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Published on September 24, 2020

Author: gsing


slide 1: Art Materials GS Singh Art Teacher JNV Malhar Distt.-Bilaspur CG 495551 Art Class slide 2: 2 Art Materials ● Knowledge about Art materials and their correct use can help you to create best Art work. slide 3: 3 PAPERS Paper – Any paper you can use to draw and paint. But use of Art grade papers are recommended for better effect. Example - ●1. Chart Paper ●2. Cartridge paper ●3. Handmade Paper ●4. Cromoart paper ●3. Craft Paper slide 4: 4 Art Materials - PAPERS ●1. Chart Paper - Ordinary Drawing Sheets- suitable for general drawing. ●2. Cartridge paper - Classmate Drawing copy paper. These papers are best for drawing and Painting. It looks like Drawing Sheet. ●3. Handmade Paper- suitable for water colour Painting. slide 5: 5 Art Materials - PAPERS ●4. Cromoart paper – These papers are best for line drawing Pen Ink Waterproof ink drawingand Designing. Paper surface are very smooth and shining. ●5. Craft Paper – Suitable for making paper craft. ●50+ types of papers are available in the market. But only few are essential to start your Art. slide 6: 6 Drawing Board / Clip Board support Material ●1. Clip Board – If you have simple paper clip board it can be used. ●2. Ordinary boards – Suitable for making paper craft. ●3. Wooden Drawing Boards- Essential for support your Drawing Sheet during Drawing/Painting. It Comes in 11x15 22x28 etc sizes. Art Materials – Drawing Boards slide 7: 7 PENCILS Pencils –Various types of pencils are used to create art work. Some of them are :- ●1. Carbon Graphite Pencils ●2. Carbon Pencils ●3. Graphite Pencils ●4. Colour Pencils ●3. Glass Marking Pencils slide 8: 8 1 Carbon Graphite Pencils – Made with mixing Carbon Graphite. These pencils are common and frequently used. It comes in different ranges from 6H to 10B. ●6H 5H 4H 3H 2H H HB 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B 10B. ●‘B’ type pencils are use for Drawing Painting while ‘H’ type pencils are use for designing. You can erase pencil lines with eraser. Art Materials - PENCILS slide 9: 9 ●II Carbon Pencils – Made from fine carbon powder. Pure black in nature. You can’t erased lines with eraser. ●Be careful while you using these pencils. ●III Graphite Pencils – Use it for shading purpose. ● IV Colour Pencils – Most suitable for Pencil Drawing but colours are not so dark/bright. Art Materials - PENCILS slide 10: 10 ●V Glass Marking Pencils – Not commonly used. Professional Artists are using for Dark and Bright colour effect. These pencils can be used on any surface. These pencils are not easily available in market. Art Materials - PENCILS slide 11: 11 Erasers are not only used to erase pencil lines but it is also used to mark effects on drawing during shading. There are three types of erasers:- ●1. Hard Erasers ●2. Soft Erasers ●3. Gum Eraser or Kneaded Erasers ERASERS slide 12: 12 ●i Soft Eraser – Best for erasing pencil lines/mark. It is also used to create various effects in drawing during pencil shading. ●ii Hard Eraser – Not frequently used but you can use it for creating effect in drawing during shading work. iii Gum Eraser or Kneaded Erasers – Chuingum like erasers can compeletly erase pencil marks and can used in any shape and size required. Art Materials - ERASERS slide 13: 13 Colours are more fascinating and attractive. It gives life to looks real in any drawing. It can be classified in mainly four groups :- ●1. Wax Crayons ●2. Oil Pastels ●3. Dry Pastels ●4. Water Colours ●5. Poster Colours ●6. Acrylic Colours ●7. Tempera Colours ●8. Powder Colours ●9. Febric Colours ●10. Oil Colours ●11. Enamal Paint ●12. Rangoli Colours COLOURS ●1. Water Base 2. Wax Base 3. Oil Base ● ●4. Chemical / Binder Base 5. Powder form slide 14: 14 ●1 Wax Crayon – Very easy to use it for colouring your drawing. JNV issued it to you. ●2 Pastel – There are two types of pastels - ●A. Oil Pastel – More convenient to use. ●B. Dry Pastel – Just like White chalk used on blackboard. Not suitable for you at this time. Art Materials - COLOURS slide 15: 15 ●4 Water Colour – Used for watercolour Painting. While you paint use it in thin form. more water less colour. Two variants are available in market. ●A. Water Colour Cake – Dry type. JNV issued to you. ●B. Water Colour Tube – Available in 12 15 24 48 shades. It comes in two quality - ●I. Student Quality II. Artist Quality. ●Artist quality has more dark and bright colour effect. Art Materials - COLOURS Water Base slide 16: 16 ●5 Poster Colour – Used for postercolour Painting. It is opaque in nature. So when you use poster colour apply it in thick form more colour less water. ●6 Acrylic Colour – Similar to fabric colours. Used for painting only. It can mix with water or binder white liquid chemical and can apply on any surface. Art Materials - COLOURS Water Base slide 17: 17 ●7 Tempera Colour – Used for tempera Painting. It is opaque in nature. It can be used with egg liquid or gum as binder. Exmple – Pantings of Ajanta Caves. Some tempera colours comes in flourocent form type. ●8 Powder Colour – Mixed with different types of binders like alkali gum egg yoke resins etc. In ancient times artists used this type of clours to make MURALS or MINIATURE PAINTINGS. Art Materials - COLOURS Binder Base slide 18: 18 ●9 Fabric Colour – Mainly used on fabrics because its long lasting nature. To create design or art on various clothes fabric colours are best. Colours are mixed with binder base white liquid medium and can apply in thick form. ●10 Oil Colour – These type of clours are very popular among artists because it takes 2 to 7 days to dry and gives flexibility to blend desired shading and effect in art. Mixed with linseed oil turpentine oil. Art Materials - COLOURS Binder / Oil Base slide 19: 19 ●11 Enamal Paint – Mainly used to paint house hold items like furniture doors etc But it can frequently used on walls for painting. It can mixed with Turpentine oil to dilute. ●2 Rangoli Colour – Coloured sand are use to make Rangoli. Other types of colouse are – Batique Colours ink/sketch pen ink colours Translucent Colours Menhandi Colour etc. Art Materials - COLOURS Oil Base slide 20: 20 1. It is very difficult to apply colours without paint brush. In ancient times human used their hands to apply colours on surface. But these days we use Paint brushes for panting. 2. It comes in two types 3. 1. Round Brush 4. 2. Flat Brush 5. Brushes comes in 000 number to 22 number sizes. It also comes in various width like 1” 3” 6” 8” etc. PAINT BRUSH slide 21: 21 1. Drawing Boards 2. Easels 3. Fixatives 4. Tools like - Scale Rounder Liner Spray guns sharpeners Colour mixing palets etc. OTHER SUPPORTING MATERIALS slide 22: 22 BE CREATIVE So start painting CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD

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