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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Riccard


Slide1:  DuPont Textiles and Interiors Korea ,Inc 전승제 차장 AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION:  AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION 1) What is Aquator® ? 2) Aquator® Technology 3) Brand & Market Positioning Strategy (Target Markets,Business Model, Market Needs) 4) Global Sourcing AQUATOR® PROMISE:  AQUATOR® PROMISE DuPont™ Aquator® Weather Protection fabric systems provide the optimum balance of aesthetics, comfort and weather protection performance. HOW IS AQUATOR® DIFFERENT?:  HOW IS AQUATOR® DIFFERENT? Fabric system (not a film or coating technology) Multifunctional fabrics provide optimum balance of aesthetics, comfort and protection Fabrics tailored to meet specific customer needs Proprietary DuPont technologies including polymers, fibers, fabrics, films and finishes Fabrics available globally via authorized laminators and Accredited Fabric Vendors Fabric swatches can be ordered online via the DuPont Global Fabric Sourcing Library Only DuPont certifies Aquator® fabrics AQUATOR® REDEFINING WEATHER PROTECTION THROUGH AESTHETICS + COMFORT + PROTECTION:  AQUATOR® REDEFINING WEATHER PROTECTION THROUGH AESTHETICS + COMFORT + PROTECTION Ability to differentiate through garment design Softer and quieter Weather Protection fabrics Garment design freedom Innovative Aquator® fabric systems Unlimited variety of textiles Stretch and recovery of LYCRA® Comfort/fit and freedom-of-movement Softer and quieter Weather Protection fabrics Lightweight fabric systems Innovative fibers and multifuntional fabrics Durable Breathable Windproof Waterproof Protection Aesthetics Comfort Delighters Differentiators Qualifiers AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION GARMENTS MARKET NEEDS:  Consumers require a balance of aesthetics, comfort and protection. AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION GARMENTS MARKET NEEDS Aesthetics: Fabric-like textiles Hand Drape Softness/quietness Protection: Waterproof Windproof Durable Comfort: Breathability Softness/quietness Fit Freedom of movement Stretch and recovery Lightweight AQUATOR® TECHNOLOGY:  AQUATOR® TECHNOLOGY Aquator® Weather Protection technology is an adhesive laminated fabric system incorporating proprietary DuPont™ LYCRA® monolithic hydrophilic polyester membrane technology. AQUATOR® KEY ADVANTAGES OF LAMINATING vs. COATING:  AQUATOR® KEY ADVANTAGES OF LAMINATING vs. COATING 코팅 원단표면의 불규칙한 불규칙한 표면에 도포됨으로: 제품의 품질이 불규칙 하다. 내구성이 낮다. 중량이 무겁다. 촉감이 딱딱하고 잡음이 심하다. 무공타입 Polyester 필름 필름상에 존재하는 무수한 미세구멍으로 투습성을 부여하는 PU 또는 PTFE 필름과 달리 무공형 친수 타입의 필름에 의해서 투습이 일어난다: 고품질을 일정하게 유지한다 내구성이 우수하다. Bacteria, Virus 침입 방지 촉감이 부드럽고, 잡음이 없다 반복세탁 시 미세구멍 막힘이 없다. AQUATOR® DURABILITY OF WATERPROOFNESS vs. BREATHABILITY:  AQUATOR® DURABILITY OF WATERPROOFNESS vs. BREATHABILITY AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION FABRICS TECHNOLOGY COMPARISON:  AQUATOR® WEATHER PROTECTION FABRICS TECHNOLOGY COMPARISON 쾌적성 (투습성 + 신축성 + 경량성 + 굽힘성) 다양성 (소재 적용성 + 촉감성 + 드래이프성) 보호기능 (내구성 방수성/ 방풍성) ePTFE PU코팅/기능성 필름라미네이팅 AQUATOR® KEY PERFORMANCE TESTS FOR WEATHER PROTECTION:  AQUATOR® KEY PERFORMANCE TESTS FOR WEATHER PROTECTION Waterproofness (ISO 811) Hydrohead (water pressure to failure) Suter Test (1m water pressure for 3 minutes) Breathability Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) (ASTM E-96) Resistance to Evaporative Transmission (RET) (“Skin Model”) (ISO 11092) Durability (waterproofness after washing) Home laundry cycle (ISO 6330) Stretch and Recovery DuPont™ Lycra® test method AQUATOR® TECHNOLOGY COMPARISON:  AQUATOR® TECHNOLOGY COMPARISON N.B. Comparison based on finished fabrics. Fabric Property PU/TPU ePTFE AQUATOR® Fabric Choices Many Few Unlimited Stretch and Recovery Moderate “Zero” Stretch and Recovery of LYCRA® Softness and Drape Moderate Poor Good Breathability (Ret.) Poor/Moderate Good/Excellent Good/Excellent Waterproofness 1 to 10 m >10 m >10 m (Hydrohead) Durability <5 HLC* >100 HLC* >20 HLC* (Waterproof after HLC) Performance Certification No Yes Yes Typical Price ($/lm) $1.50-$4.00 $10.00-$12.00 $4.50-$5.50 (2-layer product excl. fabric) *Home Laundry Cycles AQUATOR® KEY TECHNICAL BENEFITS:  AQUATOR® KEY TECHNICAL BENEFITS Physical Attribute (LYCRA® polyester membrane technology) Extreme breathability of LYCRA® polyester membrane technology Monolithic hydrophilic (non micro-porous) membrane technology Extreme elongation to yield and break of LYCRA® polyester membrane Proprietary polymer, film and lamination technologies Consistent flexural modulus of LYCRA® polyester membrane LYCRA ® polyester membrane technology High melting point of LYCRA® polyester membrane Functional