Aquapol presentation book English, renovation and elimination of moisture in wet walls and houses and monuments, churches or old buildings using natural non invasive ecologic system by Austrian Engineer

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: StefanoFarneda



A full description of the renown Aquapol system to dry humid walls in old and less old buildings and houses without the use of chemicals, totally natural ecologic system. Handles all water coming form the ground.
More than 50,000 installations in Europe. Totally non invasive with double warranty on the Aquapol device itself (20 years) and on the final result of dried walls. With sathisfied or refound formula.
Full diagnostic of the building, salt analysysi, checklist of collateral actions to do for humidity non coming form the ground, and 36 months of techcnical services include.
Please contact us at or or (for Italy) or visit rest of the world



In a brick, there could be air or water 1 m3 brick consists of about 1.600 kg dry weight. About 30% of its volume are air pores. The air pores are completely filled with water. This is known as 100% degree of moisture penetration. 20% of the air pores are filled with water. The degree of moisture penetration here is mere 20%.

Magnification of a capillar filled with water Magnification of the capillary action. The forces of attraction (adhesive power) between water and building material or between water and glass lead to a capillary suction effect in capillary channels. 4

Rising Damp Effects SALTS CRISTALLIZATION Moisture evaporation and the related salt cristallization cause the decay of paintings and plasters. EVAPORATION Ground water sources 5

Rising Damp Symptoms 6

Rising Damp Symptoms Moisture in walls is visible up to the evaporation zone 7

Rising Damp Symptoms The plaster is partly or entirely flaked off, or tends to effloresce most markedly in the evaporation zone. 8

Rising Damp Symptoms The evaporation border is at least 40 cm above the ground level. 9

Rising Damp Symptoms

Rising Damp Symptoms Emulsion paints form bubbles, especially in the evaporation zone. 11

Rising Damp Symptoms: salt’s effects … salts can expand 12 times more their volume arriving to apply a pressure of 2 tons 12 for cm2.

Rising Damp Symptoms: salt’s effects … salts can expand 12 times more their volume arriving to apply a pressure of 2 tons 13 for cm2.

Rising Damp Symptoms Plaster becomes detached structure at the evaporation lies partly in concave form. The comparative knocking formed with a tool or the fist at the evaporation zone, different acoustic patterns. from the zone and test, perand under produces Plaster is more brittle at the evaporation zone than below it because binding agents become dissolved over the time. The comparative stab test with a pointed tool, performed at and under the evaporation zone, shows different penetration depths or penetration resistance. 14

Rising Damp Symptoms 15

Rising Damp Symptoms 16

Rising Damp Symptoms One notices an unpleasant musty smell throughout the year despite constant ventilation and heating of the rooms. 17

Water loss from the roof 18

Some Damages caused by rising damp • High humidity rate in the air and health problems; • Wall Re-painted many times in vain; • Wall Re-plastered many times in vain; • Damages caused to furnitures or other home-stuff: for high A wet wall is not merely ugly – it affects one’s emotional wellbeing, and several diseases are aggravated by masonry moisture and its effects on the air in the room. humidity presence; • Higher heating costs; • High consumption of electricity by air de-humidifier; • Structural damages to affected buildings: the building material has less resistence. 19

House Insulation WET WALLS = WORST INSULATION HEAT ONLY THE 10% REMAINS IN THE ROOM 90% OF HEAT LOOSES Magnification of a capillar full of damp. The capillars full of damp are very bad insulating materials. 20

House Insulation WITH DRY WALL , the major part of the heat remains in the room HEAT Muro deumidificato Wall Capillar DRY OUT WALL = BETTER THERMIC INSULATION The air inside the capillars gives to the wall a great insulating quality. 21

Wet Walls – Bad House Insulation – High Electricity Consumption Insulation in relation of moisture in the walls MOISTURE BY INSULATION MOISTURE 22


