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Published on May 16, 2008

Author: angieadams1015


Our 50 States:Arizona : Samantha S. May 5,2008 Our 50 States:Arizona Symbols of Arizona : Symbols of Arizona The state bird is: Cactus Wren The state flower is: Saguaro Cactus Blossom The state tree is: Palavered State Flag : State Flag This flag was chosen for Arizona because the 13 yellow and red stripes represent the original 13 colonies of the U.S.A State Nickname : State Nickname The state nickname for Arizona is “The Grand Canyon State!” The Grand Canyon State got it’s nickname from actually having a Grand Canyon in Arizona. State History : State History First Inhabitants - The last large group to settle was made of prospectors after gold was discovered in 1857. Exploration One of the first European the territory now included in Arizona Franciscan priest, Marcos De Niza. Settlement - The first post explorer settlement was at Santa Cruz County. Apache, Yaqui and Hohokam people did it because they wanted more people to come and they needed more people because people were getting fired from jobs and stuff! State History, continued : State History, continued Colonial Days -English colonists settled in Jamestown in 1607. A few years after Chief Powhatan died Opechancanough became the chief. Territorial Days - Charles Jr. became the headmaster and took over that role from his father until his retirement in 1987. Statehood : This state became the __48___ state in the United States in ____1912_____. The first Governor of the state was ____Janet Napolitano_____________. Statehood Government : Government National Government - The representative Rick Renzi. The Senator Trent Franks and many more people from both. State Government Janet Napolitano Legislative council is a group of people of the legislature chaired in alternative ways. The council staff provide a variety of bill drafting, research, and more! Maps : Maps Phoenix is the state capitol of Arizona as you can see it is marked with a green dot below the state name Arizona! Population : Population 1950: 28.0 million 1960: 28.0 million 1970: 1,775,399 million people 1980: 2,718,425 million people 1990: 2,281,400 million people 2000: 32.7 million people Over the past fifty years the population has both increased and decreased! Economy : Economy Chief products of the state include: Arizona soil is a farm product, in fact Arizona’s soils have very low levels of organic matter, usually less than 1% by weight. Gemstones the value is 4,010,000 $949 on manufactured goods Weather : Weather The average high temperature in July is: High of 105° and low 75° F° and a high 41° and low 24° C° The average high temperature in January is: High 65° and low 35° F° and High 18° and a low 2° The average yearly precipitation is: usually 2 to 5 days of rain or snow. Natural Resources : Natural Resources Water - one body of water is right on the outline of Colorado and somewhat on Arizona. It is the largest body of water near Arizona. Minerals - Arizona’s mountains and plains, most valuable minerals are chopper, gold, petroleum, pumice, silver stone, uranium and zinc. Natural Resources, continued : Natural Resources, continued Plant Life - Some of Arizona’s plant’s are red barberry, catnip, teddy bear cholla, desert Christmas cactus, and a Santa Rita Prickly pear. * Animal Life - Some of Arizona’s wild animals are a raccoon, squirrel, opossum, rats, snakes, bats, armadillos, moles, groundhogs, skunks, beavers, canines, feral, and birds! Places to Visit : Places to Visit One place in Arizona to visit is Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is located in the state capitol Phoenix, AZ! The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument would be fun because they would let you rock climb on the actual monument and so there is more fun and adventures in Arizona! Famous People : Famous People Rex Allen, Apache Kid, Linda Carter, and Berry Goldwater are all very famous people in Arizona! This photograph is actually signed by rex Allen he was a very famous singer! State Motto : State Motto Arizona’s State motto is the Grand Canyon, The Grand canyon is the state motto because Arizona actually has A Grand Canyon in it. Works Cited : Works Cited The places I got this information is on the internet on google I would type something in and it would give me more sited to choose from so I clicked on one and it gave me tons of information and I just couldn’t believe what was there! I am sure if you had my state then you would be amazed!

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