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Published on January 20, 2014

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Ad-Duha Ad-Duha Institute Complete Islamic Home School Program Arabic Shapes Copyright© 2008 Ad-Duha Institute, Inc. Moo-rab-ba’

Moos-ta-teel Moo-thal-lath

Bay-daw-wee Daa-e-rah

Hee-laal Naj-mah

Moo-ay-yun Qalb

Ad-Duha Ad-Duha Institute Complete Islamic Home School Program Arabic Colors Ah-mar Copyright© 2008 Ad-Duha Institute, Inc.

As-Far Akh-dar

¯ Az-raq Boor-too-qaa-lee

Ar-jew-waa-nee Ra-maa-dee

Boon-nee Zah-ree

Ab-yad As-wad

Ad-Duha Ad-Duha Institute Complete Islamic Home School Program Arabic Alphabet Alif Alif is Lollipop Stick. A Lollipop Stick Copyright© 2008 Ad-Duha Institute, Inc.

Ba is a Beautiful Necklace. Bead Necklace Ta has Two dots op. on Top

Tha Tha is a Three Sundae ae! Three Scoop Sundae Jeem has a belly! Jellybean in his belly

From the upper throat as in “hockey” Similar to the sound produced when clearing the throat. Ha is Hungry (his tummy is empty)! ? Kha Kha has a olored ap! Colored Cap

Place tongue between front teeth, letting air pass between upper front teeth and tongue as in “that”. Daal is a igger! Digger! Dhaal Dhaal has a top! Ball on top

As in “Raw” Also known as Zain ib! Ra is a Rib ipper! Za is a Zipper

Seen is a word! Sword Sheen Sheen is a Queen een! Queen

Tip of tounge touching the back of upper front teeth as if holding a ball of air cupped in the tounge. Sawd is a poon! Soup Spoon Dawd has a top! Diamond on top

As in “taught” Tau is a ooT Tiny BooT! Similar to ‘thought’, but with a slight ‘Z’ sound. Zhau Zips to the Masjid Masjid at Zhuhur when the sun is sky! high in the sky

As in “sign” but with extra stress on the “i” pronounced from the back of the throat. ‘Ayn is an Balloon! Eid Balloon Add a “g” as in “girl” to ‘Ayn. Ghayn looks like ings! Gold Rings

As in “cough” Fa looks like a Slipper! Fuzzy Slipper Qaaf has a really old! bad Cold

Pronounced just like “calf” Kaaf has a dollop of ream. whipped Cream As in “lama” Laam is a NoodL Long NoodLe!

Meem is a ouse! Mouse Noon is a MooN New MooN!

Made with a deep breath from the chest. Ha looks like a ole! doughnut Hole Wow is a Pinwheel! Pinwheel

Ya looks like o’s! two Yo-Yo’s

Ad-Duha Ad-Duha Institute Complete Islamic Home School Program Arabic Numbers Copyright© 2008 Ad-Duha Institute, Inc. Sifr

Waa-hid Ith-naan

Tha-laa-tha Ar-ba

Sit-tah Kham-sa

Sab-a’ Tha-maa-nee-a

Tis-a’ A-sha-rah

A-ha-da A-shar Ith-na A-shar

Tha-laa-tha-ta A-shar Ar-ba’-ta A-shar

Kham-sa-ta A-shar Sit-tah-ta A-shar

Sab-a’-ta A-shar Tha-maa-nee-a-ta A-shar

Tis-a’-ta A-shar Ish-roon

Tha-laa-thoon Ar-ba’-oon

Kham-soon Sit-toon

Saba’-oon Tha-ma-noon

Tis’-oon Mee-uh

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