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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: sagarmali2012



ARM based Multimedia IP Phone proposal on the final year project.

ARM based Multimedia IP Phone MEMBERS Bijay Raj Paudel (Roll No: 067/BEX/105) Kshitij Poudel (Roll No: 067/BEX/119) Sagar Mali (Roll No: 067/BEX/133) Sujan Shrestha (Roll No: 067/BEX/140) THAPATHALI CAMPUS 2014-03-20

PRESENTATION OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Objectives 3. Problem Statement 4. System Description 4.1 IP Telephone Network 4.2 Hardware 4.3 Firmware 5. Application 6. Cost Estimation 7. Time Estimation 8. Challenges 9. Limitations 10. Conclusion 11. References 1

1. INTRODUCTION  IP based Telephone System : Targeting the future of telephone network  IP Phone powered by ARM processor  Implements VoIP technology • Real Time audio/video sampling • Convert each sample to digital form • Send digitized stream across Internet in packets • Convert the stream back to analog for playback  Multiplatform VOIP client implementation 2

2. OBJECTIVES  To design and implement Multimedia capable IP Telephone using ARM processors  To demonstrate the implementation of IP telephony system in LAN using developed ARM based IP phone as a client 3

3. PROBLEM STATEMENT  Lack of dedicated telephone hardware that can replace old traditional telephone sets  Long distance or unlimited time telephone calls through PSTN are expensive  Lack of low cost small private multimedia communication network system 4

4. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION  Project can be broadly divided into three parts: 4.1 IP Telephone Network 4.1.1 Clients 4.1.2 Server 4.1.3 Router 4.2 Hardware 4.2.1 Main Phone Unit 4.2.2 Power Supply Unit 4.3 Firmware 4.3.1 Signaling Protocol Stacks 4.3.2 Real Time Protocol Stacks 4.3.3 Audio and Video Codec 4.3.4 User Interface 5


7 4.1 IP TELEPHONY NETWORK 4.1.1 Clients • ARM based multimedia IP phone • Devices running VOIP software (wireless via Wi –Fi) 4.1.2 Server • Control call sessions • Manages client account, billing system  Server to be implemented using computers running Windows or Linux Operating System 4.1.3 Router • Regular router • Acts as DHCP server & gateway to another network

4.2 Hardware 4.2.1 Main Phone Unit 4.2.2 Power Supply Unit 8


4.2.1 MAIN PHONE UNIT ARM Processor  Functions • Interfacing • Signal processing 10 • Encoding & Decoding • Handling networking related chores DSP for AUDIO DSP for VIDEO General Purpose Processor ARM Processor with DSP Past Hardware Requirement for Video Phones Separate General Purpose Processor and DSPs Present Hardware Requirement for Video Phones ARM processors comes with inbuilt DSP

Video Accelerator/ Display Controller  For relieving the central processor of LCD control video displaying duty 11 LCD  To display • User interface • Status messages • Incoming and outgoing video messages 4.2.1 MAIN PHONE UNIT

12 Input Amplifier and Filter  Filter high frequency component so that sampling can be done in low frequency  Amplify the small signal input from microphone 4.2.1 MAIN PHONE UNIT Output Amplifier and Filter  To amplify the audio output and drive the loud speaker A/D and D/A Converters  A/D: Converting analog voice signals to digital  D/A: Converting digital signals back to analog form

Video Input and Interface  CCD or CMOS sensor module to capture video and its supporting interface User Interface Input Devices  Touch screen  Buttons and keypads 13 4.2.1 MAIN PHONE UNIT


SMPS  For controlling input voltage  Compact and cheap compared to transformer Load & Charge Controller  Protection against over charge & discharge  Can be realized using discrete components and AVR microcontroller Battery & Indicator  Li polymer battery  Shows charge level of battery 15 4.2.2 POWER SUPPLY UNIT

