Arabic to English Vocabulary for Qasas-un-Nabiyeen Volume three

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Information about Arabic to English Vocabulary for Qasas-un-Nabiyeen Volume three

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: saleemkhanani




QASAS UN NABIYEEN VOLUME THREE DR. SALEEM A KHANANI SHREWSBURY MA FEBRUARY 2014 Send! (imperative) he regained consciousness throw it! (imperative) I show you I entrust Make! Build! (imperative) Make for me! became bold they both turned back Return! Go back! You return it stayed in its place it took possession if he were sneaked alone, individually champions, heroes hate more lasting son sons, children to refuse took finished, completed completed I lean on instigated responded dared gathered strived reward, recompense bodies You make! (imperative0 hired one to love one parties, groups ARABIC TO ENGLISH VOCABULARY ‫اَرسل‬ َ ‫اَفاق‬ ‫اَلقها‬ ‫اُرٌكم‬ ُ‫اُفوض‬ ِ ‫اِبن‬ ِ ‫اِبن لى‬ ِ ‫اِجترأ‬ ‫اِرتدا‬ ‫اِرجع‬ ‫اِرجع‬ ‫اِستقر‬ َ ‫اِستولى‬ ُ ‫اِن ٌك‬ ‫اِنسل‬ َ َ ‫اِنفراد‬ ‫ابطال‬ ‫ابغض ٌبغض‬ ‫ابقى‬ ‫ابن‬ ‫ابناء‬ ‫ابى ٌابى‬ ‫اتخذ‬ ‫اتم‬ ٌ ‫اتمم‬ ‫اتوكأ‬ ‫اثار‬ ‫اجاب‬ َ‫اج َترأ‬ َ ‫اجتمع‬ ‫اجتهد‬ ‫اجر‬ ‫اجسام‬ ‫اجعل‬ ‫اجٌر‬ ‫احب ٌحب‬ ‫احد‬ ‫احزاب‬

he did well more deserving dreams brother informed sister I chose to take, to hold take out, expel other other made a mistake you stay behind in my place close friends close friends, associates close friends take off! (imperative) respect teach, educate when then permission, ear, give permission Go! you hurt him he intended suspect, doubt bounced back, turned back to accept feeding, to breast feed earth, land breastfeed breastfeed her I show you teachers you hired you hire him (imperative) tyranny, despotism to feel shy shyness use, utilize they considered me weak ‫احسن‬ ٌ ‫احق‬ ‫احالم‬ ‫اخ‬ ‫اخبر‬ ‫اخت‬ ‫اختر‬ ‫اخذ ٌأخذ‬ ‫اخرج ٌخرج‬ ‫اخرى‬ ‫اخرى‬ ‫اخطأ‬ ً‫اخلُفن‬ ‫اخالء‬ ‫اخالء‬ ‫اخالء‬ ‫اخلع‬ ‫ادب‬ ‫ادب ٌؤدب‬ ‫اذا‬ ً‫اذا‬ ‫اذن‬ ً‫اذهب اذهب‬ ‫اذٌتم‬ ‫اراد‬ ‫ارتاب ٌرتاب‬ ٌ ‫ارتد‬ ‫ارتضع ٌرتضع‬ ‫ارض‬ ‫ارضع ٌرضع‬ ‫ارضٌعه‬ ‫ارٌكم‬ ‫اساتذة‬ ‫استأجرت‬ ‫استأجره‬ ‫استبداد‬ ‫استحى‬ ‫استحٌاء‬ ‫استخدم ٌستخدم‬ ‫استضعفونى‬

they bought sought food she remained steadfast listen, pay attention took possession of family committed excess in, transgressed name counselled, consulted increased, became severe I will be strict, (verb), stricter (adjective) became origin, principle idols decayed, wasted away Join! (imperative), embrace, join together children I view, I survey fired I think hug hurried enemies wiser higher, highest dominant rich people, plural excess corrupted better, superior succeeded tide, in the form of army I entrust stayed accept, come forward, meet fight he plucked become convinced strong ones many, most you forced ‫استطعما‬ ‫استقامت‬ ‫استمع ٌستمع‬ ‫استولى‬ ‫اسرة‬ ‫اسرف‬ ‫اسم‬ ‫اشار‬ ً ‫اشتد‬ ‫اشق‬ ‫اصبح‬ ‫اصل‬ ‫اصنام‬ ٌ ‫اضمحل‬ ‫اضمم‬ ‫اطفال‬ ‫اطلع‬ ‫اطلق‬ ٌ‫اظن‬ ‫اعتنق‬ ‫اعجل‬ ‫اعداء‬ ‫اعقل‬ ‫اعلى‬ ‫اغلب‬ ‫اغنٌاء‬ ‫افراط‬ ‫افسد‬ ‫افضل‬ ‫افلح ٌفلح‬ ً ‫افواجا‬ ‫افوض‬ ‫اقام‬ ‫اقبل‬ ‫اقتتل ٌقتتل‬ ‫اقتلع‬ ‫اقتنع‬ ‫اقوٌاء‬ ‫اكثر‬ ‫اكرهت‬

why not now child we picked up tongues famous God forbid! he threw threw inspired to, towards to the limit, to a limit, as much as possible mother in front of protection examination, test he ordered, order woman yesterday Stay! (imperative) became possible waves that indeed we to be devoted Prophets wait all of you finished He saved her inclined towards sent down relationship lineages relationship covered over Look! blessed it parted marry, give in marriage ‫اال‬ ‫األن‬ ‫التقط‬ ‫التقطنا‬ ‫السنة‬ ‫الشهٌر‬ ‫العٌاذ باهلل‬ ‫القى‬ ً‫الق‬ ‫الهم‬ ‫الى‬ ‫الى حد‬ ‫ام‬ ‫امام‬ ‫امان‬ ‫امتحان‬ ‫امر‬ ‫امرأة‬ ‫امس‬ ‫امكثوا‬ ‫امكن‬ ‫امواج‬ ‫ان‬ ‫انا‬ ‫اناب‬ ‫انبٌاء‬ ‫انتظر‬ ‫انتم‬ ‫انتهى‬ ‫انجاها‬ ‫انحدر‬ ‫انزل‬ ‫انساب‬ ‫انساب‬ ‫انساب‬ َ َ ‫انط َبق‬ ‫انظر انظري‬ ‫انعم‬ ‫انفلق‬ ‫انكح‬

