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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: Justine


Slide1:  Jean-François Millet 1814 –1875 Early Life:  Early Life Born October 4th 1814 in the village of Gruchy, in La Hague in Normandy He Moved to Paris in 1838 He received his academic schooling with Paul Dumouchel, and with Jérome Langlois in Cherbourg After 1840 he turned away from the official painting style and came under the influence of Honoré Daumier In 1849 he withdrew to Barbizon to apply himself to painting many, often poetic, peasant scenes. The Gleaners:  The Gleaners One of the most well known of Millet's paintings is The Gleaners which was painted in 1857, it shows the poorest of peasant women in the fields to glean the leftovers from the harvested field. It is a powerful statement about the working class. The Gleaners:  The Gleaners Picking up what was left of the harvest was regarded as one of the lowest jobs in society. However, Millet heroically depicted the women in a way where they take up the focus of the picture. Previously, servants may have been depicted in paintings, but usually in the background, with a noble or king being the main focus. By turning this picture of three women working in the field into an image which would usually have been reserved for the nobility, Millet may have been saying something about the way that any labor is noble and beautiful. The Angelus:  The Angelus This painting depicts two potato farmers who are working out in the fields in the afternoon to early evening. In the background one can see a church steeple. It was widely produced in prints in the 19th Century. The bells for the Angelus have rung and the couple has stopped to pray. The Angelus was a Catholic devotion time that occurred three times per day: morning, afternoon, and evening. It signaled to the people the times of prayer History:  History Millet's work influenced later painters such as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro and Albin Egger-Lienz. He died in Barbizon. His native house can be visited in La Hague

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