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Published on March 17, 2009

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AquaSmarter™ Swimming Pools, Spas, Fountains,Municipal water, Agriculture, Water Tanks and much, much, more. : AquaSmarter™ Swimming Pools, Spas, Fountains,Municipal water, Agriculture, Water Tanks and much, much, more. The Easiest, Safest and Healthiest Alternative to Using Chemicals : The Easiest, Safest and Healthiest Alternative to Using Chemicals How the AquaSmarter System Works…Precisely measured amounts of Pure-Silver; Copper; Zinc, Palladium and Carbon as a catalyst or booster are blended together, extruded into thin wiring and coiled to create an Electro-Galvanic Process. When the AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule is submersed in water, the minerals begin to slowly deteriorate to produce “Ionization” or positively charged sub-atomic particles. These positively charged ions which after a period of 2-weeks, completely permeate the pool and seek out to neutralize 100% of all types of algae, bacteria and most hazardous viruses. Pools & Spa’s : Pools & Spa’s Your Pool and Spa have never looked better Today, you can Purify pool water without the need for chlorine with AquaSmarter, a Truly Remarkable Product! EPA approved AquaSmarter ensures the elimination and control of harmful bacteria, algae and microbes to produce a Sparkling Fresh, Soft, Clean Environment. Using AquaSmarter is Easy and virtually Maintenance Free. Simply drop the AquaSmarter Genie into your pool or spa –and that’s it! Within a few days the pool will be transformed into Crystal Clear water that has been Laboratory Tested as “Clean enough to drink”! The purifying action of the AquaSmarter lasts for one full year. AquaSmarter™ Fresh Water Aquariums : Fresh Water Aquariums Maintain clear, healthy Aquarium water with minimal effort The AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule is a revolutionary product for aquarium maintenance. The technology positively charges the water environment and significantly changes the process of maintaining a healthy aquarium. AquaSmarter instantly neutralizes heavy metals and replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress. Algae on glass or acrylic has no chance against the AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule. AquaSmarter provides a healthy beautiful environment for your fish, while dramatically reducing both Cost and Time in Aquarium Maintenance. AquaSmarter™ Water Features : Water Features Your Water feature problems will disappear with AquaSmarter. AquaSmarter eliminates unsightly algae growth from water features. Water features are small self – contained and often organically rich and as a result they exhibit a unique range of problems. AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsules are fast acting, 100% Eco-Safe and Easy to use. For pure water quality, algae control and prevention, you’ll learn that AquaSmarter is the answer for you water feature maintenance needs. AquaSmarter™ Well Water Purification : Well Water Purification The AquaSmarter Potable Well Systems will operate either in a sediment collection tank environment or when placed directly into the well below the submersible pump. The AquaSmarter Water Purification System is highly efficient and needs only to be replaced after every twenty-four months of in-service. An Independent Water Quality Control Laboratory can be commissioned to sample the Well before implementation. Initial Laboratory Testing (ILT) provides presence of the specific contamination. Using this information, each Customer will then be equipped with the specific AquaSmarter System to meet their purification needs. AquaSmarter™ Cistern Water Purification : Cistern Water Purification Life Giving Water Water is necessary for survival. A short period of time without this liquid is certain death. Billions of people are additionally brought to suffering, disease and famine. Over 25% of humanity is subjected to drinking polluted or unsanitary water every day! There are thousands of rural villages in high altitudes that their only source of water is what they are able to collect and only when it rains. AquaSmarter is providing remedies for many families in order to eliminate water-borne suffering by providing a cost-effective solution for purifying cistern water. Families world over can experience a new way of life if they were only provided with easy access to potable water. AquaSmarter™ Agriculture Applications : Agriculture Applications CFG Global Impact The Worldwide Agricultural Industry is a viable market for AquaSmarter. Farming communities which provide fruit, vegetables and fibres, have had to deal with water born disease and contaminated water sources for decades. In these environments, where there is an absence of electricity, maintenance, transportation and skilled workers AquaSmarter will be a Perfect Fit. AquaSmarter believes that it’s product can increase crop growth and eliminate certain types of Deadly Bacteria like E-coli. AquaSmarter™ Commercial Applications : Commercial Applications The Commercial Applications for AquaSmarter are literally endless. Food, textiles, paper, microchips, cooling towers/mechanical systems, diesel fuel storage, just to name a few. AquaSmarter™ Municipalities : Municipalities Bringing Potable Water to a Global Community Since September 2001, the Community of Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica has enjoyed numerous benefits by using AquaSmarter H20 Water Purification System. “Purifying” over 1,300,000-gallons of water consumed every day. This system will grow by 300% by end of 2006, increasing the daily usage up to nearly 4 