indeed types insult, humiliation paid attention to people, house hold or we inspired we made (them) inherit kindle for me fire kindled a fire if first, previous days your hands as well, too firmly believed whichever where Go to! leaders interrogative was thrown You all seek help! she remained steadfast forefathers I seek for you bring! gave him they two went to coming I will bring you instigated baked brick most ignorant You drove us out weak, servile they tortured him you persecuted you persecuted him Please show yourself to me ‫انما‬ ‫انواع‬ ‫اهانة‬ ‫اهتم‬ ٌ ‫اهل‬ ‫او‬ ‫اوحٌنا‬ ‫اورثنها‬ َ ‫اوقد‬ َ‫اوقد‬ ‫اولو‬ ‫اولى‬ ‫اٌام‬ ‫اٌدٌكم‬ ‫اٌضأ‬ ‫اٌقن‬ ‫اٌما‬ ‫اٌن‬ ‫ائت‬ ‫ائمة‬ ‫أ‬ ُ‫أ‬ ً‫لق‬ َ ‫أِستعٌنوا‬ ‫أِستقامت‬ َ ‫أباء‬ ُ‫أبغٌك‬ ‫م‬ ‫أت‬ ‫أتاه‬ ‫أتٌا‬ ‫أتٌة‬ ‫أتٌكم‬ ‫أثار‬ ‫أجر‬ ‫أجهل‬ ‫أخرج َتنا‬ ‫أذِال‬ ُ‫أذوه‬ ُ ‫أذٌتم‬ ‫أذٌتموه‬ ً‫أرن‬ ِ

he showed him your feet legends captivity most compassionate destiny took over most unjust enemies Help us! pieces of meat, piece of liver, own children family are you not? he turned he turned towards noses He saved her rescued, relieved I see you established, started doing something you disliked I guide you I drive away, chase away recommend, bequeath we landed sign piece of land became cold onion he was made to faint virgin, an animal on which no load has ever been put to spend night desert good (showing goodness to others) state, condition harm, wrath search to change nomadism he extended love (for them) ‫أراه‬ ‫أرجلكم‬ ‫أساطٌر‬ ‫أسر‬ َ َ ‫أشفق‬ ‫أصاب القدر‬ ‫أظلَم‬ ‫أعداء‬ ‫أعنا‬ ‫أعٌبها‬ ‫أفالذ, افالذ كبد‬ ‫أل‬ ‫ألست‬ ‫أناب‬ ‫أناب‬ ‫أناف‬ ‫أنجاها‬ ‫أنجدت‬ ‫أنست‬ ‫أنشأ‬ َ ‫أنكرت‬ ‫أهدٌكم‬ ‫أهش‬ ‫أوصى‬ ‫أوٌنا‬ ‫أٌة‬ ٌ ‫َبر‬ َ‫َبرد‬ َ ‫َبصل‬ َ ‫بُهت‬ ‫بكر‬ ِ ‫بات ٌبٌت‬ ‫بادٌة‬ ً‫بارا‬ ‫بال‬ ‫بأس‬ ‫بحث‬ ٌ ٌ ‫بدل ٌبدل‬ ‫بداوة‬ ‫بذل وّ د‬

cold thunderbolted blessing, mercy wilderness simplicity, naivety, naturalness eyesight after far vegetables to cry but town calamity dull misfortune builders daughter with it, with him house white (feminine) while well it jumps (don't) turn away you (did not) wait for, you (did not) keep it in mind protects them (from) you snatch it they breath it raises, it raises up the earth for cultivation comprehends him (don't) grieve me it illuminates repent misguided, arrogant you came to us you work for him regret you expressed grief and regret you order, you command, follow ‫برد‬ ‫برق‬ ‫بركة‬ ‫برٌة‬ ‫بساطة‬ ‫بصر‬ ‫بعد‬ ‫بعٌد‬ ‫بقل‬ ً‫بكً ٌبك‬ ‫بل‬ ‫بلد بالد‬ ‫بلٌة‬ ‫بلٌد‬ ‫بلٌلة‬ ٌ ‫بناؤون‬ ‫بنت‬ ‫به‬ ‫بٌت‬ ‫بٌضاء‬ ‫بٌنما‬ ‫بئر‬ ُ‫َتثب‬ ِ ‫َتر َتدوا‬ َ )‫َترقب (لم‬ ‫َتقٌهم‬ ‫َتن َتزعوها‬ ِ ‫َتنفسوا‬ ُ ُ ‫تثٌر‬ ‫تدركه‬ ِ ُ ُ ‫ترهِقنى‬ ُ ُ ‫تنٌر‬ ‫تاب ٌتوب توبة‬ ‫تائهة‬ ‫تأتٌنا‬ ً‫تأجرن‬ ‫تأسف‬ ُ ‫تأسفتم‬ ‫تأمرون‬ ‫تبع‬

