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Information about Archimedes

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: achiles75


ARCHIMEDES By Beatriz Martínez Rodríguez, 1º C ESO

Index  Biography  Hydrostatics  Principle of levers  Hydraulic Screw  Conclusion

Biography Archimedes was born in Syracuse in 287 B.C. He spent most of his life there except for the time he went to Alexandria to study because this was important for his family.

Biography  He got the opportunity to continued his studies in a famous school of Mathematics. Archimedes grew up to be a great scientist.  He made great discoveries in Geometry, Mechanics, and established the Sciences of Statics and Hydrostatics.  He formulated a law of Fluid Displacement (Archimedes' principle), and is credited with the invention of the Archimedes screw, a cylindrical pump for raising water.

Hydrostatics  King Hiero decided to order a golden crown but he heard that the crown wasn’t made of gold and silver. Hiero trusted his cousin Archimedes to prove it.  Archimedes accepted the mission and he discovered the solution. He started shouting `Eureka, Eureka`, and he ran without clothes on.

Hydrostatics  He realized that the amount of water that overflowed the tub was the same as the amount of his body, which was submerged.  That’s how he demonstrated that the crown was not made of gold only because the volume of this crown displaced more water than the gold crown.

Principle of levers  The principle of lever permitted to elevate objects that were too heavy to transport.  While Archimedes did not invent the lever, he discovered how it worked. He said, “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth”.

Principle of levers  Example: A block and tackle system, consists of two or more pulleys with a rope between them, it is usually used to lift heavy loads.  This was very useful in moving boats or ships to the ground.

Hydraulic Screw •Archimedes' screw, is a machine used for transferring water from a low zone to a more elevated zone.  In ancient times it was used in crops for raising water.

CONCLUSIONS  He died in 212 BC.  He was one of the Great Mathematicians in Human History. His enormous achievements are still useful twenty centuries later.

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