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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Dennison


Office of Vessel Traffic Management:  Office of Vessel Traffic Management Jorge Arroyo Regulatory Project Officer U.S. Coast Guard Washington, DC Providing navigation safety information for America’s waterways U.S. GSC-VIII Oceans U.S. Arlington, VA 25 June 2003 Vessel Traffic Management:  Vessel Traffic Management COLREGS / NAVRULES Rules of the Road IMO & IALA Membership Nav & VTS IALA Committees Navigation Regulations Port Access Route Studies Ship Routing Measures Regulated Nav Areas Equipment Carriage Bridge-to-Bridge Radio Frequencies designations Navigation Equipment SOLAS V Vessel Traffic Services VTS’s and Cooperative Partnerships Ports & Waterways Safety Assessments Existing VTS’s:  Existing VTS’s San Francisco Houston Berwick Bay Port Arthur New Orleans Sault Ste. Marie New York Valdez Los Angeles Puget Sound Louisville* Cooperative Ventures:  Cooperative Ventures Transport Canada Tampa Bay Port Authority Los Angles Marine Exchange Delaware Pilots Lower Miss. Pilot Assoc. Vessel Traffic Services:  Vessel Traffic Services Shore-based / 12-40 Watch standers / VTC 3 Basic Functions/Operational Modes Information Service Navigation Assistance Traffic Organization Different Levels of Service By Locality, Customary Practices & Risks Traditional Focus: Safety/Risk Mitigation Now Includes Maritime Domain Awareness Traditional Tools: Radar/CCTV/Radio Automatic Identification Systems Navigation Equipment Requirements:  Navigation Equipment Requirements Safety at Life at Sea SOLAS Chapter V:  Safety at Life at Sea SOLAS Chapter V Entered into force 1 July 2002 All ships, all voyages Ships built before 1 July 2002 can continue under previous requirements Ships built on or after 1 July 2002 are required to comply Unless expressly provided otherwise based on service and/or tonnage All equipment to be type approved Automatic Identification System:  Automatic Identification System Applicability All passenger ships All ships 500+ GT All ships 300+ GT on international voyages Additional Requirements Heading Input Rate of Turn Indicator 50k+ GT Navigation Input (GPS or LORAN) 500+ GT Implementation New ships built on or after 1 July 2002 Existing ships by 31 December 2004 VTS:  VTS VTS & AIS VHF CCTV Radar g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g 4500+ rpts per minute... Self Organizing Time Division Multiple Access Binary Applications: From a VTS- Distress Alerts Weather Warnings Traffic Advisories ATON Outages Notices to Mariners Radar Overlay NOAA PORTS Physical Oceanographic Real Time System Water Levels Currents Salinity Weather Air Clearances Possible applications for: State/Port Authorities Pilot Associations Marine Exchanges Inter-modal Systems ...11001010110101... AIS Ship Broadcast :  AIS Ship Broadcast Static (6 min.) VESSEL NAME / CALL SIGN MMSI / IMO# LENGTH / BEAM TYPE OF SHIP ANTENNA LOCATION HEIGHT OVER KEEL * Dynamic (2-10 sec) POSITION ACCURACY (+/-10m) UTC COURSE (COG) SPEED (SOG) HEADING NAV STATUS RATE OF TURN Optional Inputs HEEL PITCH & ROLL Voyage Related DRAFT HAZ CARGO ONBOARD ETA / DESTINATION * ROUTE PLAN * PEOPLE ON BOARD * Safety Related SHORT MESSAGES * * Discretionary AIS Messages:  AIS Messages *1-5 slots AU = autonomous AS = assigned IN = polling/interrogation Binary Messages and Functional Identifiers:  AIS allows the transfer of Binary Messages (Bytes & Bits) Means for communication for external applications   General broadcast Addressed to specific vessel Corresponding acknowledgement message All binary messages are composed by an external application on the transmission side, and the same external application on the AIS receiver side Binary Messages and Functional Identifiers Maritime Transportation Security Act :  §70114. Automatic identification systems     On the navigable waters of the United States, each Self-propelled commercial vessel of 20+ meters, Passenger vessels as determined by the Secretary, Towing vessel of 26+ feet and 600+ horsepower, and Any other vessel the Secretary deems necessary for the safe navigation of the vessel.    shall be equipped with and operate an automatic identification system under regulations prescribed by the Secretary. Maritime Transportation Security Act Potential MTSA Population:  Potential MTSA Population Office of Vessel Traffic Management:  Office of Vessel Traffic Management 202.267.6277 Providing navigation safety information for America’s waterways AIS Workings:  AIS Workings READ AIS data sentences may be read on multiple devices. COMMUNICATE Broadcasts and manages the flow of data sentences.

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Types and processes. Arroyos can be natural fluvial landforms or constructed flood control channels. The term usually applies to a sloped or mountainous ...
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Arroyo ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Alonso Caro y del Arroyo (1880–1957), spanischer Diplomat; Angel Arroyo (* 1965), puerto-ricanischer ...
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noun, plural arroyos. 1. (chiefly in southwest U.S.) a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: usually dry except after heavy rains.
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