she dissociated herself from she repudiates you oppose you oppose you plot moving about (of waves) she was strolling you come, it comes, she comes beneath talk, discuss was amazed she fears estimation to frighten they two drive away retreated upbringing watching left you see purified it shook infused, infiltrated it moves quickly (feminine) it is running they two give water to got over (them) took control you afflict (someone) eats well, eats to the full gratefulness complaining reach, does not reach became tired wondered you advise me learnt don't be complacent, negligence detail kissed ‫تتبراء‬ ُ ‫تتبرأ‬ ‫تتعرضون‬ ‫تتعرضون‬ ‫تتعرضون‬ ‫تتالطم‬ ‫تتنزه‬ ‫تجئ‬ ‫تحت‬ ‫تحدث ٌتحدث‬ ‫تحٌر‬ ‫تخاف‬ ‫تخمٌن‬ ‫تخوٌف خوف ٌخوف‬ ‫تذودان‬ ‫تراجع‬ ‫تربٌة‬ ‫ترقب ٌترقب‬ ‫ترك‬ ‫تري‬ ٌ ‫تزكى‬ ‫تزلزل‬ ‫تسرب‬ َ ‫تسعى‬ ‫تسعى‬ ‫تسقٌان‬ ‫تسلط‬ ‫تسوم‬ ‫تشبع‬ ‫تشكر‬ ً‫تشك‬ ‫تصل ال تصل‬ ‫تعب‬ ‫تعجب‬ ً‫تعظن‬ ‫تعلًم‬ ‫تغتروا ال تغتروا‬ ‫تفرٌط‬ ‫تفصٌل‬ ‫تقبل‬

come forward her eyes find comfort they approached it jumps, hopes it plays, you play turn away it got damaged, spoiled received in front of seize, grab that (feminine) you demand gratitude summoning mutual calling calling, crying, mutual calling, summoning you call me you regret or you show remorse. you regret spoiled their living (the frog) croaks argument, finding fault with someone faced, went to turned back they turn back you harm or hurt him wandering became agitated third second earth snake, serpent eight became anxious, despondent a part they betrayed him, they showed hardness to him body (madness) intensified came came to you girl ‫تقدم‬ ‫تقر عٌنها‬ ‫تقربوا‬ ُ ‫تقفز‬ ‫تلعب‬ ‫تلف‬ ‫تلفت‬ ‫تلقٌى‬ ‫تلقاء‬ ‫تلقف‬ ‫تلك‬ ‫تمُن‬ ‫تناد‬ ‫تناد‬ ‫تناد‬ ً‫تنادٌن‬ ‫تندم‬ ‫تندمون‬ ‫تنغص عٌشهم‬ ُ ‫تنق‬ ‫تنقٌر‬ ‫توجه‬ ‫تولٌى‬ ‫تولون‬ ‫تؤذونه‬ ‫تٌه‬ ‫ثار‬ ‫ثالث‬ ‫ثان‬ ٍ ‫ثرى‬ ‫ثعبان‬ ‫ثمان‬ ‫جزع‬ ِ َ ‫جزء‬ َ ََ ُ‫جفوه‬ ‫جُث‬ ‫جُن‬ َ ‫جاء‬ ‫جاءكم‬ ‫جارٌة‬

maker sitting they both argue with you, put pressure on you reward, award hungry powerful might very much dispute, altercation, controversy new bravery, audacity locust try, experiment courage, boldness companions group handsome increased in madness wing shielf army armies, soldiers madness madness the foolish ones openly ignornace generation I come to you you brought, you came his desire urged him people of town inability to speak, stammer guards it was rightful (for) dream it caught up with them, it reached them it caught up with them, it reached them love ropes ‫جاعل‬ ‫جالس‬ ‫جاهداك‬ ‫جائزة‬ ‫جائع‬ ‫جبار‬ ‫جبروت‬ ٌ ‫جدا‬ ‫جدال‬ ‫جدٌد‬ ‫جراءة‬ ‫جراد‬ ‫جرب ٌجرب‬ ‫جسارة‬ ‫جلساء‬ ‫جماعة‬ ‫جمٌل‬ ٌ‫جن‬ ‫جناح‬ ‫جنة‬ ‫جند‬ ‫جنود‬ ‫جنون‬ ‫جنون‬ ‫جهال‬ ‫جهرة‬ ‫جهل‬ ‫جٌل‬ ‫جئتك‬ ‫جئتم‬ ُ َ ‫ح َثه الشوق‬ ‫حضر اهل الحضر‬ َ ‫حُبسة‬ ‫حُراس‬ ‫حُق‬ ‫حُلم‬ ‫حاق‬ ‫حاق بهم‬ ‫حب‬ ‫حبال‬

How Lovely! grains until argument, evidence plural of hajj, implying 8 years since hajj is annual lap inclination talk, tradition, narration, story, news beware, guard forbade free freedom guard, memorize truth, true command settled place patience, forbearance enthusiasm, zeal praise donkeys loving around snakes snake where he released them mooing, ,lowing (sound coming from a hollow structure) failed mind, idea, thought mistaken fear fifth afraid news news, information became ashamed deceive servants Hold! Take! ‫حبذا ٌا‬ ‫حبوب‬ ‫حتى‬ ‫حجة‬ ‫حجج‬ ‫حجر‬ ‫حدور‬ ‫حدٌث‬ ‫حذر ٌحذر‬ ‫حرٌم‬ ‫حرة‬ ‫حرٌة‬ ‫حفظ ٌحفظ‬ ‫حق‬ ‫حكم‬ ‫حل‬ ‫حل محل‬ ‫حلم‬ ‫حماسة‬ ‫حمد ٌحمد‬ ‫حمٌر‬ ‫حنون‬ ‫حول‬ ‫حٌٌات‬ ‫حٌة‬ ‫حٌث‬ َ ‫خلصهُم‬ ُ ‫خوار‬ ‫خاب‬ ‫خاطر‬ ‫خاطئٌن‬ ‫خاف ٌخاف‬ ‫خامس‬ ‫خائف‬ ‫خبر‬ ‫خبر‬ ‫خجل‬ ِ ‫خدع ٌخدع‬ ‫خدم‬ ‫خذ خذي‬