million gallons per day. Jonlyn Guidry, who Managed the Playa Flamingo Water for over 5-years stated, “Water quality certainly is one of the most important factors when considering where to live, so for all of us who have chosen Flamingo as home, and for anyone considering where to buy of rent; this has been a wonderful addition to our beautiful community. Our lives have been greatly improved by the addition of the AquaSmarter System and would highly recommend it to any town or individual”. AquaSmarter™ What a Difference AquaSmarter™ makes... : What a Difference AquaSmarter™ makes... Notice the ‘Clarity’ : Notice the ‘Clarity’ Watch the  GOLDFISH..? : Watch the  GOLDFISH..? Living Water : Living Water Many of us are unaware that, Pure, Clean, Safe Water is Essential to our health. Water plays an Important Role in most every function of our Lives. The average adult body is comprised of between 60% and 70% water and requires an average of eighty ounces (80oz.) every day to function properly. Considering the brain is approximately 75% water, dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness and even death. Although we drink it, cook with it, wash, fish and swim in it, we nearly always overlook the special relationship it has within our lives. Through documented research that addresses the quality of water and one’s health longevity, there are benefits associated with the “quality of the water” we drink and emerge within. Over the world and throughout time‚ wherever you find the healthiest, most contaminant-free water... you find the healthiest‚ most vibrant civilizations. In the early 1900s‚ before chlorine‚ pesticides‚ herbicides and the numerous other chemicals that people are exposed to daily. The average American had a 1 in 50 chance of getting cancer‚ today 1 in 3 (1 in every 2 males) can expect to have some form of cancer in their lifetime. AquaSmarter™ Living Water continued… : Living Water continued… “Quotes” "Water and Sanitation are two primary drivers of public health.”, which means that once we can secure access to clean water and to adequate sanitation facilities for all people, the battle against diseases will begin to be won." The Right to Water. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan recently stated that, “The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses” Dr. LEE Jong-Wook, Director-General, World Health Organization, too stated," We shall not defeat AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, or any of the other infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe, drinking water, sanitation and basic health care.” AquaSmarter™ :  "I have the pleasure of telling you about the condition of our Hotel swimming pool.  You should see how much it has improved the quality of the water which is now crystalline, transparent and with a slight tint between blue and a very beautiful baby blue.  Thank you for your product."  Hotel Piedras y Olas A Message from a Customer… and… : and… We use a AquaSmarter Ionizer in every one of our water features.  We love the AquaSmarter product and have seen tremendous results as far as maintenance for our customers who have free standing, self-contained water features... and… : and… "We have used AquaSmarter in our Jacuzzi for the past 12 months and have found AquaSmarter to be a fantastic product. Previously, we had been using the recommended amount of chlorine but found that it irritated our skin and the smell sometimes was unpleasant. With AquaSmarter we only need a small amount of chlorine, no other chemicals and the tub is crystal clear. The best aspect of the product for me is that it's maintenance free, (put it in and forget it for a year).  I'm sure that everybody, once they've used it would prefer to use AquaSmarter rather than continue using chemicals."  Thank you, Garrie McKinnon This is what AquaSmarter™ can do… : This is what AquaSmarter™ can do… Water Sample taken from Lake Apopka, Florida. 1st Day Look at the Difference… : Look at the Difference… Same water Sample, 24 hours later Wow!!! : Wow!!! 36 hours later: Crystal Clear Water Advantages : Advantages No smell or taste of chlorine. No irritation of the eyes. Agreeable and soft for the skin. No hazardous by-products in the water. No damage to the materials in and around the water Safe and easy to use for all swimming pools and Spa’s. No electricity cost. Active for 12 months in contact with the water. A long lasting residual for better microbiology-control. :  How to Use AquaSmarter™ For Pools and Spas: 1. For Pools, Close bottom drainage off by 50% or more and leave the skimmers on to provide the maximum amount of skimmer suction. 2. Adjust the pool jets downwards at a 45° angle and to the right to create circulation in a counter clockwise motion. 3. Place the AquaSmarter Time Released "IONIZING" Capsule into the leaf skimmer basket, holding tank, or custom system. Ionization Saturation Time: : Ionization Saturation Time: After installing AquaSmarter ™ in your Swimming Pool or Spa, follow this adjustment period until the water gets saturated by AquaSmarter™ ionization:First Two Weeks: Normal Amount of ChlorineThird Week: 50% less ChlorineFourth Week: 25% less ChlorineFifth Week: 12.5% less ChlorineThe recommended chlorine residual is 0.5 for residential pools and 1.0 for commercial pools. How many AquaSmartercapsules do I need? : How many AquaSmartercapsules do I need? For swimming pools : 1 capsule per 20,000 litres (20 m³) water. For Spa’s : 1 capsule per 2,000 litres (2 m³) water. pH level : pH level Open systems : 6.8 – 8.5 Closed systems : 7.0 – 7.6 Maximum pH in : Swimming pools : 7.0 – 7.6 Spa : 7.4 – 7.8 Slide 27:

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