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Published on February 4, 2008

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April 6, 2005 DoIT Dialog: Cyber-Plagiarism :  April 6, 2005 DoIT Dialog: Cyber-Plagiarism Presented by: Chad Poland, Vice Chair, Honor Committee Rosemary Chase, University Copyright Officer Plagiarism Statistics: George Mason University :  Plagiarism Statistics: George Mason University Types of cases::  Types of cases: Facts: :  Facts: Based on a survey of 2,100 students from 21 college campuses 75% of students admitted to some cheating. Based on 3 survey’s involving 12,000 students – CAI found that Universities with Honor Codes are ¼ - 1/3 less likely to have serious cheating problems on test and written assignments. Internet plagiarism has grown from 10% of students in 1999 to 41% in 2001. *All information above was provided by The Center for Academic Integrity, based on research conducted by Donald McCabe (Rutgers University) One last fact worth noting - :  One last fact worth noting - “Faculty are reluctant to take action against suspected cheaters. In a 1999 survey of over 1,000 faculty on 21 campuses, one-third of those who were aware of student cheating in their course in the last two years, did nothing to address it. Students suggest that cheating is higher in courses where it is well known that faculty members are likely to ignore cheating.” *All information above was provided by The Center for Academic Integrity, based on research conducted by Donald McCabe (Rutgers University) – research can be found at - http://www.academicintegrity.org/cai_research.asp Process: GMU Honor Committee :  Process: GMU Honor Committee When students plead guilty and waive the right to a hearing – the case is closed between 2-10 days after it was filed. When student are required to have a hearing the time it takes is longer. This is usually because of scheduling conflicts. Cheating & Technology:  Cheating & Technology Online ‘copy and pasting’ Buying papers online The use of cell phones Camera phones Text messaging Collaboration Prevention Strategies::  Prevention Strategies: Plagiarism checkers Turnitin In-house data base Making assignments that make it difficult to plagiarize Banning cell phones in class Educating students Reporting violations! This is critical! Community Outreach::  Community Outreach: Instituting Honor Codes at the lower levels of education ( Elementary, Middle, and High School’s) Ending…. :  Ending…. Dialogue Questions Comments Contact: :  Contact: Please feel free to contact us at: Chad Poland – cpoland@gmu.edu Rosemary Chase – rchase@gmu.edu

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