he fell down myths wood fear argument, enmity, fight greenery mistake our mistakes occurred, came to mind you feared release behind leave! Leave! Leave! Let go! by suffocation he frightened them option tents disloyalty, treason, betrayal good, benevolence pride,vanity, vainglory house plight you planned entered stations, levels called pulverized indicate, point to animals melt leave me! Let me to---let me, allow me to humiliation that dociles sin went he lamented, mourned ً‫خر‬ ‫خرافات‬ ‫خشب‬ ‫خشى ٌخشى‬ ‫خصام‬ ‫خصب‬ ‫خطاء‬ ‫خطاٌانا‬ ‫خطر‬ ‫خفت‬ ‫خالص‬ ‫خلف‬ ‫خلوا‬ ‫خلوا‬ ‫خلوا‬ ً ‫خنقا‬ ‫خوفهم‬ ‫خٌار‬ ‫خٌام‬ ‫خٌانة‬ ‫خٌر‬ ‫خٌالء‬ ‫دار‬ ‫دأب‬ َ ‫دبرت‬ ‫دخل‬ ‫درجات‬ ‫دعا‬ ً ‫دكا‬ ‫دل ٌدل‬ ‫دواب‬ ‫ذاب ٌذوب‬ ً‫ذرون‬ ً‫ذرون‬ ‫ذل‬ ‫ذلك‬ ‫ذلول‬ ‫ذنب ذنوب‬ ‫ذهب‬ ‫ر َثى‬ َ

fourth one who returns, gives back one who turns something away, one who averts anchored he saw he saw, he thought nourish, mentor foster child hope return foot man two men mercy, have mercy on he returned we returned, we gave back stoicism, plainness discrete, mature, guided period of breastfeeding breast fed child nose bleed thundered displeasure lifted, elevated leniency, mildness threw (at) them threw competition wind, air went away receding, disappearing snub, rebuff marriage adonrment, decoration held, obstructed tribe The one who covers magician sixth walked, proceeded, marched ‫رابع‬ ‫راد‬ ‫راد‬ ‫راسٌات‬ ‫رأ‬ ‫رأى‬ ً‫ربى ٌرب‬ ‫ربٌب‬ ‫رجاء‬ ‫رجع‬ ‫رجل‬ ‫رجل‬ ‫رجالن‬ ‫رحم‬ ‫رد‬ ‫رددنا‬ ‫رزانة‬ ‫رشٌد‬ ‫رضاعة‬ ‫رضٌع‬ ‫رعاف‬ ‫رعد‬ ‫رغم‬ ‫رفع‬ ‫رفق‬ ‫رماهم‬ ‫رمى‬ ‫رهان‬ ‫رٌح‬ ‫زال‬ ‫زائل‬ ‫زجر‬ ‫زواج‬ ‫زٌنة‬ ٌَ ‫سد‬ ‫سِ بط‬ ‫ساتِر‬ ‫ساحر‬ ‫سادس‬ ‫سار‬

radiant, manifest the time, the hour help travelled drove asked insult, curse, swear reason precede, pre-empt they two preceded or pre-empted paths path cloud magic magicians innocence, simplicity, naivety secret making its way as if in a tunnel ascendancy, sway fortunate, successful foolishness, impertinence foolishness fell down give water drunk ones become silent one who is extremely drunk, the drunk intoxication power, control conducted accept to allow heard you (have) named we will return it we will slaughter, massacre years arrows arrow it decieved, it led astray ‫ساطع‬ ‫ساعة‬ ‫ساعد ٌساعد‬ ‫سافر‬ ‫ساق‬ ‫سأل ٌسأل‬ ً‫سب‬ ‫سبب‬ ‫سبق‬ ‫سبقتا‬ ‫سبل‬ ‫سبٌل‬ ‫سحاب‬ ‫سحر‬ ‫سحرة‬ ‫سذاجة‬ ‫سر‬ ‫سرب‬ ‫سطوة‬ ‫سعٌد سعٌدة‬ ‫سفاهة‬ ‫سفاهة‬ ‫سقط‬ ً‫سق‬ ‫سكارى‬ ‫سكت‬ ‫سكران‬ ‫سكرة‬ ‫سلطان‬ ‫سلك‬ ‫سلم ٌسلم‬ ‫سمح‬ ‫سمع‬ ‫سمٌتم‬ ‫سنعٌدها‬ ٌ ‫سنقتل‬ ‫سنوات‬ ‫سهام‬ ‫سهم‬ ‫سوٌ لَت‬

evil bad consequence straight path market chief ladies state, condition he will reach us he became tired we are bored, we have become tired they went into too much detail, they became strict young became old shore, beach sense of smell sense of smell consult, seek advice affair affair grew up (to be a young man) encourage, embolden, spur harm police legislate occupation interceded compassion misery, distress complain by hanging eagerness thorn misfortune fault, spot old man, teacher thing fainting cried, shouted give both of them company to prey ‫سوء‬ ‫سوء العاقبة‬ ‫سواء السبٌل‬ ‫سوق اسواق‬ ‫سٌد‬ ‫سٌدات‬ ‫سٌرة‬ ‫سٌلحقُنا‬ ‫سئم‬ َِ ‫سئِمنا‬ َ ‫شددوا‬ ‫شاب‬ ‫شاب‬ َ ‫شاطئ‬ ‫شامة‬ ‫شامة‬ ‫شاور ٌتاشاور‬ ‫شأن‬ ‫شأن‬ ‫شب‬ َ ‫شجٌع‬ ‫شر‬ ‫شرطة‬ ‫شرع ٌشرع‬ ‫شغل‬ ‫شفع‬ ‫شفقة‬ ‫شقاوة‬ ‫شكى‬ ً ‫شنقا‬ ‫شوق‬ ‫شوك‬ ‫شؤم‬ ‫شٌة‬ ‫شٌخ‬ ‫شئ‬ ً ‫صعِقا‬ َ ‫صاح‬ ‫صاحِبهما‬ ‫صاد‬