Mechanical Technics • High degree of invasivity • Instability of the structure • The moisture remain into the wall • Salts go out slowly damaging the new plaster • Very Expensive 24

Moisture remaining many years into the wall and going out after the intervention. Mechanical Technic 25

Chemical Barriers • The moiusture remains into the wall and goes out slowly damaging the new plaster • Salts coming out • High degree of invasion • The chemical barrier is damaged by chemical destroying forces into the wall • With heterogeneous materials no certainty of slit absences 26

Electro-phisical procedures •High dree of invasivity •Continue Wall Structure Electrification 24 h./24 •The components placed inside the wall are subject to destroying chemical forces •Maintainence Costs (the components get wear along time) •Possible “holes” in the wall coverage, 27

Active Electro-osmosis • Elettrosmog: Continue Wall Structure Electrification 24 h./24 • If the electricity goes missing, sudden rising of damp • Fear to leave the house for months with the electrical system swicthed on • Operating Costs (due to electricity use) • Maintainance Costs for the machine replacement 28

It’s a palliative treatment and not a real solution to the moisture problem. The moisture continues being present inside the wall and rising from the ground. The macro-pores of the plaster will be blocked up by the salts so much that plaster will be damaged. HUMID WALL “Anti–Moisture” Plaster 29

Building with insulating anti-moisture plaster 30


THE AQUAPOL SOLUTION MEANS: • • • • • No chemical injections No wall cut No electricity (elettrosmog) No Batteries No maintainance costs 32


The magnetic earth field represents one of the illimitate sources of energy available 24h./24h. The compass measures the magnetic field of earth 34

. Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most important scientists and inventors of the history, having worked on the free energy subject. What is the “tesla” ? It is the measurement unit of the magnetic field (T). 35

Energy can distract water without direct contact This is not an electromagnetic field, as the expert will easily discern. It is an electrostatic phenomenon: at school we used to attract small pieces of a blotter with a charged ruler. 36

Aquapol Device Structure Schematic drawing of the Aquapol device: 1) Receiver 2) Polarisation unit 3) Transmitters 1. The receiver, a flat coiled spiral, is located in the lower part of the device. It absorbs a natural earth field with gravomagnetic characteristics. 2. The polarisation unit consists of a cylindrical coil with selective receiver and transmitter characteristics. This part of the device polarises the received gravo-magnetic waves stably in a clockwise manner. 3. The transmitter consists of three circular transmitter coils (cylinder air-core coil design), each shifted by 120 degrees. This transmitter sends the clockwise polarised power field downward into the so-called active area. 37

It needs one device to dry out all the house 38



Phisical attractive forces exist between construction molecules and water molecules The wetting effect causes moisture to rise from the ground in the majority of capillary construction materials, because attraction forces exist between the molecules of construction material and water molecules. Water molecule Construction Molecule 41

High-frequency magnetic fields weaken adhesive forces Certain high- frequency magnetic fields weaken adhesive forces and cause moisture to move downward. Capillary height is reduced as a result thereof. 42

Certificate: Kaplan Medal The Austrian State assigned in May 1995 to the Ing. Mohorn the top national award as one of the best austrian scientist-inventor.

Certificate: EURAFEM The European Building Committee in Monaco (Germany) has proved, after different tests: 1) The efficacy of Aquapol technology 2) the real existence of Aquapol’s drying phisical effect on damp walls

Certificate: TUV Austria

Other Certificates Innovation Prize 1995 Prize Gold Medal 2001 Honorary Prize

Certificate: RECAM Prize Prize“RECAM” for the Innovation e the Eco-friendly technic for Cultural Heritage Assigned by a technic Committee of: - University IUAV of VENICE - VENETO’s Bio-ARCHITECTS Association

EXPERTISES: Aquapol installed in Rome in the Churches of Santa Maria in Trastevere e Santa Margherita THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CULTURAL HERITAGE in Rome check the drying process in two of the oldest roman empire churches and presents the results at the International Conference Art 2011in FLORENCE

