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Published on March 23, 2009

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Ameena Khan

Approaches to TV Drama G322

My Approach TV Drama •  Summer entry •  Coursework unit selected to provide foundation to exam skills •  Opening of film •  Develop practical skills- prelim task 360 degree rule, match on action, shot reverse shot •  Use of blogging •  Main Task- Creating own sound track •  Evaluation- textual analysis of own work

My Approach TV Drama Don’t spend lots of time exploring the genre Do spend time looking at each technical aspect in detail particularly editing and sound. Do look a wide range of TV Drama, US can be a rich area of study. Do use practical activities to explore micro aspects as can consolidate learning more effectively than written analysis alone.

Activities to explore TV Drama Cinematography Still Image Analysis Continue the next three shots of the scene………

Activities to explore TV Drama Editing Pace of Editing Re-create Task

Activities to explore TV Drama Blogging My students enjoy having their own blogs where they can embed clips and type their analysis underneath. Alternatively you can use http:// to download from YouTube and can remove the sound from the clips and record a DVD commentary over the clip analysing the use of shot types, composition and camera movement.

Activities to explore TV Drama Sound Select a relevant scene and remove the soundtrack Dialect, tone and language can represent a Using garageband get great deal about how characters are students to create represented. A quick activity can be extracting appropriate music to some lines of dialogue from a some scenes represent the of the following characters and playing the characters audio alone: Posh Kenneth (Skins) Miles (This Life) Frank Gallagher (Shameless)

The Wire Students enjoy and can engage with Can explore representations of Social Class Sexuality Gender Ethnicity Age Provides alternatives to stereotypes Interesting technical elements-sound/ editing

Jan Session

Sound Editing Weakest area of analysis. Some candidates Was tackled well by some but too much making no reference at all. focus on dialogue. Stronger responses discussed the use 180- Clear distinction between diegetic and degree rule and continuity editing. non-diegetic sound by some candidates. These candidates also referred to eyeline matches, shot reverse shot, simultaneous Need to address use of music in more action and use of ellipsis. detail-tempo, pace, sound bridges and link Also some discussed the pace of editing to specifically to representation. represent age Mise-en-scene Cinematography Often very well discussed but at times too Well handled by most with the most much focus on this area. Some entirely confident use of terminology in this focused on mise-en-scene area. Concentration on clothing and props but Problems for some in just identifying little exploration of lighting. camera shots/angle/position and not linking this to the construction of Must link to how it constructs representation. representation.

Marking Criteria Terminology Frequent and Accurate use of 10 media terminology Use of Examples Consistent evidence from the extract offered. Offers frequent relevant 20 examples from the extract Clear analysis of how the technical Analysis/Explanation aspects are used to construct the particular representation 20 Understanding of the constructed nature of representation

Strong Responses Use note taking effectively and were well practiced in working under timed conditions. Understood the constructed nature of representation and were able to explore this through all four micro elements Used media terminology frequently. Selected the most relevant examples form the extract and analysed how the technical aspects constructed age. Could see the range of representations rather than ‘old’ and ‘young’ Considered weather these representation were conformed to or subverted stereotypes Weak Responses Described the action rather than analyse Focus primarily on one area and neglect others Stray from the relevance question- discuss gender/social class etc Were concerned with TV Drama as genre rather than focus on representation Use terminology rarely or inaccurately Write a short response

Final Advice 1. Students must ensure they cover all four technical areas although depending on the extract it may not be relevant to cover each in equal depth. 2. Whilst it must be written in continuous prose students should not waste time with an introduction and conclusion-go straight into analysis 3. Students should look at a wide variety of TV Drama’s but representation and how it is ‘constructed’ through the technical areas must be the primary focus. They do not need to study the genre in depth. 4. Whilst the extract will be a British TV Drama, US TV Dramas can be used a rich area of study and provide some interesting representations that students can engage with. 5. Students should have a lot of practice in note taking and writing under timed conditions

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