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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: sulaoshi



This PPT is for California Language Teacher Association 2014 Workshop.

APPS FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Joanne Chen March 14, 2014 CLTA Conference

Cloud & Your iPad  Why Cloud?

Cloud Storage Apps  Dropbox /Google Drive (gmail) /SugarSync  Sky Drive (hotmail)  Google+  Box/ Cubby Dropbox Sugar Sync Sky Drive Box Google Plus Cubby

My Document on iPad  Open the Cloud PDF doc  Open in  iBook – read only, cannot write  Notability ($1.99)- can write/type /draw  Adobe Reader (Free) – can write/type /draw  GoodReader($ 4.99) – can write/type /draw  Pdf-notes (free) – can write/type /draw iBook GoodReader Notability

Drop Box Open our document Open In  iBook (pdf)  Pages (word doc)/ Good Reader (pdf)  Notability (pdf & word)  Photo upload (from your iPad)

Google Drive Open the document Open in (iBook/Adobe Reader) Who Has Access (add name) Share/ Rename (+) Upload photos or Video Use Camera

Sky Drive  Hotmail  7GB Free  Open the document  View Document / photo/open in another app  Create a Folder / Take a photo or Video

Notability  Word Doc  PDF Doc  Choose Read (cannot write) only or Paper (can write)  Convert Word doc to PDF format when email/or save to other destination

Google +  Gmail – Google + works like Facebook  Can store unlimited photos  From computer - Upload your photo to Google + (Album)  Open the Google + to view the photos or download to iPad photo album  Instant upload/backup photos from iPad/iphone

Keynote  $ 9.99  Simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations with your fingers  Like creating a PPT slideshow on the iPad/iPhone

Good Reader  $ 4.99  The super-robust PDF reader for iPad  With GoodReader on your iPad, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures.  Users can use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file.

Pages  $ 9.99  Word processor on iPad/iPhone  Create and Edit documents on iPad/iPhone

Jot! Whiteboard Free  Free  A simple, fast whiteboard that lets you sketch out your ideas and share them in real time.  Draw, take notes, or wireframe on your iPad quickly and easily as soon as ideas come to you.  Share your ideas via email or save them as photos. Collaborate in real time over the internet with Live Sharing.

MindMeister (mind mapping)  Free  Just tap and add  ideas  Requires an account  MindMeister lets you create, edit and share your mind maps on the go and synchronize them with free online MindMeister service. 

Simple Mind (Free)  Free  Mind mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.

Paper 53 (Best App of 2012)  Free  It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad.  Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web.  Try it free—buy additional tools from the in-App Store.

Werdsmith  Free  Simple Writing tool on iPad  Werdsmith turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a portable writing studio  Capture ideas, work on their projects and share writing.

Duolingo (Best App of 2013)  Free  Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.  Free language education for the world  Offers Courses in:  Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese

Voicethread  Voicethread Account is Free  Voicethread App (iPhone and iPad)  On your CMS (blog / Moodle) – post URL link  Or email URL link to your student  Student can record on their iPhone /iPad  Can Create Voicethread project with iPhone/ iPAD

Audio Dropboxes Easy to use online / iPad / iPhone Audio Recording tool Embed to your CMS (Blog/Moodle/ Blackboard) Students can record online or  Use their iPad/iPhone to record their assignments (enter the assignment code) Account is Free Audio Drop boxes App Cost $ 0.99 Step 1: Connect Step 2: Enter code Step 3: Record & Save

JotNot Scanner Chinese 2 Story Writing

Sound cloud  iPhone /iPad app  Record voice and sync to the Soundcloud website  Manage the files online  Free account – 120 minutes total  Recording a short story is easy

QuickVoice  Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures!  For professional, educational, and personal use.

QR Code Generator   Turn Text / URL / Contact / Phone Number /SMS to a QR Code.  Save / Share or Post (HTML-Code)   To Read: use QR Reader app  Smart Phone, iPhone, iPad

Popplet lite  iPAD Poster Project  Insert Photo  Write short description  Use your photo or  Can take photos to create a poster  Email or save in iPad photos

Notebook:  Write or Draw + Sound recording  Bamboo paper  Notebook + Free ( Record while your write)  Penzu (Notes taking) Penzu Bamboo paper Notebook + Free

Quizlet  Flashcard+ (Can also search Quizlet decks)  Open Quizlet, sign in your own account  Search a flashcard deck  Play with the Flashcards  Review  Quiz  Matching Game

Animoto   Free  Animoto can create short video easily  Use your photos or take photos  Create a 30 seconds short video for free  Take photos or use photos  Create a short video on iPad

Educration / Showme  Write / Draw / Recording  Projects:  Write Chinese characters  Draw and Tell  Write and Tell  Demonstration

Comic Maker  ComicBookFX  Halftone 2  Picture + Bubbles to create Comics  Create a comic story with your photo Halftone 2ComicBookFX

Story Creator  Free  Simple way to share a story  With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one.

Photo Editing Frame-O-Matic aPhoto Photo Crop Photo Table InstaFrame Frame-O-Matic aPhoto Photo CropPhoto Table InstaFrame

Photo Transfer  Wireless Transfer App - Share, sync & backup photos, pictures, videos and video photo albums WiFi Photo Transfer- Photo and video transfer tool.

Garage Band  The most popular music creation app  With a variety of touch instruments including pianos, organs, drums, guitars, and basses.  This app also allows the user to record a performance and then mix the tracks to create and share songs.

Remind 101  Remind101 provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

AirServer Mirror PC <-------- iOS devices AirServer is an AirPlay receiver for Mac/PC. It allows you to receive AirPlay feeds, so you can stream content or Mirror your display from your iOS devices.

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