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Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Bianca


Are We Endangered?:  Are We Endangered? Teacher: Tang Qing Unit 10 Fast-reading:  Fast-reading Now, please turn to page 66. Read the passage quickly to find out the general idea of it. It tells us why a species becomes endangered and what we can do to protect endangered plants and animals. Careful-reading:  Careful-reading Read the text carefully and complete the task below. adapt to find species die out comfortable clean enough other keep from pollute Language Points :  Language Points 1.Keep … from (doing) sth : stop … from (doing) sth. Can’t you keep your dog from coming into my garden? 2.species n. (pl. unchanged) This species of rose is very rare. There are over 200 species of fish. / lead a … life. The family lived /led a happy life. used to (doing) sth: accustomed to sth used to do sth. I’m used to the environment here. I used to swim in that river when I was young. 5.adapt v. (become adjusted to new conditions) Our eyes slowly adapted to the dark. 6. take measures. The government has promised to take measures to protect these animals. 7.make a ( no, some…) difference (to sb. / sth). It won’t make much difference whether you go today or tomorrow. Listening:  Listening Listen to the tape and choose the best answers. Steve Jones is an environmental expert who tries to animals and plants from becoming endangered. He said:“ We often talk about how important it is to ourselves and our planet, but we don’t always do we say.” Many of the earth’s plants and animals have already ,and several species are endangered. Animals and plants become endangered their habitat is destroyed or when conditions in the habitat change too or too drastically. The text lists main reasons: habitat change, the arrival of new species in the habitat, and the overuse of the species itself or the resources in the habitat. We must try our best to stop polluting our environment and persuade people to protect the plants and animals hunting or destroying them. ,we should plant more trees and grass. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1. A. kept B. prevent C. stop D. protect stop 2. A. look up B. look over C. take good care of D. take care take good care of 3. A. according to B. as C. follow D. what as 4. A. die out B. died from C. died of D. died out died out 5. A. other B. the other C. others D. another other 6. A. before B. when C. after D. till when 7. A. quickly B. quick C. much D. less quickly 8. A. several B. four C. three D. two three 9. A .instead B. but C. however D. instead of instead of 10. A. Beside B. Except C. Except for D. Besides Besides Discussion What can we do to protect animals and plants that are being endangered?:  Discussion What can we do to protect animals and plants that are being endangered? Thank you! :  Thank you!

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