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Information about ARNEGA_DronIQ_TG

Published on June 10, 2016

Author: AntonPanfilov


1. DronIQ ARNEGA™: Search & rescue

2. Main ARNEGA™ DronIQ an integrated customizable mini-UAV system for night & day ü radiochemical detection ü search & rescue ü first aid provision ü construction ü supervision

3. Major tasks solved • We monitor day & night remote, difficult access & dangerous objects and sites; • Aerial photography in HD, 3D reconstruction; • Technical supervision & monitoring in real time: – Construction objects & infrastructure; – Bridges, dams, power lines, pipelines; – Building & construction during fires and emergency situations. • People search & rescue in difficult to access areas like mines; • Eco-monitoring: control of atmospheric processes, toxic emissions, gas detection; • Real-time data sent to 3D map/model.

4. Aerial photography in UHD, Spatial dynamic modeling • Regular and emergency based scanning and images capturing • Rapid infrastructure modelling & reconstruction • Online dynamic modelling with telemetry visualization and telematics in RT

5. § Victim search § Delivery of rescue equipment § Audio alerting § Data transmission to the situation center

6. Equipment • Value added Matrice 100 or Phantom platforms integrated with: – LED search and spotlights – Audio alerting and recognition – Intelligent search cameras w/human recognition, RFID identification + video analytics software (coming SOON) – Dual thermal + ZOOM HD camera gimbal – Air quality & toxic gas monitoring sensors: CO, NO/NO2, NH3, CL, H2S, VOC and many others • For increased communication range we use wireless drone repeaters/range extenders.

7. Technical characteristics General structure: • Diagonal base: 650 mm • Max. load: 3400 g • Useful load weight: 1 kg • Up to 2 batteries at the same time Gimbal camera Zenmuse X3, X5R • Video in 4К with 30 fps or 1080р 60 fps • Photo 12 Mp Sonar system DJI Guidance • Max. speed for object recognition 0-16 m/s at 2 m height Radiological, chemical and biological intelligence module • Gamma & beta radiation, CO, NO, H2S, CH4, CL, PM2,5, NH3, O3 and other industrial sensors Remote control • 2 pilot mode: coach/student, pilot/scout • Max. signal range: 5 km (in the open) • Video out: USB, Mini-HDMI

8. Applications and Research The “Multisense” module for radiological, chemical & biological intelligence

9. Health Management • Vital signals monitoring: patients, field staff – Pulse monitoring and physical activity – Optionally: temperature, skin reactions, body position, ECG, oximetry, lactic acid in sweat, blood pressure, etc. • Correlation of data received from various medical sensors in a noisy environment; • Lockey™Care cloud-based service: – Wireless data transmission to a smartphone/personal account/doctor; – Alert signals sent to first aid/emergency/relatives.

10. About us Anton Panfilov +7(499)409-3050 Tradition Group of Companies Moscow, Russia Our company Unmanned Systems Ltd. is part of Tradition Group of Companies, the Russian IT market veteran with more than 23 years of experience. Our main lines of business are: • Monitoring & situation awareness systems • Unmanned aircrafts • Simulation modeling & high-performance computing • Machine vision systems & videoanalytics • Hypermedia solutions for Health Care, Education and Culture

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