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Published on January 12, 2008

Author: Miranda

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OASIS & XML: Enabling the Web for eCommerce:  OASIS & XML: Enabling the Web for eCommerce An overview of the ongoing technical work of the Consortium Pam Gennusa European Representative pam.gennusa@oasis-open.org Topics:  Topics OASIS Resources and technical work Registry & Repository XML.org ebXML Affiliations Coordinates Making sense of XML standards:  Making sense of XML standards Is there an organization that will help you understand what is happening with commercial and industrial applications of XML? OASIS:  OASIS OASIS is the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. International, non-profit, vendor-neutral Dedicated to accelerating industry adoption of application- and platform-independent formats based on public standards (e.g.,XML,SGML,CGM) Founded in 1993 (originally called SGML Open) OASIS: making standards accessible:  OASIS: making standards accessible Work complements that of international standards bodies, such as the World Wide Web Consortium Focus on making these standards easy to adopt practical to use in real-world, open system applications Members of OASIS providers, users & specialists of standards-based technologies include organizations, individuals & industry groups. Successful through industry-wide collaboration Membership in OASIS:  Membership in OASIS Organizational Sponsor Contributor Individual Associate Individual Sponsor Members:  Sponsor Members Adobe Systems, Inc. Aerospatiale AND-USA, Inc. Arbortext, Inc. Bentley Systems Boeing Commercial Airplanes Bowstreet Bridge Chrystal Software Cohesia Corporation CommerceNet CommerceOne Corel Corporation DataChannel, Inc. Document Management Solutions, Inc. Documentum Dun & Bradstreet Nimble.com NIST Object Management Group Open Applications Group Oracle Corporation Pick Systems, Inc. ProNet Technology Partners LLC Reed Technology Reuters Limited Sabre Sequoia Software Corporation SoftQuad Software Inc. Software AG STEP (Sturtz Electronic Publishing Gmbh) StreamServe, Inc. Sun Microsystems Synth-Bank Visa International Wavo, Incorporated Whitehill Technologies, Inc. Xerox Corporation XMLSolutions Corporation Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. eCredit.com Enigma, Inc. eXcelon Extricity Software GCA Interleaf Health Level Seven, Inc. IBM InformIT/Pearson Education Informix Software, Inc. InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc. Interleaf Interwoven, Inc. ISOGEN International ITEDO Software GmbH JetForm Corporation Keyfile Corporation Microsoft Corporation NextPage, LC NII Enterprise Promotion Association OASIS Resources & Technical Work:  OASIS Resources & Technical Work Working for interoperability Standards families:  Standards families XML, Namespaces, XSL, XLink, DOM, etc. Foundation standards Protocols, messaging, etc. Platform standards Registry/repository, e-business framework Interoperability standards Vertical industry: finance, healthcare, etc. Application standards IETF W3C W3C ISO OASIS Industry assoc OASIS OASIS Technical Agenda:  OASIS Technical Agenda Serve as information resource Identify & resolve interoperability issues Fragment Interchange Exchange of Tabular Data XML Conformance Test Suite Registry & Repository Specification Advisor to industry groups Host XML.org, the XML Industry Portal Co-sponsor, with UN, of ebXML www.oasis-open.org Resource: The XML Cover Pages :  Resource: The XML Cover Pages A comprehensive online database containing reference information & software pertaining to SGML & XML. A News Column: “What’s New?” A cumulative annotated bibliography with over 2000 entries. “Simply, the best source of XML information & XML related news on Net. An incredible achievement.” -- Ontology.org www.oasis-open.org/cover Current Technical Work:  Current Technical Work XML Table Model Norman Walsh, Arbortext DocBook DTD Eduardo Gutentag, Sun Microsystems XML Conformance Mary Brady, NIST CGM Open CTO, David Cruickshank, Boeing Registry & Repository Terry Allen, Commerce One XML.org Craig Chevier, Managing Editor ebXML Chief Strategy Officer, Bob Sutor, IBM Reg/Rep TC Objectives & Deliverables:  Reg/Rep TC Objectives & Deliverables develop specification for interoperable registries & repositories for SGML- and XML-related entities, including but not limited to DTDs and schemas with interface that enables searching on contents of a repository of those entities construct prototype registry & repository registry & repository designed to interoperate & co-operate with other registries & repositories compliant with specification prototype intended to serve as model for extensible & distributed network of registries and repositories specification is primary deliverable Reg/Rep Spec Design Principles:  Reg/Rep Spec Design Principles Employ existing standards Vendor-neutral Easy-to-implement Extensible Use XML Use http Reg/Rep TC Committee Members:  Reg/Rep TC Committee Members Arbortext DataChannel DataFoundry Datafusion Documentum Dun and Bradstreet eProcess Solutions Extricity ICAO Informix Network Solutions Novell Reuters RivCom Sequoia Software Space Telescope Science Institute Sun Microsystems UDEF VISA WebMethods XYEnterprise Chair: Terry Allen Commerce One Reg/Rep TC Status:  Reg/Rep TC Status First draft(s) published http://www.oasis-open.org/html/rrpublic.htm Due to announce progress on implementation