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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: Ariane

Source: authorstream.com

AN OVERWIEV OF TURKISH SEED SECTOR & TURKISH SEED INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION TURKTED:  AN OVERWIEV OF TURKISH SEED SECTOR & TURKISH SEED INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION TURKTED Introduction :  Introduction * In the early 1980’s, Turkey made major economic changes and adopted a free market economy. * These reforms affected the agricultural sector in general and the seed sector in particular. * Both foreign and domestic seed companies make significant investments in Turkey by own capital or through joint ventures. * About 30-40 private seed companies were established within first years. * Between 1985 - 1990 rapid progress took place in Turkish seed sector and several measures. * The measures were adopted by government. These include : a. Abolishing the state monopoly and opening opportunities for private sector, b.Liberalizing seed prices for import and export, c.Providing low interest credit to investors in seed sector, d.Establishing infrastructure for seed production and trade, e.Encouraging foreign capital investments in the seed sector, Establishment :  Establishment * In Turkey, variety registration and seed production, control, certification and trade are executed under the Law No:308 and related directives. * The Turkish Seed Industry Association (TURK-TED) was established in 1986 as a Sectoral NGO Objectives :  Objectives The Association was formed to realize the following objectives: a. Create the unity among the members to protect their rights and interests b.Maintain domestic and foreign contacts of members involved in seeds c. Promote understanding with public institutions and members of Association. d. Organize study tours, symposiums and conferences to upgrade knowledge and skills of its members, e.Collect and provide statistical data on seed to its members, f. Collect and provide data on variety improvement, seed production, quality, distribution, trade and etc.. g. Contribute, the progress of national seed sector and economy by providing the above services, Administration :  Administration * Turk-Ted is governed by a General Assembly held biannually, * The Assembly discusses and approves annual budgets, programs, activities and modification of by laws of the Association, * The Executive Committee elected by the Assembly, manages the activities of the Association, * The Executive Committee grants full authority to General Secretariat for implementing its activities * The headquarter of Turk-Ted is located in Ankara and managed by full time Secretary General Membership :  Membership * There are approximately 110 national and multinational seed companies in Turkey. * About 60 private and one state seed enterprise are members of Turkish Seed Industry Association. * The share of member companies in seed production and trade is approximately 90 % of private sector. * The national seed sector primarily dominated by a public sector has undergone significant changes during the last 20 years. * The private sector has made significant developments and has reached a level to produce almost all hybrid maize, sunflower, potato and vegetable seeds in the country . * TURK-TED is a member of International Seed Federation (ISF) The Role of TURK-TED :  The Role of TURK-TED The national seed regulations and legal arrangements are rather complicated. There are continuous contacts between between private sector which produces, exports seed and public institutions which control and issue the necessary permits. The public institutions frequently interferes in variety registration, seed production permits, seed certification, seed imports & export permits , etc…. The Association identifies problems faced and initiates the dialogue with governmental institutions. The participation of civil organizations in decision making process is very useful and critical. * The Association is invited to almost all meetings held by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on certification ,registration, etc.. * The Association makes significant preparation and effort to contribute to the decisions made by Ministry. Main Targets :  Main Targets TURK-TED aims at developing the seed sector to an international standards.The following are key step to achieve these objectives : a.Develop legal and institutional framework to define the roles and responsibilities of seed organizations based on models of GNIS (France) and NAK (The Netherlands), b.Promote both public and private sector participation in agricultural research, seed production and supply, c. Establish a national seed system compatible with OECD, ISTA,UPOV,ISF and EU norms, d. Plant Varieties Protection Law has been approved by Parliament, next step is to acquire UPOV membership, e. Establish the national seed sector where the role of state shifts from production to technical support and supervision   Historical background of Seed Sector:  Historical background of Seed Sector 1963 to be in place of Law No:308 on registration,control and certification, 1963 to be a member of ISTA, 1966 to be member of OECD certification system, 1982 Liberation of Seed prices, 1984 Liberation of Seed import, 1985 Governmental decree on Seed Sector incentives for investment, 1985 Number of national and international seed companies increased rapidly, Structure of Turkish seed sector has been changed mainly into from public institutions to private sector except self pollinated crops till 2004, Seed Production in Turkey (ton):  Seed Production in Turkey (ton) Share of Private Sector (%) :  Share of Private Sector (%) Export (ton):  Export (ton) Imports (ton):  Imports (ton) Production of certified seed, demand and supply:  Production of certified seed, demand and supply Thank you very much :  Thank you very much

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