truthful good deeds morning repel, ward off dowry chest chest testify straightforwardness, frankness tower shout shout cried, shouted box made idol types, different kinds act son-in-law waste (it) was lost on him, (it) was wasted on him stray, lost, wandering to laugh morning hit, strike hit, strike weak ones weak frogs deviation, misguidance attached hospitality harm it became hard flew tyrant path, track, course (they) started, began child want, demand, call for ‫صادق‬ ‫صالحات‬ ‫صباح‬ ٌ ‫صد ٌصد‬ ‫صداق‬ ‫صدر‬ ‫صدر‬ ‫صدق ٌصدق‬ ‫صراحة‬ ‫صرح‬ ‫صرخ‬ ‫صرخ‬ ‫صرخ‬ ‫صندوق‬ ‫صنع‬ ‫صنم‬ ‫صنوف‬ ‫صنٌع‬ ‫صهر‬ ‫ضاع ٌضٌع‬ ‫ضاعت فٌه‬ ٌ ‫ضال‬ ‫ضحك ٌضحك‬ ً‫ضحى‬ ‫ضرب‬ ‫ضربة‬ ‫ضعفاء‬ ‫ضعٌف ضعفاء‬ ‫ضفادع‬ ‫ضاللة‬ ‫ضم‬ ‫ضٌافة‬ ‫ضٌر‬ َ ‫ضٌقت‬ ‫طار‬ ‫طاغٌة‬ ‫طرٌق‬ ‫طفق‬ ‫طفل‬ ‫طلب‬

obediently length for the duration of the course, throughout the path pure mud oppressor dominant dominant shadow shade very dark, darkness oppression become manifest patron, supporter they crossed he reproached lentils high calf, veal helpless, unable lived defender, protector protector he punished him wise deal with, treat became stubborn you enslaved servants worship slavery ancient wondered, surprised wonder inability, to be unable was unable to, became helpless enmity justice enemy aggression, injustice ‫طوعا‬ ‫طول‬ ‫طول الطرٌق‬ ‫طٌب‬ ‫طٌن‬ ‫ظالم‬ ‫ظاهر‬ ‫ظاهرٌن‬ ‫ظل‬ ٌ ‫ظل‬ ‫ظالم‬ ‫ظلم‬ ‫ظهر ٌظهر‬ ‫ظهٌر‬ ‫ع َبروا‬ َ ‫ع َتب‬ َ َ ‫عدَس‬ َ ‫عُلى‬ ‫عِ جل‬ ‫عاجز‬ ‫عاش‬ ‫عاصم‬ ‫عاصم‬ ‫عاقبه‬ ‫عاقل‬ ‫عامل ٌعامل‬ ‫عاند‬ َ ‫عبٌدت‬ ‫عباد‬ ‫عبادة‬ ‫عبودٌة‬ ‫عتٌق‬ ‫عجب‬ ‫عجبأ‬ ‫عجز‬ ‫عجز‬ ‫عداوة‬ ‫عدل‬ ‫عدو‬ ‫عدوان‬

excuse know, recognize veins power made determination strong perhaps ten stick, staff sticks bestowal great intellects, minds he knew became high, claim greatness know elevation on, upon knowledgeable from, about near crookedness refuge eye, spring eyes strangers, foreigners he was overcome its water went down winner, dominant, triumphant dust strange, stranger I make it faulty anger, became angry lid, covering forgive boy to overcome cloud sheep rich ‫عذر‬ ‫عرف ٌعرف‬ ‫عروق‬ ‫عزة‬ ‫عزم ٌعزم‬ ‫عزٌز‬ ً‫عس‬ ‫عشر‬ ‫عصأ‬ ً‫عص‬ ‫عطاء‬ ‫عظٌم‬ ‫عقول‬ ‫علِم‬ ‫عال‬ ‫علم ٌعلم‬ ‫علو‬ ‫على‬ ‫علٌم‬ ‫عن‬ ‫عند‬ ‫عوج‬ ‫عٌاذ‬ ‫عٌن‬ ‫عٌون‬ ُ ‫غرباء‬ ُ ‫غلِب‬ ‫غاض مأؤه‬ ‫غالب‬ ‫غبار‬ ‫غرٌب‬ ‫غصب‬ ‫غضب‬ ‫غطاء‬ ‫غفر‬ ‫غالم‬ ‫غلب ٌغلب‬ ‫غمام‬ ‫غنم‬ ً‫غن‬

misled without anger transgression so, then you have been tested look at that old fugitives, running away immoral, unchaste, sinner bright yelow opened, victory, opening investigate he investigated they searched young man, youths pride run away victim, prey panic, scare corruption became rampant not to speak of, let alone suckling child needy thought deeply he thought deeply those who are laughing, enjoying art benefits garlic, wheat in in himself, himself mice it threw out cucumber fought decisive he said she said ‫غوي‬ ‫غٌر‬ ‫غٌظ‬ ًٌ‫غ‬ ‫ف‬ ُ ‫فُتِنتم‬ ‫فاذا‬ ‫فارض‬ ‫فارٌن‬ ‫فاسق‬ ‫فاقع‬ ‫فتح‬ ‫فتش‬ ‫فتش‬ ‫فتشوا‬ ‫فتى‬ ‫فخر‬ ‫فرً ٌفر‬ ‫فرٌسة‬ ‫فزع‬ ‫فساد‬ ‫فشت‬ ً‫فضال‬ ‫عن‬ ‫فطم‬ ‫فقٌر‬ ٌ ‫فكر‬ ٌ ‫فكر‬ ‫فكهٌن‬ ً‫فن‬ ‫فوائد‬ ‫فوم‬ ً‫ف‬ ‫فً نفسه‬ ‫فٌران‬ ‫قذف‬ َ ََ ‫قِثاء‬ ‫قاتل‬ ‫قاضٌة‬ ‫قال‬ ‫قالت‬