4.3 FIRMWARE 4.3.1 Signaling Protocol Stack 4.3.2 RTP Stack 4.3.3 Audio and Video Codec 4.3.4 User Interface 16

4.3 FIRMWARE 4.3.1 Signaling Protocol Stack  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or H.323  Encryption, flow control, jitter management, preference requests, opening/closing of logical channels  Call signaling, perform registration, admission, bandwidth changes, status and disengage procedures between endpoints  Uses TCP for packet transfer Control Signaling SIP/H.323 17

4.3 FIRMWARE 4.3.2 RTP Stack  Defines a standardized packet format for delivering audio and video over IP networks  Uses UDP for packet transfer Video Codec Audio Codec RTP 18

4.3 FIRMWARE 4.3.3 Audio and Video Codec  Codec – Coder Decoder  Encoding and decoding audio video signal  Includes compression and decompression  Audio • G.726 (ADPCM)  Video • H.264 19

Video codec Audio Codec RTCP Call Signaling Multimedia Control RTP Session Initiation Protocol or H.323 UDP TCP IP 4.3 FIRMWARE: The IP Stack 20

4.3 FIRMWARE 4.3.4 User Interface  Touch Screen Based user interface  A interface to make calls and receive  Status information like battery and network  Login interface 21

4.3 FIRMWARE : The Software Flow  The one-way software flow on both sender and receiver Video encode Audio encode RTP Stack Audio decode Digital A/V signal in IP Packet Video decode Signaling Stack Ethernet Digital A/V signal out IP Packet Unpack Video accelerator User interface User interface 22

5. APPLICATIONS  Free calls through data network  Private small communication network  Multimedia Communication can be used in telemedicine  Distance teaching and learning 23

6. COST ESTIMATION S.N . Item Unit Cost (Rs.) Quantity Max. Total (Rs.) 1 ARM Cortex M or Cortex A processor boards 10000 1 10000 2 LCD Screen with touchpad 8000 1 8000 3 Camera sensor module 1000 1 1000 4 Microphone and filter 100 1 100 5 Battery 600 1 600 6 Charger and Charge controller 500 1 500 7 Amplifier and supporting electronics 500 1 500 8 Casing and fabrication cost 3000 1 3000 9 LAN cabling and Router Unknown - - Estimated Total Cost ~23,700/- 24

7. TIME ESTIMATION WorkWeeks 1-2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 25 Problem Analysis and Project Identification Feasibility analysis Proposal Preparation and Presentation Literature Review and Research System Design Protocol Implementation Programming and Server Implementation Hardware Design Implementation Testing and debugging Documentation 25

8. CHALLANGES  Sampling of voice and analog conversion  Compression and decompression to use least bandwidth and yet achieve high speed processing  Sequencing and on time delivery of packets  Decoding from incomplete voice and video packets  Interfacing with the video capture device  Latency due to protocol overhead 26

9. LIMITATIONS  Limited processing power so high quality audio video processing and transmission is not possible  Security is not focused – no encryption  STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) not implemented  No dedicated means to deal with lost packets and high latency networks 27

10. CONCLUSION  Design & Implementation of IP Phone  Development of VoIP software on various platform  Demonstration of IP Telephony System in LAN  Feasible Alternative to PSTN networks 28

11. REFERENCES Books  Tanenbaum, A. S. & Wetherall, D. J. (2011). Computer Networks.  Viswanathan, T (2012). Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks  Haykin, S (2013). Digital Communication Systems.  Sloss, A & Symes, D & Wright, C (2004). ARM System Developer's Guide. Websites  Wikepedia. (2014). Voice over IP. Available: Last accessed 20th Feb 2014.  Valdes,R & Roos,D. (2014). How VoIP Works. Available: Last accessed 18th Feb 2014. Documents  Sadasivan, S .(November 2010). Developing optimized signal processing software on the Cortex‐M4 processor. Retrieved February 10,2014, from e_on_the_Cortex-M4_Processor.pdf.  Ward, M .(Number 4, 2005). Developing Video Phones with ARM Processor -based Solutions. Retrieved February 10, 2014, from 29


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