Are You a Mobile App Developer_ This Waterfall & Agile Model Priority

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Information about Are You a Mobile App Developer_ This Waterfall & Agile Model Priority

Published on September 19, 2018

Author: sitsl


slide 1: Are You a Mobile App Developer This Waterfall Agile Model Priority Guide is a Must-Read for You Eating a cake is easy but baking one is absolutely not. Right App users don’t and will never understand the complex programming behind them. Programmers on the other hand leave no stones unturned in order to induce simplicity in an app they develop. I am working as a team leader in a leading Android application development company and one of the queries that I receive so frequently that I even lost count is - which development model is suited best taking today’s website development scenario in the mind Waterfall or Agile I understand that the majority of you would direct me to Agile. But my friend the numbers of developers who make serious notes to use the Waterfall one are still not few. Hence I taught that I should put up my own views in this guides that unbiasedly states the advantages and disadvantages of each model: 1. What is the Waterfall Model A software project in the Waterfall model goes same as water flows through a stair surface. For instance several development phases that range from conception requirement analysis design implementation testing development and maintenance take place one after another. 2. What is the Agile Model The Agile model provides more freedom than the Waterfall one as it doesn’t demand a firm to gather all the requirements at first and stick to a linear development phase. It is flexible and allows a team to begin the development phase with the amount of knowledge provided. If more information is added later a separate phase of that particular information would begin consequently. slide 2: 3. Waterfall Model: Advantages and Disadvantages Deadlines in the Waterfall Model are concise and clear. The work once begins speeds up as the deadlines come near. However the inclusion of a new request unexpectedly appearing from the client can suddenly strike the whole development process. 4. Agile Model: Advantages and Disadvantages As apparent from the name Agile Model is not as agile if the number of programmers an Mobile application development service can provide is limited. But at the same time the inclusion of new features in the existing development phase is convenient for the Agile Model. slide 3: All things considered I as a developer will strongly suggest you stick to the Agile Model as the demands of today’s clients are not certain. Whenever a new idea will hit your client’s brain you will be pushed to bring that into the reality. And that’s when the Agile Model becomes a life savior.

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