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Published on February 20, 2014

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Introductie 'The Human Age in Facility Management'

Are you ready for the Human Age? Luc Engels, Director ManpowerGroup Solutions Thursday, February 20, 2014


The World We Live In… Bubblization of Society Individual Choice Uncertainty Do More With Less One Size fits One Rise in the Middle Class Talentism Changing Mindsets Technological Changes Talent Mismatch Disruption Global Connectivity Compressed Economic Cycles Human Age Power of the Individual Power of the Community Shorter Skills Life Cycle Volatility Value Compression Bifurcation Social Shifts Major Agent of Growth Mature vs. Emerging Market Growth Human Potential InterconnectedChaotic Political Shifts 3

We are in The Human Age… In this new age it will be the power of human potential that drives companies and communities forward. Winning in the Human Age requires a new way of thinking about and approaching your workforce or your career. The only certainty is uncertainty 4

World of Work Trends People with the right skills are hard to find People have the power of knowledge People have the power of choice People are connecting in new ways 5

Demographics and the talent mismatch are increasing the pressure to find the right skills in the right place at the right time as working age populations decline, economies rebound, emerging markets rise, and the nature of work shifts. 6

The Talent Mismatch 7

Individual Choice is eliminating the one size fits all approach and elevating the need for one size fits one. 8

One Size Does Not Fit All Traditionalist Boomer Generation X Generation Y Born 1928-1945 Born 1946-1964 Born 1965-1979 Born 1980-1995 Hierarchical Idealistic Pragmatic Immediacy Each generation approaches work differently, shaped by the economic, social and political forces of their time. 9

Customers have more access to information, experts and lower cost channels which increases visibility and subsequent pressure on companies to deliver value. Employers have become more sophisticated in assessing their workforce and are looking for specific skills that enable their companies to do more with less to meet ever-rising consumer needs. 10

In a global inter-connected world your customers know more and expect more. 11

Rapidly changing technology and greater global arbitrage increases individuals’ and organizations’ choice of where, when and how work is performed, and with whom. 12

Technology has long transformed the way we work Talent can be virtually accessed anywhere Competition is everywhere 13

This is HUMAN AGE 14

20 Epic Shifts of the Human Age YESTERDAY TOMORROW Industrial/Information Ages Capitalism Access to capital the differentiator Driven by owners and companies Workers chasing companies Companies dictate terms Workers living near (or from) place of work Talent glut Unemployment from over-supply Technology the enslaver Closed borders Migration rare Job for life Corporate opacity; secretiveness The Human Age Talentism Access to talent the differentiator Driven by skilled individuals Companies chasing workers Employees dictate terms Workers living (or from) anywhere Talent shortage Unemployment from specific demand Technology the liberator Open borders Migration commonplace Multiple jobs by age 38 Corporate transparency; openness, human approach Non-OECD countries growing and dominant BRIC-MIST, esp. China, India, Africa Work with an organization Look out, not in Agility matters Hire passion Flexible frameworks OECD countries growing and dominant Work for an organization Be lean and mean Size matters Hire power Command and control 15

Boost Agility Employers have to anticipate the return of the economy growth, redesigning the future of their organisations ManpowerGroup’s role is to help to accelerate is to help them by providing short term and long term solutions Work Models People Practices Talent Sourcing 16

Agility & flexibility – keypriorities for 2004 • Barriers to change : o Speed of decision making o Employee commitment o Leadership focus o Technological capabilities o Workforce capabilities 17

Explore New Talent Sources Transforming the Talent Ecosystem ? Communities Consultant Talent Pools Retired Talent Permanent Employees Contingent Talent Pools Contract Talent Pools Crowd Outsourced Talent Pools 18

Key Questions to manage the new FM ecosystem • • Full-Time Employees • • • Project/Outsourced Resources Contract Resources What is the “right” mix of workers for us? What positions are best filled by contractors? By full-time employees? How do I decide whether to hire full-time, contract, or outsource? What is the right sourcing model for these resources? And how do I put a process in place to keep this balance optimized? 19

Do you have a Facility Management Strategy aligned to your Business Strategy? 20

Key trends Facility Management for 2014 21


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