit satellites have a small area of coverage. They are positioned in an orbit approximately 3000km from the surface of the earth. They complete one orbit every 90 minutes The large majority of satellites are in low earth orbit The Iridium system utilizes LEO satellites (780km high) The satellite in LEO orbit is visible to a point on the earth for a very short time MEO: Medium Earth Orbit satellites have orbital altitudes between 3,000 and 30,000 km. They are commonly used in navigation systems such as GPS PowerPoint Presentation:  GEO : Geosynchronous ( Geostationary) Earth Orbit satellites are positioned over the equator. The orbital altitude is around 30,000-40,000 km They complete one orbit every 24 hours. This causes the satellite to appear stationary with respect to a point on the earth, allowing one satellite to provide continual coverage to a given area on the earth's surface One GEO satellite can cover approximately 1/3 of the world’s surface They are commonly used in communication system PowerPoint Presentation: Geostationary Earth Orbit PowerPoint Presentation: Uses of Geostationary Orbits Geostationary orbits are primarily used for two functions : » Weather monitoring » Telecommunications & Broadcasting Commercial growth is focused on: » DTH TV (Direct To Home: Sky TV) » Phone, Fax, Video, Data services » Mobile Communications » Digital Radio PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite - Satellite communication It is also possible for satellites to communicate with other satellites Communication can be by microwave or by optical laser PowerPoint Presentation: How do communication satellites work? Two stations on earth want to communication through Radio broadcast but are too far away to use conventional means. The two stations can use a satellite as a relay station for their communication one earth station sends transmission to the satellite. This is called a uplink. The satellite transponder converts the signal and sends to the second earth station. This is called a downlink. PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite Uplink and Downlink Downlink The link from a satellite down to one or more ground stations or receivers Uplink The link from a ground station up to a satellite. Some companies sell uplink and downlink services to television stations, corporations, and to other telecommunication carriers. A company can specialize in providing uplinks, downlinks, or both. PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite Uplink and Downlink PowerPoint Presentation: Satellite Communication When using a satellite for long distance communications, the satellite acts as a repeater. An earth station transmits the signal up to the satellite (uplink), which in turn retransmits it to the receiving earth station (downlink ). Different frequencies are used for uplink/downlink. PowerPoint Presentation: 24 satellites 6 orbiting planes 55 degree inclination 20200 km above Earth 12 hours of orbit The Global Positioning System (GPS) PowerPoint Presentation: Some applications of GPS include Aircraft navigation Marine navigation Driving Surveying Farming PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages of Satellite Communication Can reach over large geographical area Flexible (if transparent transponders) Easy to install new circuits Circuit costs independent of distance Broadcast possibilities Temporary applications (restoration) Mobile applications (especially "fill-in") Terrestrial network "by-pass" Provision of service to remote or underdeveloped areas User has control over own network PowerPoint Presentation: Disadvantages of Satellite Communication Large up front capital costs (space segment and launch ) Terrestrial break even distance expanding (now approx . size of Europe) Interference and propagation delay Congestion of frequencies and orbits PowerPoint Presentation: Applications Telephony Satellite Television and radio Amateur radio Satellite broadband PowerPoint Presentation: QUERIES???? PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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