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Published on November 19, 2017

Author: Ignadela


Sources: Arcelormittal Belgium De Lausnay Ignace 2AF01 Sources: Following things will be discussed . Comparison Arcelormittal with Bel20 Comparison Arcelormittal with Sector Ratio’s Liquidity Profitability Solvency Stock Exchange (17/11/2017) Sources: Comparrison Arcelor vs Bel 20 Sources: Explanation graph 5 years AMT fluctuated a lot compared to Bel20 Strong decent in 2016 Recovered entering 2017 Sources: Comparison with sector Sources: Explanation graph Both made strong decent in 2016 AMT fluctuated more AMT below it’s sector Sources: Ratio’s Liquidity 64% A very good score Can pay around 2/3 of their debt (short & medium) in 1 time Sources: Ratio’s Profitability 84% €100 becomes €184 Very positive result Sources: Ratio’s Solvency 53% Not bad but could be better Shareholders & it’s debtors Looked after in long term Sources: Stock Exchange (17/11/2017) Positive but slightly decreasing Market itself has issues lately Sources: Conclusion Risky investment Various fluctuations over the past years Last year debt increase off 135% Recovering from Fin.crisis Though profitable Sources: Sources Euronext. (2017, Novembre 17). ARCELORMITTAL SA . Opgehaald van Finactum . (2017, Novembre 17). Arcelormital . Opgehaald van

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