stood up stood up Coptics kissed (verb),accepted (verb), before (preposition) accept slaughter, kill fight killed, murdered, victim appreciate, value came near apple of the eye strike, beat centuries, generations town, city hardness he narrated story intend palace walking step by step palaces complete, accomplish, oradin cut, interrupted sat down heart hearts little, few moon lice compulsion, force, subjugation nation, people nation, people, community strong it was said greatness was she was, it was as if they were liver ‫قام‬ ‫قام‬ ‫قبط اقباط‬ ‫قبل‬ ‫قبل ٌقبل‬ ٌ ‫قتل‬ ‫قتال‬ ‫قتٌل‬ ‫قدَ ر ٌقدِر‬ ‫قرب‬ ‫قرة العٌن‬ ‫قرع‬ ‫قرون‬ ‫قرى‬ ‫قساوة‬ ‫قص‬ ‫قصة‬ ‫قصد ٌقصد‬ ‫قصر‬ ‫قصصا‬ ‫قصور‬ ً‫قض‬ ‫قطع‬ ‫قعد‬ ‫قلب‬ ‫قلوب‬ ‫قلٌل‬ ‫قمر‬ ‫قمل‬ ‫قهر‬ ‫قوم‬ ‫قوم‬ ‫قوي‬ ‫قٌل‬ ‫كِبر‬ ‫كان‬ ‫كانت‬ ‫كانما‬ ‫كانوا‬ ‫كبد‬

pride, glory big hide many like that disliked respectable, honorable people, nobles dislike deny, disbelieve sponsor, become guardian all, everyone spoke, conversed with never dogs like (the example of) quiver for arrows stars how no it is inevitable you female don’t' grieve you female don't fear you continue to don't be deceived don't kill no offence can hardly make it clear, can hardly explain or express for its sake, for the sake of I will surely crucify you I will surely cut because for what, for which suitable I will surely make you stayed milk so that she feels happy tongue, language kindness doll ‫كبرٌاء‬ ‫كبٌر‬ ‫كتم ٌكتم‬ ‫كثٌر‬ ‫كذلك‬ ‫كره‬ ٍ ‫كرام‬ ‫كره ٌكره‬ ‫كفر‬ ‫كفل‬ ‫كل‬ ‫كلٌم‬ ٌ ‫كال‬ ‫كالب‬ ‫كما‬ ‫كنانة‬ ‫كواكب‬ ‫كٌف‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ال بد‬ ً‫ال تحزن‬ ً‫ال تخاف‬ ‫ال تزال‬ ‫ال تغتروا‬ ‫ال تقتل‬ ‫ال جرم‬ ‫ال ٌكاد ٌبٌن‬ ‫الجله‬ ‫الصلبنكم‬ ‫القطعن‬ ‫الن‬ َ ٌ‫الي‬ ‫الئقة‬ ‫ألجعلنك‬ ‫لبث‬ ‫لبن‬ ‫لتسر‬ ‫لسان‬ ‫لطف‬ ‫لعبة‬

perhaps so that I, perhaps I indeed for you, your but when will not benefit us did not remain did not deny did not know did not reach did not apologize, did not offer an excuse were not guided to why I will not be for him, his for them, their I owe them. They have right on me play, plaything for me, my that he reward you he was not they were not so that he becomes gentleness so that not if in place of cracked those who turn their backs guilty, sinful bitter covered healthy, without blemish, perfect stubborn those who take heed, those who learn lesson covered those who make false accusations was given, gifted, granted those who are given respite ‫لعل‬ ً‫لعل‬ ‫لقد‬ ‫لك‬ ٌ‫لكن‬ ‫لمٌا‬ ‫لم تنفعنا‬ ‫لم ٌبق‬ ‫لم ٌجحد‬ ‫لم ٌدر‬ ‫لم ٌصل‬ ‫لم ٌعتذر‬ ‫لم ٌهتد‬ ‫لما ذا‬ ‫لن اكون‬ ‫له‬ ‫لهم‬ ٌ‫لهم على‬ ‫لهو‬ ً‫ل‬ ‫لٌجزٌك‬ ‫لٌس‬ ‫لٌسوا‬ ‫لٌكون‬ ‫لٌن‬ ‫لئأل‬ ‫لئن‬ ‫مكان‬ َ َ ً ‫مُتصدعا‬ ‫مُدبرٌن‬ ‫مُذنب‬ ً‫مُر‬ ‫مُسجى‬ ‫مُسلمة‬ ‫مُعانِدٌن‬ ‫مُعتبرٌن‬ ‫مُغطى‬ ‫مُف َترٌن‬ ‫مُنح‬ ُ ‫منظِ رٌن‬

