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Information about Arkivum Data Archiving

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ULCCEvents



Matthew Addis from Arkivum presentation from the ULCC Arkivum Briefing on Monday 24th February 2014

Arkivum data archiving


Arkivum service in a nutshell SLA with 100% data integrity guaranteed World-wide professional indemnity insurance Long term contracts for enterprise data archiving Fully automated and managed solution Audited and certified to ISO27001 © Arkivum 2014

Supporting retention and access (IT Services) 5 data volume storage unit cost IT budget 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 © Arkivum 2014 5

Supporting retention and access (RDM perspective) Open Access, e.g. CC0 Legacy data Commercial research Personal data Third-party data Under development No public repository © Arkivum 2014

Common requirements Low cost • Way to cope with data growth • Free up expensive resources • Eliminate the ‘cost of loss’ High safety • Data reuse or regulatory compliance • Data is immutable, replicated, managed • Auditable integrity, authenticity, access Easy access • Quick to retrieve data when its needed • Frequency: each year, not each second • Speed: minutes, not milliseconds © Arkivum 2014

Achieving the real benefits of RDM • • • • • • • • 50% 80% 3% 1% 4% 30% 69% 500% Storage cost savings Infrastructure freed up More time for PIs More research income Higher success rates for funding Increase in data centric publications More citations and impact More data downloads © Arkivum 2014 © Arkivum 2014 © Arkivum 2014

HOW IT WORKS © Arkivum 2014

Arkivum’s Active Archive A-Stor creates an encrypted copy on the gateway and copies to Arkivum’s Data Centre One A-StorDC A-Stor Once all three copies are confirmed safe and secure the original copy can safely be deleted A-StorDC creates the escrow copy in the Tape Vault Encrypted VPN A-StorDC creates the second copy in Arkivum’s Data Centre Two A-StorDC © Arkivum 2014

What users see © Arkivum 2014

What users don’t see © Arkivum 2014

Active Archiving Storage System 1 Storage System 2 Scrubbing and migration Scrubbing and migration Ingest Queue Access Queue Replication and Repair Queue • Preservation best practice (diversity, intervention) – Multiple copies in different locations – Different technologies and different people – Active management: migration, integrity © Arkivum 2014

Trust but verify! © Arkivum 2014

Arkivum is a lot more than just IaaS • • • • • • Skilled and trained people Validated processes and procedures Comprehensive risk management Specialist infrastructure Economies of scale Audit and validation © Arkivum 2014

Audit trails • • • • Essential in compliance applications Part of records management Digital preservation is an active process Good practice to record checks/interventions © Arkivum 2014

Ready made exit plan • • • • Metadata and data on a file system Open standards and formats 3-way agreement on ownership/access Drive down costs and risks LTFS © Arkivum 2014

Purchasing Options • • • • • • • • • • Pre-agreed terms PAYG or Paid-Up for 5,10 or 25 years JANET connected Ingress or egress included Migrations and refreshes included Audits and certification included Escrow copy included DMP friendly Not just for research data Easy budgeting © Arkivum 2014

INTEGRATIONS © Arkivum 2014

Institutional Repository Integration • • • • • Ingest and access Chain of custody Controlled access Review-approve processes Audit trails © Arkivum 2014

Getting stuff in © Arkivum 2014

Getting stuff out © Arkivum 2014

More to come… • • • • • • ePrints, DSpace, PURE iRODS, Archivematica All supported by Arkivum REST API Collaboration with Universities/Vendors Open source plugins where possible Proof of Concept→Pilot→Production © Arkivum 2014

QUESTIONS © Arkivum 2014

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