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Published on October 18, 2020

Author: JudielynSespene1


1. THE SCOUTING ESSENCE by: Judielyn Domingo Sespeñe,LPT Learning by doing. It takes someone to have a close encounter with something before you know it and doing that thing is something else! This is how scouting changes people’s lives and how it molds and defines individuality. Many of us are victims of the viral thought that scouting is just an extramural activity that we usually have in school where we do a skit, crew song and yell. It never came across our minds that scouting could change a person’s outlook in life. The activities that scouts usually do in every scouting event mould characters as individuals. Knot tying, lashing, clean and green activities like tree planting and waste segregation, cultural presentations where skit, crew song, and yell are being presented, hiking and high rope activities, games like obstacle course and sack race and various sports competitions are all spirited chunks of the so-called scouting. Looking at it in a very humble mode, you might not think of its ostentatious influence. But now, let’s analyze how the above-mentioned undertakings stimulate someone within ourselves to be better as we involve ourselves in scouting movement. KNOT TYING. Consistency, trust, patience and optimism. With the use of a limited length of rope or the same material, a scout will be taught how to make use of the knots for specific purposes. Ideally, knot tying aims to secure and save life in survival situation. The same way that it helps develop trust and good working relationship within the team. It is also a skill that you have to develop which requires repetition and practice. By doing so, it gives a person long line of patience and consistency. In a very nerve-wracking situation, you want your hands and muscles automatically do things without thought. That is mastery of the skill. You become capable of solving problems without being stressful because you master your thoughts and emotions. That’s how knot tying can change personality. LASHING. Critical thinking and stability. Lashing is putting together things with the use of rope or material of the same kind. As the scouts assemble something, it enables them to strengthen unity among members of the group and encourages the team to utilize critical thinking on how to make something durable holding this principle - “two heads are better than one”. This activity teaches every individual to trust working with others instead of working alone. TREE PLANTING. Nurtures good deeds to others and concern to the next generation. It is not just a mere planting-a-tree act. Every tree planted is worth a generation. In the process of

2. planting trees, the experience itself teaches each scout to take care of nature because they will be part of it after all. WASTE SEGREGATION. Inculcates self-discipline and love for nature. As Proverbs 22:6 goes, “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” It requires training, application and proper guidance to make waste segregation an implemented discipline. It should be taught at a very young age. In our world today, waste segregation should become our mastered self-control at home, at school, or community. Scouting movement understands the need for a training venue of this kind of act. Modules related to environment conservation are formulated and being utilized in jamboree and encampment. It helps imperceptibly cultivates to young minds that reducing, reusing, and recycling waste can save a generation. CULTURAL PRESENTATION. Patriotism. There can never be a scouting event without cultural presentation where the culture and traditions of various regions in the country are being presented through dances, songs, and short skits. In this fast-pacing world, technology is a rivalry. Yes, we can see and hear cultural dances, music, and events online but experiencing culture is not possible. Through cultural presentation in scouting, youths even adults can have a personal encounter with culture and have a chance to be amazed by it. HIKING AND ROPE ACTIVITIES. Courage, bravery, and self-esteem. Pushing oneself to the limit is one of the hardest things to do. People tend to choose to stay in their comfort zones than taking risks into trying a new adventure. Scouting is a perfect venue to discover your limitations and find rooms for improvement. Hiking on strange trails leads a person to the discovery of new endeavours in life. It allows reality to sink in that something better is right ahead, just step up and move forward. Rappelling, as one of the high-rope activities, awakens the sleeping giant within a person. In the beginning, self-belief is at stake. “Can I do this?” Can I make it?” As you decide to jump, you’ll find yourself brave enough and finally realize that you can do better things. SPORTS OLYMPICS. Sportsmanship and geniality. Sports Olympics in scouting is one of the most awaited events. It helps a person evolves from a sheepish, and less-confident character to a more competitive yet friendly individual who enjoys doing things with others and sharing insights towards a similar goal. Sports is fun. For sports teaches sportsmanship, sportsmanship teaches geniality, geniality teaches unity and unity teaches how to win in group as one. Happy are those who enjoy life. But at the end of the scouting days, a realization will take place that scouting is not just to enjoy but scouting teaches practical living. Scouting is life!

3. 1st Endorsement Department of Education Schools Division of Nueva Ecija Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija STA. BARBARA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL San Antonio, Nueva Ecija January 07, 2020 Respectfully submitting herewith the article entitled “Teaching: The Loveof my Love”, written by JOSUE A. SESPEÑE, JR, Teacher II of Sta. Barbara National High School, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. Requesting your kind approval of the above-mentioned article. Thank you very much. NOBERT S. BERMOSA,Ph.D School Principal II

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