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Published on November 8, 2007

Author: aram



Event Engineering services in Europe.


ARAM Multimedia for many years has been providing a complex audio-visual service for all kinds of events, conferences, TV programs and road shows. We are specialized in renting large video screens, projectors, plasma monitors, video cameras, as well as sound systems and lighting. Together with a team of technicians and event managers we will provide you with complex organization, service and technical support for every event.

Fog Screen FOG SCREEN is a novel and intriguing method for forming a superior quality physically penetrable dry fog display. It is a break-through technology, literally! The walk-thru fog screen creates a magical effect as if the images are floating in thin air. The fog screen is high and uniform in density and can be utilized for forming a well-defined image thereon that is free from distortions or interruptions.

Fog Screen Technical specification : Dimensions: 65 x 90 x 231 cm Power consumption: 2KW Power req.: 240V, max. 10A Weight: 130 kg Control: manual or DMX512 Water consumption: 5 to 10 liters/h ( hydrant not needed) Technical specifications

Led GRID curtain LED GRID is a new LED creative panel for effects and video. Small modules enable us to construct led curtains of various forms, from a huge wall at the back of a stage to hanging each panel individually. They are controlled via dedicated DMX and VIDEO controllers and compatible with famous media servers.

LED Grid curtain Technical specification : Panel dimensions: 33 x 33 x 2,5 cm Leds per pixel: 4 (2R,1G,1B) Leds per panel: 48Red + 32Green + 32Blue Pixel pitch: 39 mm Material: PCV black matt (IP65) Weight: 1,4 kg Number of colors: 16 millions Brightness: +/- 5000 Nit Technical specifications Wymiary modułu Features : LED GRID is suitable for outdoor and inddor applications . - Small, lightweight and transparent - Hanging (vertical / horizontal) - Adjustbale distance between panels - Rugged and strong design - Could be installed on decoration - Outdoor : water proof (IP67) *LED GRID and SOFT LED are controller by the same kind of control system and it’s possible connect each other.

Led floor LED FLOOR is a new high tech modular LED video and graphic based flooring tile solution. Each 50 c m x 50 c m led floor panel contains 256 SMD RGB LED pixels under a tempered and specially treated glass to produce amazing visual effects. Controlled via Media Server you can play graphics, video, animations, text, pictures and more.

Led floor Technical specification : Panel dimensions: 50 x 50 x 8,4 cm Leds per pixel: SMD 3-in-1 (1R,1G,1B) Leds per panel: 256 RGB SMD led’s Pixel pitch: 31 mm Structure: Tempered Glass + PCV (IP44) Panel weight: 12,9 kg Number of colors: 16 millions Brightness: +/- 740 Nit per panel Viewing angel: over 120 deg. Technical specifications Features : LED FLOOR – brand new SMD based video flooring system. - Impref resistant (glass instead of plexi) - 3-in-1 SMD Pixel SMD – wide viewing angel - No additional contruction necessery - Stafe module compatible (2 panels = 100cm) - Compatible with all MEDIA SERVERS *LED FLOOR and LED GRID are controlled by the same kind of control system and it’s possible connect each other.

PixBOX – creative curtain PixBox is a new SMD RGB led creative module which enable you to generate a huge spectrum of different colors, graphics, animations or even low-res video . The PixBOX measures only 109 x 109mm and contains nine full color SMD LEDs. It is lightweight, only 200g per pixell and very easy to connect in veriety of forms and shapes.

PixBOX – creative curtain Technical specification : PixBox dimensions: 10,9 x 10.9 x 5 cm Weight of pixel: 200 g LEDs per pixel: 9 SMD Panel dimensions: 1040×1040×122mm Panel weight (with pixels): 25 kg Pixel per panel: 64 (8x8) Number of colors: 16 million s Power consumption per panel: 200W Technical specifications Features : PixBOX weight only 200g per block and it’s very easy to connect in variety of forms and shapes. - Creative flexibility (in frame or separate mounting) - Only 200g weight - Maximum distance between pixels: 20m - C alibration ensure consistent color uniformity - IP33 protection level *PixBOX and LED GRID are controlled by the same kind of control system and it’s possible connect each other.

Modular SOFT LED Soft LED – this is the first soft led curtain made of modules which we can build into screens of any size. This soft diode backdrop is perfect for projecting large format visualizations and video effects.

