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Published on March 17, 2016

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Slide 1: How to Cure Arthritis Joint Pain Naturally Slide 2: What is Arthritis Arthritis is a dangerous disease and a degenerative medical condition that causes inflammation and stiffness in the joints. There are a no. of anti inflammatory medications and painkillers available in the market to treat Arthritis pain. But nothing can be better than a natural remedy for arthritis pain with regular intake of herbal medicine for arthritis . Arthritis joint pain can be treated with herbal medicines available for joints pain along with some natural remedies. Slide 3: Natural steps to cure arthritis Shed a few pounds Get set go… Exercise Try Hot and ColdTherapy for Arthritis Go for Acupuncture Get a Massage Consider Herbal Supplements Slide 4: It is said that if you are 50 pounds overweight, then you will put around 250 pounds increased weight on the joints, hips, and knees. There is only one solution to reduce the stress on joints and it is, lose weight. Shed a few pounds Slide 5: Get set go… Exercise People think that exercising loses weight of the body, but there is a lot more. Exercising makes the joints flexible without giving too much stress to the joints. But if you are suffering from arthritis, it is recommended not to do heavy weight bearing exercises. Slide 6: Try Hot and Cold Therapy for Arthritis If your joint has become red, hot, and irritating, then go for cold therapy by applying an ice bag or a bag of frozen vegetables. On the other side, if you are fatigued after a hard working day and there is a pain in your joints, then take a warm water bath to feel soothed and comforted. Slide 7: Go for Acupuncture The treatment involves inserting very thin needles into the patient’s body in order to restore balance in the body. Before planning the acupuncture therapy, you must search for an experienced acupuncturist. Slide 8: Get a Massage Massage lowers the production of stress hormone cortisol in the body and boosts the production of serotonin. On the whole, it lowers pain and improves sleep. Slide 9: Consider Herbal Supplements Some of the ingredients found in herbal arthritis joint pain relief medicines are Fenugreek, Boswellia , Turmeric, and Ginger. Last but not the least, always consult your doctor before trying any supplement for treating arthritis. Slide 10: Thankyou Source : Website:

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