Aquapol is present in the Italian National Public Works Office


List of the Aquapol Services The complete dry out guaranteed Aquapol service includes: 1. Wall Diagnosis before the installation; 2. Aquapol Installation; 3. Wall Diagnosis ad assistance till the dry out process is completed; 4. Technical Advices on the Accompany actions and renovation measurements to undertake; 5. Result Guarantee; 6. 20 year working guarantee on the device. 51

Device Working Test Wall Electrical Potential before the installation In the example = – 202 mV

Device Working Test Electrical Potential After installation Example = 8 mV Dopo un’ora

Diagnosis: wall samples 54

Diagnosis: damp calculation 55

Diagnosis: moisture values are recorded in protocols 56

Diagnosis: salts analysis 57


Villa Cordellina – Montecchio - Vi 59

Villa Cordellina Montecchio - Vi 60

Abbazia S. Agostino - VICENZA Data dell’installazione del Sistema Aquapol contro l’umidità di risalita: 12/10/2010 61

Fortress Monte Ricco in Pieve di Cadore (BL) 62

CHURCH Maestre di S. Dorotea a Cittadella - PD Before After Progettista e Responsabile Lavori: Ing. Luigi Beltrame 63


Aquapol Installation in Villa Mattiazzo a Campodarsego (PD) Done the 29/05/2009 Building Company : OMETTO COSTRUZIONI Srl 65

Church of San Michele In Montegaldella Vicenza 66

Pastoral house in Cartura – PD DRY OUT! 15-JUNE-09 BEFORE AFTER 67

Installazione del sistema Aquapol – 28-06-07 a POZZETTO DI CITTADELLA – PD Sig. Lorenzin PRIMA 68










Termoli Duomo – Termoli - CB 78

MUNICIPALITY of Calvisano – BS 20 march 2008 79

Villa Medeghini – Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) 80

Hotel Villa Sofia – Gardone Riviera (Bs) 81

CASTLE Wolfsthurn Museo Provinciale della Caccia e della Pesca in Alto Adige 82

Private House 83



Monastery Clarisse di Bressanone – BZ - 8 settembre - anno 2005 87

Palazzo Vescovile – CARPI - MO 88


LIST OF SOME INSTALLATIONS IN ITALY Nome Località Prov •Chiesa S.Maria Assunta Opi AQ •Albergo Abitarchi S.r.l Monopoli BA •Cappella S.Giovanni Monopoli BA •DIAPASON (Palmieri Francesco) Monopoli BA •Ristorante Cipolla Rossa Acquaviva delle Fonti BA •Abitazione SAMBAK Armando Conversano BA •Convento Suore Crocefisse Adoratrici dell’ Eucarestia Monopoli BA •Abitazione Andreoli Bergamo BG •Arti Grafiche MARIANI MONTI Bergamo BG •Abitazione Carissimi Daniela Osio Sotto BG •Abitazione GastoldiI Mario Seriate BG •Impr. FRATUS Costruzioni Martinengo BG •True Type Bergamo BG •Abitazione Boggio Maurizio Biella BI •Chiesa di Crosa Biella BI Nome Località Prov •Casa Dott. Luca Natalini Bologna BO •Parrocchia S.Antonio D'Abate Fasano BR •S.Maria Madre della Chiesa Brindisi BR •Chiesa San Domenico Mura BS •Abitazione Cocca Giovanni Gavardo BS •Abitazione Giacomazzi Graziano Calvisano BS •Nuova U.T.M.A. (Ass. Louis Turenne) Cavriana fraz. S. Casciano MN •Abitazione Pedrotti Mario Manerba del Garda BS •PIERRE Studio S.Paolo BS •Santuario Della Madonna della Neve Auro Briale Comero BS •Chiesa di Vaglio Pettinengo Biella BI •Abitazione Signor Pezzetta Mel BL •Forte di Monte Ricco di Pieve di Cadore BL