Modular SOFT LED Technical specification : Panel dimensions: 160 x 160 x 1 cm Leds per pixel: 7 (3R,2G,2B) Leds per panel: 48Red + 32Green + 32Blue Pixel pitch: 19 cm Material: IFR 22oz Encore Velour (IFR) 645g per 1m2, 100% polyester Panel weight: +/- 3 kg Number of colors: 1 6 million s Brightness: +/- 5000 Nit Compatibility: CATALYST, HIPPOTIZER, ARAKOS and others. Technical specifications Features : Zipper equipped panels enable to zip demanded size of curtain: - Unique modular structure - Creative flexibility - Easy to hang: Zip and play - IFR Certificate - Low weight

LED telebeams LED large video screens is the only technology which can win with the sun. Built of modules, they allow for creating an image of any size, depending on the needs and the budget of the event. Our company specializes in renting, building and assembling of LED screens both for permanent and temporary installations.

LED telebeams Technical specification (1) : Usage: indoor / outdoor Pixel pitch: 6,25mm virtual / 12,5mm fizical Screen size: 4,2 x 3m (420 x 300cm) Panel dimensions : 60 x 60 x 25 cm Leds per pixel : 4 ( 2 R, 1 G, 1 B) Leds per panel : 48Red + 32Green + 32Blue Visual resolution: 672 (V) x 480 (H) Phizical resolution: 336 (V) x 240 (H) Panel weight : 60 kg Number of colors : 16 mill ions Bightness : +/- 5000 Nit Viewing angel : 120 / 60 deg. Technical specifications Technical specification (2) : Usage: indoor / outdoor Pixel pitch: 7,81mm Screen size: up to 100m2 Panel dimensios : 1000 x 750 cm Leds per pixel : 4 ( 2 R, 1 G, 1 B) Leds per panel : 12 288 Resolution: depends on screen size Panel weight : 60 kg number of colors : 16 million s Brightness : +/- 8 000 Nit Viewing angel : 160 deg. ekran format (m) format (pix) waga (kg) 7 x 5 6,72 x 4,8 896 x 640 1400 6 x 4 5,76 x 3,84 768 x 512 960 4 x 3 3,84 x 2,88 512 x 384 480 3 x 2 2,88 x 1,92 384 x 256 240

Plasmawall PlazmaWall can be seen at tv shows and events throughout the world. The advantage of these near seamless screens is that that they are made for single or multiple panel use and can be customized to fit any application in any shape or size. Regular applications see the screens used in 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 formats. The advantage that the plasma wall has is it’s depth, only 76 mm

Plasmawall Technical specification : Panel size: 42” Panel dimensions: 926 x 523 x 76.5mm Viewing area (panel): 921 x 518mm Screen ratio: 16 : 9 Panel resolytion: 853 x 480 Brightness: 1,000 cd/m2 Contrast: 3,000 : 1 Weight per panel: 25 kg Power consumption per panel: 300w (max) Seams: 4 mm Technical specifications

Projectors and screens Projectors for video and computer projections from 1000 to 15 000 ANSI lumen, by producers such as BARCO, NEC, EIKI, SANYO and others. Suitable for outdoor and indoor events . Special lens for choosing the distance between the projector and the screen.

Projectors and screens Technical specifications : Brightness (ANSI): 10 000 i 15 000 ANSI lumens Max. Resolution : UXGA 1600 x 1200 Contrast: 1100 x 1 Shortest throw lens: 0,8 : 1 Longest throw lens: 6 : 1 Compatibility: HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1035i 575i, 575p Weight: 37 kg Stackable for higher brightness Technical specifications Projection screens : 2 x 1m – (169 x 126) 2 x 1,7m – (225 x 169) 3 x 2m - (300 x 225) 4 x 3m - (400 x 300) 5 x 4m - (535 x 400) 8 x 6m - (720 x 560) 9 x 3m panoramic QUADRO SCREEN – 4 x 4x3m 4m circle - (dia.350 cm) 3m circle - (dia.251 cm) 3x2 REVERSA 130 inch (285,5 x 218 cm) REVERSA 50 inch – (100 x 76 cm) *rear and front projection surfaces available Do you need non-standard screen size ? We will make a custom screen for you ! Available projectors : Brands: SANYO, BARCO, NEC: 3000 ANSI 8000 ANSI 4000 ANSI 10000 ANSI 5 000 ANSI 15000 ANSI

REVERSA Studio Screen Technical specifications : 3x2m (6m2) Screen dimensions: 285,5 x 218 cm (3x2m) Frame width : 7 cm Distance from projector with 0,8:1 lens: 3m Weight: 50 kg 50 inch Screen size: 76,5 x 45,9 cm (50 inch) Frame : none Distance from projector with 0,8 lens: Weight: less then 5 kg Technical specifications Reversa Studio Screen is designed for the superior projection where the most demanding clarity and contrast are required. Provides an extraordinary contrast ratio of 200:1 with a gain of 5.0 and a viewing angle of 175 degrees.

