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Published on December 15, 2016

Author: KristienWachter


1. Kristien De Wachter @Kristien_DW

2. January 2016 Arcade City was born on new years eve 2016 Plymouth, USA After Uber pulling out. History

3. May 2016 “The Austin Situation” Today 41.485 people organising rideshares with Facebook History

4. September 2016 When community ... met techology History

5. Oktober 2016 Ridesharing prototype History

6. November 2016 ARC tokens for sale. Kick-off for building Arcade City Ridesharing app running on tokens. History

7. Arcade City is a Decentralized p2p service provider, running on Blockchain, starting with ridesharing What is Arcade City?

8. Arcade City is a movement We call it: A Swarm *Book by Rick Falkvinge What is Arcade City?

9. Arcade City is worldwide Core team of 7: Development Antwerp Mayor from Switzerland Swarm leaders USA Advisory board: USA - Canada - Holland Swarm Global team Growing swarm worldwide What is Arcade City?

10. Arcade City is about Reputation based on transparant blockchain data What is Arcade City?

11. Arcade City is about Freedom Freedom to join Freedom to create Freedom to exchange value No central authority No central data storage What is Arcade City?

12. Arcade City is Teaching people how to work in a decentralized world. What is Arcade City?

13. Roadmap Wallet to exchange value Ridesharing app Road is open to all p2p transactions Give people all tools to change their life / the world New economy for Mars The future of Arcade City

14. how fast this can go The story of the 7 million USD pizza’s The future …. ?

15. Game on! Join the swarm! Contact me on Ryver @kikipluche @Kristien_DW

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