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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: blakebisson



Featured Speaker: Linda Sabatelli, Project Manager, Miami University

Have you reviewed a project portfolio and stared at columns of numbers, dates and Gantt charts only to wonder which projects are going to make the Dean's List and which ones are destined for dropout or failure? By turning the data in this report into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), it is possible to identify projects that are thriving and those that are struggling. With these metrics in hand, management can intervene as soon as the project starts slipping and help get it back on track for the Dean's List.

Linda Sabatelli, Project Manager at Miami University presents how her organization works with PowerSteering Software to optimize their project portfolio

Are Your Projects Making the Dean’s List? Presented by: Linda Sabatelli, PMP 10/17/13 Proprietary and Confidential

PowerSteering combines the robust project and portfolio management (PPM) functionality demanded by global organizations with the cost & speed-to-value benefits of cloud delivery and an unmatched level of flexibility. Easy to use and administer, it enables top-down program & portfolio management without requiring granular task & resource tracking, and provides class-leading analytic and financial tracking capabilities. Leading global organizations, including Merck, Staples, the US Department of Defense, and the UK National Health Service, rely on PowerSteering to accelerate results in IT, New Product Development, Process Excellence and Business PMOs. PowerSteering is part of the Upland family of cloud-based project, portfolio, and work management software products. Visit for more information.

Located in Oxford, Ohio Established 1809 Oxford Campus ▪ 15,081 Undergraduates ▪ 2,476 graduate students Hamilton Campus ▪ 3,615 undergraduates Middletown Campus ▪ 2,092 undergraduates Voice of America Learning Center ▪ 126 graduate students

Partner Requests Grow/ Transform • >200 hours • New Service or Application • Small Projects • <200 hours Operations • Daily ongoing work

Intake Process • • • • Partner Requests entered by users Scored for Impact, Urgency and Effort Prioritized based on score Business Case developed if applicable Committees • Three review committees oversee intake and active projects: • Academic IT Planning Committee • Administrative IT Planning Committee • Core IT Planning Committee

Liaisons  2 positions – one for Academic and one for Administrative Portfolio Administrator  Oversees Portfolio scoring, prioritization and reporting Project Managers  4 Project Managers to lead large, cross functional and high risk projects Resource Managers  Resource Managers lead small projects  Often have only one or two resources


Key Performance Indicators: are quantifiable measurements, agreed to beforehand, that reflect the critical success factors of an organization.     Relatively Simple Easy to Understand Informative Focused

Quantitative  Calculated based on data readily available Practical  Easily be measured and understood Shows Progress Toward a Goal  Aligns with Departmental Goals and Strategy Directional  Polarity of values - either good or bad Actionable  Indicates something needs to change Financial  Measures financial performance

 Provide "Just Enough" Information • For every data element in the dashboard, ask three basic questions about it: Why are you requesting this particular data element? What will you do with the data? What have you done to make the data collection and reporting as easy and practical as possible for those affected? • • • Best Practices for Project and PMO Reporting: Creating Effective Executive Dashboards Analyst(s): Audrey L. Apfel Published: 21 December 2011 ID:G00219141 +dashboard

 What are we trying to change or impact?  Success project execution and completion.  What data already exists?  Planned start and finish dates  Planned effort  Actual effort  How often do you want to review?  Weekly  Monthly

 Objective  Successful execution and completion of projects.  Goal #1: Complete projects on time.  KPI: Extension = Current Duration – Baseline Duration / Baseline Duration Example: 100 days – 80 days / 80 days = 25%

 Goal #2: Set project duration and plan resources based on the scope, complexity and nature of the project.  KPI: Schedule Compression  Total Planned Labor Cost Last Week  Example: Project is a total of 24 hours at $50/hr = $1200 700 600 500 Planned 400 Cost 300 200 100 0 Spread Thin Appropriate 1 2 3 4 Week 5 6

 Goal #3: Actual costs are in line with planned costs.  KPI: Resource Utilization ▪ Formula: (Planned – Actual Labor Cost) Planned Labor Cost ▪ Example: ( $1800 -1200)/$1800 = 33%

Goal #1 Goal #2 Goal #3

 Issues  Need to mentally interpret the data  Difficult to determine which projects are in trouble  Can’t tell which projects are likely to miss their delivery date

• • • • Construct the dashboard from the point of view of the user, not the creator. Report what executives need to see to enable the changes they want to make. Visibility, even into incomplete or imprecise data, will be valuable, as long as the gaps are clearly described in the context of the report. Make it easy for executives to figure out what to do quickly. They will consume just enough data to make a decision or take an action. If they can't find data that will serve one of those two purposes, they will just ignore all of it. Do the analysis to guide executives to well-informed and timely decisions and actions. If you are generating data for executives, you have the right (and the responsibility) to be the first one to try to digest it. Best Practices for Project and PMO Reporting: Creating Effective Executive Dashboards Analyst(s): Audrey L. Apfel Published: 21 December 2011 ID:G00219141 w=project+dashboard

• • Convert each KPI into an Indicator For example, the indicators for Schedule Compression are: Rating Excessive Lag Curious Lag On Target Curious Compression Excessive Compression Indicator Range ($/week) -3 0-100 -2 1 2 100-400 400-700 700-1000 3 >1000

Benefits of Indicators • Removes the mental math and calculations • Can focus on areas for improvement and take action • Overall indicator allows management to prioritize where attention is needed


• • • • Objective -> Goals -> KPIs -> Indicators Start simple Track Indicators before sharing publicly 5 or less = “Key” – the rest are just “Performance Indicators”

This webcast session entitles you to obtain 1 PDU towards your PMP as per the PMI Organization.  This session appears on web site page. Continuing Certification Requirements System:  Course information:   Rep #: 2750  Provider Name: LMR Solutions  Course ID: 10172013  Program Name: Are Your Projects Making the Dean’s List?

Contact Linda Sabatelli at: Contact Blake Bisson at: PowerSteering’s Business-Driven PPM Blog

 Questions and Discussion

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