LIST OF SOME INSTALLATIONS IN ITALY 2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Abitazione Stefani Domenico Polpenazze del Garda BS Abitazione Vallio Tamara San Felice del Garda BS Palazzo Comunale di Calvisano Calvisano BS Villa Medeghini Molinetto di Mazzano BS Santuario Madonna del Rio a Salò Salò BS Villa Sofia a Gardone Riviera Gardone Riviera BS Abitazione Alber Johann Silandro BZ Caserna dei Carabinieri Colle Isarco BZ Castel Wolfsthurn Racines BZ Comune Badia Badia BZ Comune di Campo Tures Campo Tures BZ Convento Clarisse di Bressanone Bressanone BZ Hotel Jagdhof**** Dolce Vita Laces BZ Casa Holzer Feichter Paul Molini di Campo Tures BZ Parrocchia di Tirolo Tirolo/Merano BZ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Abitazione Fill Elisabeth Gargazzone BZ Abitazione Frenner Giacomo San Leonardo in Badia BZ Abitazione Frick Karl Vipiteno BZ Abitazione Gamper Johann Lagundo BZ Abitazione Garavelli Margot Zingerle Brunico BZ Casa Hopfgartner Dr. Albert Gais BZ Hotel Ciasa Tamà*** La Villa BZ Hotel Lech da Sompunt sas *** Pedraces BZ Hotel Schönblick**** Riscone BZ Abitazione Leiter Norbert Campo Tures BZ Abitazione Margraf Karl Merano BZ Abitazione Mohr Heinrich Appiano BZ Abitazione Negra Renzo San Lorenzo di Sebato BZ Abitazione Nestl Anna Val di Vizze-Prato BZ Parrocchia di Malles Malles BZ

LIST OF SOME INSTALLATIONS IN ITALY 3 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Parrocchia di Villa Bassa Val Pusteria BZ Pensione Martha di Zeni Claudio & Co sas Postal BZ Casa Plattner Hermann Colle Isarco BZ Casa Prenn Josef Campo Tures BZ Casa Rainer Franz Brennero BZ Casa Renzler Josef Rasan di Sotto BZ Casa Schenk Adolf Selva di Val Gardena BZ Casa Schönegger Eduard San Candido BZ Casa Seebacher Anton Caldaro BZ Casa Trippacher Otto Brunico BZ Casa Trojer Herbert San Candido BZ Casa Tschuggel Dr. Sebastian Collalbo - Renon BZ Casa Vinatzer Evelin Santa Christina BZ Casa Voggler Franz Josef Molini di Campo Tures BZ Casa Zangerle Reinhard Oris – Lasa BZ Parrocchia S. Giovanni Tirolo/Merano BZ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Parrocchia Vipiteno Vipiteno BZ Parrocchia S. Lorenzo Rasen BZ Diocesi Bolzano-Bressanone S. Michele Appiano BZ Parrocchia Antermoia Badia Antermoia BZ Cattedrale di Termoli Termoli CB Chiesa S.Giorgio Martire Civitacampomarano CB Diocesi Larino - Termoli Larino CB Parrocchia S.Matteo Montenero di Bisaccia CB Parrocchia S.Nicola Bonefro CB Ristonte Villa delle Rose Termoli CB S.Maria della salute Castelmauro CB Chiesa S.lorenzo Curcumello CH Chiesa di SS Loreto Vallelunga Pratameno CL Bono Annamaria Cuneo CN Chiesa di Guarene d’Alba Alba CN Casa Imbimbo Enrico Alba CN