touch, touching pouch, bag not (used before past tense), what, whatever you two did not do well continued to die livestock purposes, needs, goals, wishes, desires captives shelter clear, manifest when droughts famine, drought maniacs, crazy people gatherer, society culprit meeting possessed, out of one' mind ordeal, trial green, fertile one who turns his back to praise civilization town, city wet nurses once reference, return rejoice, have fun messengers wet nurse, a woman who breast feeds children sick, ill evening issue listener imprisoned poor making its way as if in a tunnel poisonous graceful walk, honorable way of walking ‫مِساس‬ ‫مِك َتل‬ ‫ما‬ ‫ما احسنتما‬ ‫ما زال‬ ‫مات ٌموت‬ ‫ماشٌة‬ ‫مأرب‬ ‫مأسورٌن‬ ‫مأوى‬ ‫مبٌن‬ ‫متى‬ ‫مجاعات‬ ‫مجاعة‬ ‫مجانٌن‬ ‫مجتمع‬ ‫مجرم‬ ‫مجلس‬ ‫مجنون‬ ‫محنة‬ ‫مخصبة‬ ‫مدبر‬ ‫مدح ٌمدح‬ ‫مدنٌة‬ ‫مدٌنة‬ ‫مراضع‬ ‫مرة‬ ‫مرجع‬ ‫مرح ٌمرح‬ ‫مرسلٌن‬ ‫مرضع مرضعة‬ ‫مرٌض‬ ‫مساء‬ ‫مسألة‬ ‫مستمع‬ ‫مسجون‬ ‫مسكٌن‬ ‫مسلك‬ ‫مسموم‬ ‫مشً الكرام‬

reformer fate, destiny fate deceptive, beguiler, misleading to pass by oppressed with treatment, dealing miracle bewitched corrupter artcile, statement staying of an honorable guest holy, blessed close associate you played a trick, you plotted chiefs dresses reproach thrower king queen kings colorful from who are you from opposite sides to gift since those who turn to fear cradle, smooth, flat, plane, level despicable, worthless, insignificant promises topic certain, sure field term, appointed time before appointed time appointed time ‫مصلح‬ ‫مصٌر‬ ‫مصٌر‬ ‫مضل‬ ً‫مضى ٌمض‬ ‫مظلوم‬ ‫مع‬ ‫معاملة‬ ‫معجزة‬ ‫مفتونٌن‬ ‫مفسد‬ ‫مقال‬ ‫مقام ضٌف كرٌم‬ ‫مقدس‬ ‫مقرب‬ ‫مكرتم‬ ‫مالء‬ ‫مالبس‬ ‫مالمة‬ ‫ملقون‬ ‫ملك‬ ‫ملكة‬ ‫ملوك‬ ‫ملونة‬ ‫من‬ ‫من تكون‬ ‫من خالف‬ ‫منح‬ ‫منذ‬ ‫منقلبون‬ ‫مهابة‬ ‫مهد‬ ‫مهٌن‬ ‫مواعد‬ ‫موضوع‬ ‫موقن‬ ‫مٌدان‬ ‫مٌعاد‬ ‫مٌعاد, قبل‬ ‫مٌقات‬

Save me! it became rare, it was rare scattered (its) ashes He held a private conversation with him township call difficulty, crisis, calamity, tribulation difficulty, calamity that falls down people spectator, onlooker achieve he slept Prophet we follow we take save made impure save me you have been saved remorse, to regret dew we brought you up took off, withdrew women nurtured, brought up fatigue help, he helped help clean, pure shoe yes ran out, exhausted soul, spirit, breath pecked the broke (covenant) ant townships it was called fee, rent ridicule, derision ً‫َنجن‬ ِ ‫َندر‬ َ َ ‫َنفض‬ َ َ ُ‫ناجاه‬ ‫ناحٌة‬ ‫نادى‬ ‫نازلة‬ ‫نازلة‬ ‫ناس‬ ‫ناظر‬ ‫نال‬ ‫نام‬ ً‫نب‬ ‫نتبع‬ ‫نتخذ‬ ‫نجا ٌنجو‬ ‫نجس‬ َ ً‫نجن‬ ‫نجوت‬ ‫ندم‬ ‫ندى‬ ‫نربك‬ ‫نزع‬ ‫نساء‬ ‫نشأ ٌنشأ‬ ‫نصب‬ ‫نصر‬ ‫نصرة‬ ‫نظٌف‬ ‫نعل‬ ‫نعم‬ ‫نفِد‬ ‫نفس‬ ‫نقر‬ ‫نكثوا‬ ‫نمل‬ ً‫نواح‬ ‫نودي‬ ‫نول‬ ‫هُزء‬

these two to stir up, to awaken, to excite guide one who guides applause, exclamation, cheer shouted calmness scowled them (they, the dogs) growled at them defeat like this interrogative there, at that place he abasement, humiliation dsire, love, passion she and they were guided valey agreed, approved weak, feeble punishment find alone, lonely, one and only, unique, single, private bid farewell ministers minister reach country promise, he promised warning insolence dignity He saved her shameless, rascal, rude, brazen occurred, happened, fell I fell you in your hand stood, paused attorney, witness ‫هاتان هاتٌن‬ ‫هاج‬ ‫هاد‬ ‫هاد‬ ‫هتاف‬ ‫هتف‬ ‫هدوء‬ ‫هرتهم‬ ‫هرتهم‬ ‫هزم‬ ‫هكذا‬ ‫هل‬ ‫هنالك‬ ‫هو‬ ‫هوان‬ ٌ‫هوى‬ ً‫ه‬ ‫و‬ ‫وُ فِقوا‬ ‫واد‬ ‫وافق‬ ‫واهن‬ ٌ ‫وباال‬ ‫وجد ٌجد‬ ‫وحٌد‬ ‫ودع‬ ‫وزراء‬ ‫وزٌر‬ ‫وصل‬ ‫وطن‬ ‫وعد‬ ‫وعٌد‬ ‫وقاحة‬ ‫وقار‬ ‫وقاه‬ ‫وقح‬ ‫وقع‬ ‫وقعت بٌدك‬ ‫وقف‬ ‫وكٌل‬

