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Published on July 12, 2019

Author: Fosatrade


slide 1: Benefits of Modular House Refurbishment in Nigeria Modular House Refurbishment in Nigeria is more affordable option than site build homes. These homes are often known as mobile homes and they can be moved from one to another place. These homes are built inside a factory like setting and not at actual construction site in the traditional ways. Once the products are finished they are assembled by the builder and covered and transported to newer locations. There are specific laws and regulations for relocating such homes. These homes are being made using precision engineering to make homes durable. With its module to module combination these units provide inherently rigid system to perform better than conventional residential framing. There are many modular construction companies providing modular housing solutions including: Kiosk fabrication in Lagos Nigeria Partitioning and Cladding in Lagos Sandwich panel Installation in Lagos and more. Modular houses save money and time significantly on the overall construction. Modular homes are more energy efficient and slide 2: effectively reduce the cost and time otherwise spent on construction in old ways. As everything is completed in factory there is no need for home inspection. Also there are no design limitations on modular homes and they can be created in any style. These often offer numerous features that include ceramic floors solid-surface countertops various cabinet styles and wood species exterior finishes plumbing fixtures etc. There are designers and architects having expertise in Modular House Refurbishment in Nigeria that can help you to get modular houses designed for homes or offices in unique designs and with all facilities. slide 3: Traditional construction process produces much non industrial waste than prebuilt homes and produce CO2 emissions as well. On the other hand modular homes are good option for those living in remote areas as they are built in one central location and are delivered for removing any difficulty in finding contractors at such locations. As these homes are constructed in one central place there are much lesser CO2 emissionsthan traditional construction processes. Prebuilt homes are also better for the environment because fewer materials are used in their construction and because they disturb the site less than conventional construction. These constructions are often used for commercial applications including office buildings. In brief prebuilt homes come with benefits like shorter construction time reduced waste and savings from purchasing volume discounts on materials.

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