LIST OF SOME INSTALLATIONS IN ITALY 4 • • • • • Chiesa di Villa Raimondi Fino Mornasco CO A.s.l. di Cosenza Cosenza CS Parrocchia S.Maria Della Sanità Cosenza CS Santuario S. Michele Serrastretta CS Palazzo della Prefettura di Catanzaro Prov. di CZ Catanzaro CZ • Monastero San Michele Arcangelo Curia LameziaSerrastretta Serrastretta CZ • Biblioteca Diocesana c/o Palazzo Arcidiocesi FoggiaBovino Foggia FG • Chiesa del Carmine Lucera FG • Chiesa S.Maria della Miseric. Foggia FG • Comune di Cerignola Ex Opera Pia Montefornari Cerignola FG Comune Roseto Valfortore Roseto Valfortore FG Parrocchia di Lastebasse-Ponte Poste Laste Basse VI • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Parrocchia SS.Redentore Manfredonia FG Parrocchia Stella Maris Manfredonia FG Seminario Vescovile di Lucera Lucera FG Casa Pessina Mobili Bordighera IM Casa Rossi Gabriella Imperia IM Comune di Ugento Ugento LE Villa Borromeo Vimercate MI Corte Rustica del Conte Borromeo del 1400 Vimercate MI Centro Benessere One-Fit Monza MI Diocesi di Carpi - Palazzo Vescovile Carpi MO Parrocchia di Torre Maina - Maranello - MO Immobile in V. F. Cavallotti a Carpi - MO Chiesa di Momo Novara NO Parrocchia di Maria Vergine Momo NO Badia Detto Ex Monastero (da Comune di Chiusa Sclafani) Chiusa Sclafani PA

LIST OF SOME INSTALLATIONS IN ITALY 5 • • • • • • • • • • • • Chiesa della Magione (Ist.Univ.Ricerche) Palermo PA Chiesa di San Giovanni Napoletani Palermo PA Palazzo Petrulla Palermo PA Palazzo Testa Palermo PA Parrocchia S.Maria Assunta Cartura PD Parrocchia S. Fidenzio Megliadino San Fidenzio PD Abitazione Lorenzin Emanuele Cittadella PD Abitazione dell'Impresario Geom. Paolo Conte Cittadella PD Congregazione Serve di Maria Ravenna RA Palazzo Salducci - Comune di Cervia Cervia RA Casa Mazza Gianandrea Roma Roma S.Maria in Trastevere (Installazione Test a cura dell'ICR) Roma - Roma • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Chiesa di Rocca Forzata Rocca Forzata TA Abitazione Faccenda Fabrizio Lavis TN Consorzio Destra Piave Treviso TV Casa Trevisan Loris Martignacco UD Geom. Lombardi Pierangelo Saronno VA Casa Rotondi Romano Gorla Minore VA Casa Zanella Sergio Sesto Calende fraz. Lentate VA Seminario Arcivescovile di Vercelli Vercelli VC Abitazione Verardo Pietro Venezia VE Abitazione Luciano Pasini Mestre VE Villa Cordellina Montecchio Maggiore VI Chiesa S.Michele Arcangelo di Montegaldella Montegaldella VI Canonica di S.Michele Arcangelo di Montegaldella Monastero della Dormizione Roma - Roma Immobile in Fiesso Umbertiano - RO Chiesa di Colle di Val D’Elsa (Siena Colle Val D'Elsa SI

Seminars in Italy Seminar in Montagna (PD) 2007

International Meeting in Austria Ing. W. Mohorn Fondatore 96

Seminars in Italy Aquapol Seminar – 1 Oct. 2008 In the Building surveyor’s Institution in Vicenza 97

Seminars in Italy in collaborazione e con il patrocinio di: Collegio Geometri Collegio Geometri & Geometri Laureati Seminar in Modena 29 April 2009 98

Seminars in Italy Convegno-Seminario Formativo a Padova sull'Umidità di Risalita Ing. W. Mohorn Ospite in Italia con il patrocinio: dell'Istituto Nazionale di Bioarchitettura Sezione di Padova e Vicenza 99


Fairs in Italy 101

Fairs in Italy 102

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