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Published on February 21, 2009

Author: Djy2000


AQUASEAL : AQUASEAL AQUASEAL Slide 2: What is AQUASEAL AquaSEAL is a Protective, Decorative and Durable roof and wall coating. It Protects against Moss, Rain, Damp and UV Extends the life of your roof or walls. Adds to the aesthetic value of your home Can save you money in energy bills through additional insulation Eliminates stains caused by running water Comes in a full range of colours And above all makes your roof look better than the day it was built. Slide 3: How does AQUASEAL work? The AquaSEAL coating creates an impenetrable microporus barrier that prevents water from soaking into the tile. The coating is a fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. It has elastic properties that allow it to stretch and return to their original shape without damage. Our insulation range of products both reflect and absorb heat, with the added effect of significantly reducing your energy bill. Our products have been independently tested and scientifically proven by world leading laboratories and Government Bodies such as Energystar, the Worldwide body for Energy saving products and Geoscience Laboratories US, the leading thermal insulation and energy conservation testing laboratories. AQUASEAL : AQUASEAL Before... After AQUASEAL Roof Coatings : AQUASEAL Roof Coatings Pitch Black Rustic Red Winter Green Ice Blue Mineshaft Grey Terracotta AquaSEAL comes in a full range of colours including... AQUASEAL Roof Types : AQUASEAL Roof Types Tile Metal Flat Commercial AquaSEAL can be applied to a number of different Roof types... AQUASEAL Solution : Rotting deck and rotting fascia Cracked or rotting shingles Loose or missing shingles Missing granules Algae build-up Curled shingles Ceiling stains Damaged flashing Exposed nail heads Exposed wood Cracked/missing caulking Leaking eaves trough. AQUASEAL Solution Some of the reasons you might need AquaSEAL Slide 8: AQUASEAL Wall Coatings AquaSEAL can also extend the same protection to your exterior walls. It can return the original vibrancy to the surface of your home. Removes stains caused by water damage Prevents moss damp and corrosion to the brick work. Can insulate your home saving you energy 10 year guarantee Slide 9: AQUASEAL UPVC Cladding Bargeboard Box End Facia Soffit No AquaSEAL coating would be complete without the essential finishing touches Why not have the ageing cladding on you roof replaced to highlight your homes new veneer We have a full range of cladding types and colour to suit every home. Slide 10: Durable AQUASEAL Professionalism Before carrying out any work our trained specialist will make a risk assessment of your home. In cases where there is excessive damage we can provide u with a full range of solutions. We can re-point or replace broken tiles, provide damp proofing or even re-roof if necessary. Unlike our competitors we put professionalism, service and our customers first. Process : Process AQUASEAL Process There now follows a short video that takes you through the process of having your home coated... AQUASEAL Energy Performance Certificate : AQUASEAL Energy Performance Certificate In today's energy conscious environment it is even more important to reduce your carbon footprint. As of the 4th January 2009 when selling your home is now compulsory to provide an Energy Performance Certificate to the buyer. The more energy efficient your home the more valuable it becomes. With the introduction of the AquaSEAL Thermilate range we can now offer an insulating roof coating that can significantly reduce your energy bills. Slide 14: AQUASEAL Thermilate AQUASEAL Thermalite Our new Thermilate range of paints trap air within the paint particles acting like a vacuum. This prevents heat passing through the paint barrier. Coating you roof has been proven to save up to 30% in energy use. Save Energy Save Money Save the Environment Durable : Durable AQUASEAL Durable The AquaSEAL solution protects against Rain, Sleet, Snow and Sun damage. The coating will not fade like conventional paints. Its elasticity allows for natural expansion and contraction of your roof. Prevents moss damp and corrosion to the roof tiles. Adds maintenance free value to your home. Extends the life of your exterior. With the AquaSEAL solution we are so sure of our product that we offer a 10yr guarantee with all our paints. Guarantee : Guarantee AQUASEAL Guarantee As well as our standard 10yr guarantee that comes with all our products. We can offer you our Lifetime Platinum Care Package. For a small fee we can provide the additional protection. Every year we will clean out guttering and remove any dirt or dead brie that has accumulated. 24hr protection against storm damage or emergencies. A complete roof inspection with tiles re-aligned or replaced as necessary. Ask for Details... AQUASEAL The Company : AQUASEAL The Company AquaSEAL have over 25 yrs experience in the roofing industry. We are the largest roof coating company in the UK. Our products are used by some of the world’s largest renowned companies including Ford Motor Company, IKEA, the US Department of Defence, Pratt & Whitney Aerospace. Thousands of regular homeowners worldwide have used our products on their homes. We at AquaSEAL believe that our products cannot be beaten on Price or Quality. Slide 18: Contact us today for your free no obligation quote TEL: 0800 980 3606 AQUASEAL Contacts

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