Arch Ontological Modelling V4

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Information about Arch Ontological Modelling V4

Published on November 17, 2008

Author: Keith.May



Ontological Modelling using CIDOC CRM of the English Heritage Archaeological Information Domain

PROJECT INITIATION ProjectTeamMemberRole ProjectTeamMember ContextFindProductionEvent ContextFindMeasurementValue ProjectTeamMemberRole Timestamp E73: ProjectTeamMemberRole RecordDrawingNoteType SurveyDataset SurveyEvent RecordNote E55: Type E29: Actor E60: Number E55: Type E62: String P14.1: in the role of P3.1: has type P3: has note P94:has created E55: Type E55: Type E37: Information Object E7: Activity P94: has created FINDS DOCUMENTATION E62: String Timestamp (was created by) Type used to structure notes Survey dataset E65: Creation Event (was created by) Notes regarding record eg ‘certainty’ Survey, including chemical, compilation and dating process geophysical, auger etc EH_E0078 EH_E0077 EH_E0036 EH_E0035 EH_E0078 EH_E0091 EH_E0078 EH_E0080 EH_E0090 EH_E2007 Appendix A: ProjectDesign ContextFindProductionEvent ContextFindProductionEvent ContextFindDatingEvent ContextFindMeasurementUnit Timestamp Timestamp RecordNoteType Record E29: Design or Procedure E7:Activity E58: Measurement Unit E62: String Ontological Model of E62: String Spot dating achieved P90: has value P14.1: in the role of P79: beginning is qualified The PD or UPD E55: Type E31: Document E65:Creation Event Timestamp Timestamp through finds by P14.1: in the role of P3.1: has type P16: used specific object Type used to structure notes Record of find production date finds dating (was used for) eg ‘certainty’ EH_E0076 EH_E0037 EH_E0014 EH_E2005 EH_E0034 EH_E0091 EH_E0091 Centre for Archaeology This is the link to Research ContextFindMeasurement ContextFindMeasurementEvent ProjectTeamMember ContextFindMeasurementEvent objectives (EoP 98 etc ) through RecordDrawingNote ProcessSurveyDatasetEvent RecordDrawingSheet Type Timespan E7: Activity ProjectTeamMember E54: Dimension E39: Actor Information Domain (V9) P16: used specific object P14: carried out by P67: refers to P1:is identified by P91: has unit P80: end is qualified by E62: String E65:Creation Event E84: Information Carrier ADMIS/RASMIS project code P79: beginning is E55: Type E52: Time-span (was used for) (performed) (is referred to by) (identifies) (is unit of) Notes regarding record Processing survey data, The physical plan, be it paper E39: Actor qualified by completion including identification and based or digital numbers. interpretation of anomalies EH_E0031 EH_E0033 EH_E0077 EH_E0032 EH_E0079 EH_E2008 EH_E0082 Research objective=E29 Design EH_E0077 or Procedure EHProject ContextFindProductionEvent ContextFindProductionEvent ContextFindProductionEvent ProjectTeamMemberRole Timestamp BulkFindItemRemovalEvent CfAProjectTimespan Location Timespan TimespanAppelation E7: Activity E55: Type E2: Temporal Entity E80: Part Removal E52: Time-span P128: carries P4: has time-span Link to other project based P40: observed dimension P2: has type P14: carried out by P4: has time-span A project as defined by EH P3: has note P94: has created E53: Place E52: Time-span E49:Time Appelation Timestamp The act of taking a find from a (is carried by) (in time span of) resources (was observed in) (is type of) (performed) (is time-span of) (was created by) Spot dates bulk finds object P14: carried out by (performed) EH_E0001 EH_E0095 EH_E0038 EH_E0039 EH_E0078 EH_E0091 CfA2011 EH_E0021 BULK FINDS ContextFindMeasuementEvent BulkFindComponentCount PROCESSING AreaOfInvestigationDepiction RecordDrawing Timestamp E16: Measurement Event E60: Number SURVEY RECORDING P80: end is qualified by P113: removed P112: diminished P57: has number of parts E47: Spatial Coordinates E36: Visual Item E62: String P7: witnessed P87: is identified by P7: took place at P4: has time-span P14.1: in the role of Measurements: length, width, P67: refers to P80: end is qualified by (was removed by) (was diminished by) A spatial entity Interpretive plans and Timestamp (took place at) (identifies) (is time-span of) diameter, weight, etc (is referred to by) drawings EH_E2020 EH_E0020 EH_E0019 EH_E0016 EH_E0091 AreaOfInvestigation IdentifiedFeature ContextFindProductionEvent ProjectTeamMember ContextFindConditionState ContextFindConditionAssess ContextFindConditionAssess BulkFind BulkFindsAssessment ContextFindUseEventRecord mentEventTimespan mentEventType NoteType Allows us to talk about E53: Place E53: Place E12: Production Event E39: Actor E3: Condition State E19: Physical Object E13: Attribute Assignment P7: witnessed how the find was Link to Conservation P140: assigned attribute to The archaeological site as Link to geophysics Identified anomalies and Some event must have E52: E55: Type Specialist finds assessments detailed assessment of pottery, E55:Type (took place at) constructed, when and by (was attributed by) defined in the PD, the specific patterns produced the object and bulk finds assessments as per pottery record form Type used to structure notes whom area of investigation in the by material eg ‘certainty’ accompanying description EH_E0074 EH_E1002 EH_E0077 EH_E0029 EH_E0027 EH_E0028 EH_E0010 EH_E2021 EH_E0045 EH_E0003 ArchaeologicalSite ContextFindUseEventTime GroupEventRecordNoteType GroupingPhasingProcedure IdentifiedFeatureDepiction DepictionEvent span P9: was intended use of E27: Site P89: falls within P58: has section definition Link to other project based P108: has produced P14: carried out by P35: has identified P4: has time-span P2: has type P39: measured E55: Type E29: Design or Procedure E47: Spatial Coordinates E65: Creation Event P3.1:has type P87: is identified by EH_P4: depicts The archaeological site as E52: Time-span (contains) (definessection) resources (was produced by) (performed) (identifed by) (is time-span of) (is type of) (was measured by) Type used to structure notes Grouping/phasing Drawing, including on-site drawing (identifies) defined in other systems eg ‘certainty’ methodology and detailed finds drawing eg Avebury Henge EH_E0002

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