boy, son neonate gifted woe they are wandering he seeks help he travels at night renounces he forgot they get ready they digest, they violate the rights invalidates fulfills, implements, realizes he caused them grief, he oppressed them he consoles them he comforts them, consoles them he motivates them reforms it provides shade over them will show, brings to light makes him indifferent, heedless, careless finds salvation, succeeds he is honored he calls he informs them he is humiliated become easier it was revealed He makes it inherited he advices them they turn their backs O! he takes desperation, hopelessness they forge, they lie accommodate, provide shelter spends night makes clear follows they bear ‫ولد‬ ‫ولٌد‬ ‫وهب‬ ‫وٌل‬ ‫ٌَتٌهون‬ َ ُ‫ٌَستغٌث‬ ‫ٌَسري‬ ِ ُ ‫ٌَنبُذ‬ ‫ٌَنسى‬ ُ ُ ‫ٌَنشطوا‬ ‫ٌَهضِ مون الحق‬ ‫ٌُبطل‬ ‫ٌُحق‬ َِ ‫ٌُرهقهما‬ ‫ٌُسلٌهم‬ ‫ٌُسلٌهم‬ َ ‫ٌُشوقهُم‬ ‫ٌُصلح‬ ُ ‫ٌظِ لهم‬ ‫ٌُظهر‬ ً‫ٌُغن‬ ‫ٌُفلح‬ ‫ٌُكرم‬ ‫ٌُنادي‬ ‫ٌُنبههم‬ ‫ٌُهان‬ ‫ٌُهون‬ َ ‫ٌُوحى‬ ُ ‫ٌُورثها‬ ِ ‫ٌُوصٌهم‬ ‫ٌُولون‬ ‫ٌا‬ ‫ٌأخذ‬ ‫ٌأس‬ ‫ٌأفكون‬ ‫ٌأوي‬ ‫ٌبٌت‬ ‫ٌبٌن‬ ‫ٌتبع‬ ‫ٌتحملون‬

he gets rid of he remembers (they)consder as dirty they show piety they received (did not ) give up pays attention he strolls he moves orphan instigates did not find it flows did not despair remains hungry warns to attend, that he should attend he transposes, encompasses he lives he acts haphazardly he frightened it appears hand treats him knows he leaves calls they both invite or call he slaughters leaves he goes he hopes he returns he likes he throws he sees he intends they crawl asks get tired ‫ٌتخلص‬ ‫ٌتذكر‬ ‫ٌتقذر‬ ‫ٌتقون‬ ‫ٌتلقوا‬ ‫ٌتنازلوا لَم‬ ‫ٌتنبه‬ ‫ٌتنزه‬ ‫ٌتنقل‬ ‫ٌتٌم‬ ‫ٌثٌر‬ ‫ٌجد لم‬ ‫ٌجري‬ ‫ٌجزع, لم‬ ‫ٌجوع‬ ‫ٌحذر‬ ‫ٌحضر, لٌحضر‬ ُ ‫ٌحول‬ ‫ٌحٌى‬ ُ ِ ‫ٌخبط خبط عثواء‬ ً ‫ٌخوف‬ ‫ٌخٌل‬ ‫ٌد‬ ‫ٌداوٌه‬ ‫ٌدري‬ ‫ٌدع‬ ‫ٌدعو‬ ‫ٌدعوان‬ ‫ٌذبح‬ ‫ٌذر‬ ‫ٌذهب‬ ‫ٌرجو‬ ‫ٌرد‬ ‫ٌرضى‬ ً‫ٌرم‬ ‫ٌرى‬ ‫ٌرٌد‬ ‫ٌزحفون‬ ‫ٌسأل‬ ‫ٌسأم‬

he will make you viceroys seeks help gives water remains quiet they both proceed keep occupied suffers will afflict you they shout they both warmed wastes, allows to waste they host both of them becomes narrow he makes manifest they mess up they learnt lesson, they heeded believed promises he promises counts, started counting he warns you, he promises you he disobeys me some they bend (before), they lower themselves before he lives make heedless of others he panics they kill (the bugs with their nails) he says if he was about to, almost he hides he hides, concelas they deny or disbelieve me water is possible, is not possible right hand he warns them rescues them does not forget ‫ٌستخلفكم‬ ‫ٌستعٌن‬ ً‫ٌسق‬ ‫ٌسكت‬ ‫ٌسٌران‬ ‫ٌشغل‬ ‫ٌشقى‬ ‫ٌصبكم‬ ‫ٌصرخون‬ ‫ٌصطلٌان‬ ‫ٌضٌع‬ ‫ٌضٌفوهما‬ ‫ٌضٌق‬ ‫ٌظهر‬ ‫ٌعبثون‬ ‫ٌعتبروا‬ ‫ٌعتقد‬ ‫ٌعد‬ ‫ٌعد‬ ‫ٌعد اخذ ٌعد‬ ‫ٌعدكم‬ ً‫ٌعصببن‬ ‫ٌعض‬ ُ ‫ٌعكفُون‬ ‫ٌعٌش‬ ً‫ٌغن‬ ‫ٌفزع‬ ‫ٌقصعون‬ ‫ٌقول‬ ‫ٌك ان ٌك‬ ‫ٌكاد‬ ‫ٌكتم‬ ‫ٌكتم‬ ‫ٌكذبون‬ ِ ‫ٌم‬ ‫ٌمكن ال ٌمكن‬ ‫ٌمٌن‬ ‫ٌنبههم‬ ‫ٌنجدهم‬ ‫ٌنسى‬

he helps starts out, he enjoys it breaks guides me he faces consoles him, sympathises with him he advises them to be patient turn back day did not lose hope he despaired ‫ٌنصر‬ ‫ٌنطلق‬ ‫ٌنعم‬ ‫ٌنقض‬ َ ً‫ٌهدٌن‬ ‫ٌواجه‬ ‫ٌواسٌه‬ ‫ٌوصٌهم بالصبر‬ ‫ٌولون‬ ‫ٌوم‬ ‫ٌٌأس , لم‬ ‫ٌئِس‬ َ

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