Are You a Candidate for PRK Surgery?

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Information about Are You a Candidate for PRK Surgery?

Published on March 28, 2020

Author: theeyecentersc


slide 1: Are You a Candidate for PRK Surgery As one of the most popular laser vision correctve surgeries PRK surgery is very similar to LASIK . As a predecessor to LASIK eye surgery it’s hard to distnguish between the two in terms of specifc advantages and disadvantages. For patents in Columbia SC it can be challenging to fgure out which eye surgery works best for them. Below are some factors that can help guide you and your eye doctor to determine whether PRK is the right choice for you. 1. Vision Prescripton PRK is popular for nearsightedness or myopia. Severe myopia is usually best treated with PRK surgery though it may also work well for mild to moderate myopia depending on the other factors here. 2. Hobbies Sometmes your hobbies can play a factor in which surgical opton is best for you. Partcipatng in contact sports or high-intensity competton where your eyes may encounter potental trauma may play a factor in which opton is best for you. 3. Corneal Thickness The thin or thickness of your cornea has a signifcant impact on which correctve vision procedure will work best for you. LASIK works best with corneas that are thicker since the surgeon needs to create a fap. PRK doesn’t need a fap created so ofen it’s a beter choice for people with thinner corneas. 4. Employment In rare cases the fap created by LASIK can be an issue in the workplace partcularly if your job includes a risk of trauma to the eyes such as constructon military or manufacturing careers. PRK is ofen a beter opton for those working in these industries. PRK uses the same laser technology as LASIK and is a veted and perfectly safe procedure. Ultmately you want to consult with your eye doctor or eye surgeon to determine which vision correcton procedure may be the right ft for you.

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