LED Chandelier LED CHANDERLIER is a huge XXI century retro chandelier equipped in LED GRID curtains. You can choose from 1 to 5 circles desponds on place.

LED Chandelier Technical specification : Total dimensions (5 sections): 3m high by 4m width Weight (5 sections): 25 0 kg Number of colors: 16 millions Power consumption: 3 KW Technical specifications Features : LED Chandelier could have from 1 to 5 section, each 30cm high. - Dividable by two - Low weight - Compatible with most Media Servers

SKY VIEW - flying screen Differentiated with other visual display devices by being floated in the air, the Skyview will invariably attract people's attention and maximize promotional benefits. Safety ensured use of helium gas. (Non-flammable, Non-explosion, Non-poisonous)

SKY VIEW - flying screen Technical specification : Diameter: 410 cm Screen size: 120 inch Weight: 21 kg Pumping gas: air or helium Material: PCV Capacity: 4 technical bottles Technical specifications

Video tubes Led tubes using video or computer signal for control, delivers countless looks from vibrant patterns to organic flows. Combined into walls they could display even video or pictures.

Video tubes Technical specification : Size/lenght : 100 cm or 50 cm Number of leds per 1m : 144 (48R / 48G / 48B) Weight : 1,8 kg Power consumption: 15W number of colors : 16 million ów *Compatible with media servers. Technical specifications

Plasma screens Plasma monitors and LCD’s can be either hung or placed on special stands, vertically or horizontally. They receive computer and television signals. They are perfect for fair stands, conferences, events and TV programs.

Technical specifications : Screen size : 42 inch (152 cm) Resolution : 1360 x 768 Split screen: 2,4,9 Weight : 20 kg Dimensions : 922(w) x 520(h) x 81(d) mm Power consumption: 320W Screen size : 60 inch (106 cm) Resolution : 1366 x 768 Split screen: 2,4,9 Weight : 69 kg Dimemsnios: 1447(w) x 871(h) x 127(d) mm Power consumption: 440W Technical specifications Plasma screens

Technical specification : Screen size: 103 inch (106 cm) Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Contrast: 5000:1 Inputs: VGA do WUXGA + VIDEO Weight: 220 kg (w/o case and stand) Dimensions : 2414(w) x 1421(h) x 128(d) mm Power consumption: 1550W Technical specifications 103 inch plasma

Media servers and screen management MEDIA SERVERS - create new worlds of virtual scenery with up to eight layers of digital media and enjoy the flexibility of real-time rendered visual effects. Get twice the impact with two independent signals to two outputs. It’s like having two media servers in one. FOLSOM is a image management system allowing for fluent mixing of sources such as camera, video, DVD and computers with no risk of quality loss. If you have ever had any problems mixing fluently computer and video images, FOLSOM is the solution!

Show lasers Our lasers are complete laser effect systems, perfect for TV shows, all sorts of events and presentations. They are also suitable for exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and other prestigious events. Quickly and easily can they create a fantastic world of laser animation, unbelievable spacious rotations, ZOOM effects, and more.

Architectural & Show lighting Painted with light – w e provide lighting for all kinds of objects and events , from the external walls of a castle to the interiors of banquet rooms or television studios .

Sound systems Let them hear you – we offer sound systems of various sizes and power, which we adjust to the needs and requirements of a given place and the program of an event.

References The Kids Star academy Bill Gates in Poland Allianz congress Polish Telecom meeting Singa Dinga Belarus solidarity Made in Poland Frederic's 2008

ul. Wspolna 57 05-075 Warsaw, POLAND tel/fax. (+4822) 778 7075, 773 5318 tel. 0-601 705 805 e-mail: [email_address] YouTube company channel: For new or not listed products please send us inquiry


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