at WWW9 & XML Europe 2000 XML.org The XML Industry Portal:  XML.org The XML Industry Portal XML.org:  XML.org XML.org is an OASIS initiative to develop a clearinghouse for XML specifications independent of any single company's business model. XML.org is initially sponsored by: Commerce One, DataChannel, Documentum, GCA, IBM, Sun, Oracle, SAP, & SoftQuad. OASIS XML.org The XML.org portal:  The XML.org portal As a portal, XML.org will provide industry with access to the XML resource registry access to a recommended portfolio of XML standards for eBusiness an XML-specific search engine a credible source of accurate, timely information about the application of XML in industrial and commercial settings a public source for XML educational and training materials. XML.org and standards:  XML.org and standards Work with other consortiums to round out a full portfolio of recommended XML specifications for eBusiness. Host work groups to develop industry standards, to help fill the gaps left by industry consortiums, and to help factor schemas across multiple industries. Establish relationships/alliances with standards-making industry groups XML.org and standards:  XML.org and standards XML.org does not prescribe the use of non-standard XML schema languages. Until the official W3C XML Schema language reaches Recommendation status, we will allow submissions in any format. For the moment, the DTD format is preferred, as that is part of the W3C XML standard. After XML Schema becomes a recommendation, there will be a period during which submissions need to be converted to DTD or XML Schema format. New content on XML.org:  New content on XML.org XML.org Expands as XML Clearinghouse XML Catalog Information on & links to more than 70 industry XML specifications XML Publications Submissions Recommendations Working Drafts XML Submissions Page New content on XML.org (cont’d):  New content on XML.org (cont’d) XML.org Submissions HR-XML Candidate Profile Job Posting Resume Commerce One Common Business Library (CBL) DataChannel Portal Markup Language Industries & XML Vocabularies:  Industries & XML Vocabularies Accounting Content Syndication Education Electronic Data Interchange Enterprise Resource Planning Finance Healthcare Human Resources Insurance Intellectual Property Rights News Real Estate Science (Math, Genome Research, etc.) Travel Web Applications ebXML The electronic business XML initiative :  ebXML The electronic business XML initiative ebXML:  ebXML International initiative established by UN/CEFACT and OASIS. Research and identify the technical basis upon which the global implementation of XML might be standardized. Goal: provide open technical framework to enable XML to be utilized in a consistent & uniform manner for the exchange of Electronic Business data for B2B, B2C, and C2B. First meeting: November, 1999 – ToR confirmed, sub-committees established Second meeting: January, 2000 – F2F meetings of committees ebXML technical committees:  ebXML technical committees ebXML Requirements Business Process methodology Technical Architecture Core Components Registry & Repository Transport/Routing & Packaging Technical Coordination & Support Marketing, Awareness & Education ebXML drafts for comment :  ebXML drafts for comment Requirements Specification (5/3– 27/3/2000) defines ebXML and the ebXML effort articulates business requirements for ebXML defines specific requirements that will be addressed by the various ebXML project teams in preparing their deliverables Transport Routing & Packaging (18/3/2000) overview & description of the scope of the work draft diagram showing relationship to other committees requirements for Transport, Routing and Packaging definition of terms examples of how messages can be exchanged Next meeting:  Next meeting 8-12 May 2000, Brussels Diamant Conference Center www.ebxml.org/meetings/20000507/announcement.htm To join email groups www.ebxml.org/participate.htm Find out more www.ebxml.org Affiliations:  Affiliations Synergy – working with other organizations to improve interoperability Affiliations & Strategic Relationships:  Affiliations & Strategic Relationships CGM Open – non-profit group dedicated to accelerating the further adoption, application, & implementation of the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) OAG – Open Applications Group XML Business Object Documents to be available on XML.org OMG – Object Management Group is integrating XML into CORBA technical infrastructure Affiliations / liaisons:  Affiliations / liaisons Liaisons CEN/ISSS Electronic Commerce Workshop CEN/ISSS XML/EDI Workshop Close cooperation with W3C, ISO technical committees Advisor to industry groups/organizations: Automotive, HR, Process, Transport, etc. NATO Summary:  Summary OASIS is an independent industry consortium dedicated to the advancement of structured information standards XML.org is a vendor-neutral clearinghouse for XML industry specifications. We welcome the participation of your company or consortium in helping to accelerate the adoption of XML and speed the growth of eBusiness. Coordinates:  Coordinates Coordinates :  Coordinates OASIS http://www.oasis-open.org XML.org http://xml.org ebXML http://www.ebxml.org The Cover Pages http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/ Laura Walker, Executive Director laura.walker@oasis-open.org Pam Gennusa, European Representative pam.gennusa@oasis-open.org

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