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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: elliemoran


Interview with Sly digs Sly digs: Band members: Dean Fairhurst- Vox Guitar Louis Menguy- Lead Guitar Pete Fleming- Drums Ben Breslin- Bass Guitar Sly digs interview 1.) How did the band form? Well I remember we were just chilling in Pete’s garage one day and Dean suggested it like came up with the idea and we decided to try it out and play some tunes on the guitars and Pete on the drums and we could see it working out 2.) What made you want to start a band together?We’ve been friends since high school and we have always been into rock music and knew how to play the guitar and drums so we just thought, why not play in a band together! 3.) How long have you been a band? For about 9 years now I think it is! 4.) How did you come up with the name of your band?It took us days to try and come up with one but then someone.. I think it wasBen, suggested Sly Digs and we all liked it 5.) Where did you first play?Our first gig was at Parr hall.. jeez that feels like ages ago now

6.) What do you use as inspiration to write your songs? The Who, The Stones, Oasis, T-Rex, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stone Roses 7.) Is there a reason you went into Rock and not another genre of music?We all seemed to like rock music and our style was quite grungy/dirty so 8.) You’ve just wrote a new song what’s it called?The bitter end 9.) How did you come up with that name? Well the song is about just carrying on, pulling through and getting to the end so we decided The bitter end would fit perfectly 10.) How do you see yourselves in the future?Well we’re all in our late 20’s now and we want to be a lot bigger and grow as a band, so I think in the next 10-20 years we’ll hopefully become a lot more popular and I don’t know really… We’ll just see what happens. 11.) Would you consider doing a tour?Yeah we’d all love to do that, it would take a lot of hard work but we’re up for anything. 12.) Just a UK tour or worldwide?I think a UK tour first and if we become so big that we could do a worldwide tour, why not! 13.) How are you different to other rock bands?We just have a huge passion for rock music and we’re all like brothers to each other, we just go with the flow and enjoy life and I think that’s what makes us stand out from any normal rock band

14.) Have any of you got any other talents?Haha, ben has a special party trick- he can hold up to 9 mini sausage rolls in his mouth at once, it’s brilliant. 15.) When do you think you will release an album?Well we are very close to developing an album at the moment which includes 8 of our own songs. We can’t give too much away but we think it should be out around August. 16.) What's your favourite song of all time?I’d say Waterfall by The Stone Roses what a tune, that never gets old 17.) What was your first show like?Gosh that feels like a lifetime ago, I still remember how nervous we all were, but once we get into any performance we just lose ourselves in the music and forget about everything else. 18.) Who or what has influenced your music the most?Just our passion for rock music I think, we’re pursuing our dreams by doing what we love! 19.) What music artists to do you most admire?The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and Rival sons 20.) What was the first song you ever played as a group? The Arctic Monkeys- Mardy bum 21.) What advice would you give to fellow bands?Go crazy..haha yeah.

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