Benefit (Aquator® Weather Protection Fabric System) Optimum balance of durable waterproof, windproof and breathable protection High water vapor transmission plus: Liquid moisture (sweat) transmission “Zero” condensation providing enhanced wearer comfort Stretch and recovery of LYCRA® Enhanced “fabric-like” softness Excellent softness, flexibility and drape even at low temperatures: > +30C to < -40C Eliminates dye migration issues of PU films and coatings used with polyester face fabrics Enables high temperature curing for more durable Teflon® water-repellent finish Provides greater process temperature window for easier and more durable seam-sealing AQUATOR® EXPANDED BUSINESS MODEL:  AQUATOR® EXPANDED BUSINESS MODEL Market Development Film Fibers Weaver/Knitter Laminator Garment Brand Retailer Consumer Merchandising Branding & Communications Garment Maker Accredited Fabric Vendors Physical Product Flow Marketing Activity AQUATOR® AUTHORIZED LAMINATORS:  AQUATOR® AUTHORIZED LAMINATORS Region Europe Japan APEJ North America Country Germany Switzerland Japan Taiwan Taiwan Korea Korea China China USA Canada Laminator Trans-Textil XXX Toyo Cloth Formosa Taffeta (FTC) XXX BeomSamKong (BSK) XXX XXX Shawmut Mills XXX Completion Target Certified ? Certified Pre-Certified ? Certified ? ? ? ? ? AQUATOR® ACCREDITED FABRIC VENDORS:  AQUATOR® ACCREDITED FABRIC VENDORS 2002: > 10 Accredited Fabric Vendors 2003: > 30 Accredited Fabric Vendors Fabric Vendor Klinger Molteni-Palmira xxx xxx xxx xxx Mitsui xxx xxx Formosa Taffeta (FTC) Smootex Sunny Special Texland Shin Pung Paka Textile Koo Joo Textile KumDong BumSamKong Region Europe Japan APEJ North America Country Switzerland Italy Germany UK Italy Germany Japan Japan Japan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Korea Korea Korea Korea Korea Korea Completion Target Accredited Q2 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q2 ‘02 Q3/Q4 ‘02 Canada USA USA AQUATOR® CONSUMER MARKETING:  AQUATOR® CONSUMER MARKETING DuPont Brand Consumer Brand Promise Coolmax® Aquator® Cool Comfort (Moisture Management) + Weather Protection Cordura® Aquator® Rugged Durability (Abrasion Resistance) + Weather Protection LYCRA® Aquator® Comfortable Fit (Stretch and Recovery) + Weather Protection Supplex® Aquator® High-Performance Cotton (Cottony-Soft) + Weather Protection Tactel® Aquator® Style (Touch and Aesthetics) + Weather Protection Thermolite® Aquator® Warm Comfort (Climate Management) + Weather Protection Aquator® builds on leading DuPont Apparel Brands AQUATOR® TARGET MARKETS:  AQUATOR® TARGET MARKETS Existing Markets Outdoor (Extreme) Mountaineering, climbing, trekking, sailing Outdoor Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, walking Active/Fitness Running, cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing Golf Hunting, Motorcycling Workwear Rainwear AQUATOR® TARGET MARKETS:  AQUATOR® TARGET MARKETS Potential Markets Leisure/Travelwear Designer Outerwear Denim/Jeanswear Fleece/Knitwear as Outerwear Ready-to-Wear Others? DUPONT APPAREL CONSUMER MARKETING:  DUPONT APPAREL CONSUMER MARKETING AQUATOR® FABRIC CERTIFICATION:  AQUATOR® FABRIC CERTIFICATION When you Buy Aquator® Weather Protection Fabrics from an Authorized Laminator or Accredited Fabric Vendor: Fabrics are quality, performance and brand certified by DuPont. No need to submit additional fabric or garment samples. Trademark, hangtags and sew-in labels available on request. AQUATOR® GLOBAL BUSINESS TEAM:  AQUATOR® GLOBAL BUSINESS TEAM Global Business T. Dummer Business Manager Team R. Schantz Marketing (Americas) S. Keller Marketing (Europe) H.W. Jang Marketing (Asia) S.J. JUN Marketing (Korea) M. Woods Fiber & Fabric Technology A. Hilger Polymer & Film Technology O. Otterstedt Lamination Technology For more information on DuPont Aquator® Weather Protection fabrics, please contact your local DuPont Textiles & Interiors representative. AQUATOR® GLOBAL SOURCING:  AQUATOR® GLOBAL SOURCING Aquator® Global Sourcing via the established DuPont Textiles & Interiors global network of Branding, Marketing, Sales and Technical professionals. AQUATOR® WEB SITE:  AQUATOR® WEB SITE AQUATOR® WEB SITE:  AQUATOR® WEB SITE Key Benefits Page Learn about the features and competitive advantages of Aquator® Weather Protection. AQUATOR® WEB SITE:  AQUATOR® WEB SITE Linking Brands Page Click through to all the DuPont Textiles & Interiors brands that Aquator® can be combined with. AQUATOR® WEB SITE:  AQUATOR® WEB SITE FAQ Page Information on Aquator® technology, branding, sourcing, manufacturing, hangtags and more. AQUATOR® ONLINE FABRIC SOURCING LIBRARY:  AQUATOR® ONLINE FABRIC SOURCING LIBRARY AQUATOR® POWER POINT LOGOS:  AQUATOR® POWER POINT LOGOS

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