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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: KINSHIPe



Engaging Your People to Grow the Business not by Preventing Bad but by Extending Good (Strengths). Our work as leaders: managing compliance or building a positive (strengths) culture

Jeremy Scrivens: Appreciative Inquiry How to take advantage of social media to innovate & grow your business without the risks #SMshift @jeremyscrivens

Engaging Your People to Grow the Business not by Preventing Bad but by Extending Good (Strengths) Our work as leaders: managing compliance or building a positive (strengths) culture? We cant go on together with suspicious minds…

Employee engagement – crisis or opportunity? The Contributors The Compliant The Subversives Passionate Luke warm to cool Cold to freezing Feel they belong Don’t feel they belong Try to stop others belonging Give more than they get Give when prompted Take at every opportunity Self managed Supervised Guarded Collaborate Hold back Fight Embrace change Resistant to change Sabotage change Inquire & create Compliant Dismissive Work to who they are Work to a job role Work when they have to

Gallup Global 2013 Engagement Report

Gallup 2013 Global Report • Employees who feel engaged at work and who can use their strengths in their jobs are more profitable, stay longer, have happier customers and produce higher quality work • People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job • Strengths are a powerful, untapped resource

Four Dimensions Of Employee Engagement 6

Most companies are „doing‟ compliance & getting less compliance Dov Seidman in Forbes Magazine writes • „Most companies today are committing a fundamental mistake: they are “doing” compliance –the U.S. spent $29.8 billion on compliance activities in 2010 but are not “getting” more compliance. Seldman suggests we shift from compliance to culture • Focusing on actions that will build and maintain a values-based system of “governance, culture and leadership” will mean less compliance activity, less cost, and more compliance as a result of real, tangible and sustainable behavior change.‟ 7

Millenials / Generation Collaboration The Millenials are the most naturally wired generation in history for collaborative contribution but how do we prepare and make the most out of Generation Collaboration? 8

Miguel Rodriguez Works at Azio Zurich Switzerland 11,919 have him in circles What motivates us to post on Google+? ‘I wrote an article on MediaTapper where I analyze the intangible rewards of people posting in G+. This based on the Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose motivational principles as described by Daniel Pink.’

Source: 10

Consume Make Share Collaborative Production Clay Shirky 11 12

Principles for engaging contribution – Meg Wheatley • People support what they create o Do we engage our people to collaborate with us to design our social media strategy & behaviours? • People act responsibility when they care o Do we ask our people what topics they want to talk about in shaping our social media practice? 13

Principles for engaging contribution – Meg Wheatley • Conversation is the way human beings have always thought o Gen Z most wired generation in history for conversation & collaboration • We focus on what works and it releases our creative energy o When we focus on what’s wrong people get depressed and disengage. The right question is: ‘what’s possible here and who cares?’ o Trusting relationships are the glue to take the journey in community o Collaboration doesn’t just happen. It is important to develop authentic relationships which create a culture and experience of trust & authenticity 14

Peter Drucker “The Next Society” Interview by David Cooperrider “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our weaknesses irrelevant.” 15

David Cooperrider It’s often been said that strengths perform, but how about the idea that strengths do more than perform, they transform? What would it mean to create an entire change theory around strengths? 16

Positive Topics Group Work

Two Very Different Approaches to Change Micro Management Macro Management Problem Solving Appreciative Inquiry Summits Define the problem Select a Positive Topic Break down and isolate Engage the whole system Analyse what isn’t working (gaps) Identify strengths Go to the solutions manual Ask – what is possible? Fix weaknesses and close gaps Concentrate & extend strengths TECHNICAL FIX INNOVATION 18

The AI Summit – The most powerful large group process in the world today 19

Engaging Collaborative Contribution Mushroom Farm 20

Mushroom Farm – Future Story Most kids hate mushrooms but we are producing coloured mushroom growing kits. We are into the schools with these kits and the kids have gone crazy about them; the kids are growing different coloured mushrooms We are partnering with celebrity chefs, who share our vision for reducing obesity in our kids. The chefs have created these amazing recipes for kid’s meals which use our coloured mushrooms. The kids are cooking their own meals using these recipes and our mushrooms But what is really exciting is that 20% of the kids in Australia are now eating mushrooms and we have created dedicated customers for life; these customers are really our partners. We are using social media to create and experience a growing Mushroom Community online; we have 50,000 kids in our community. They are co-creating new mushroom kit designs with us and new recipes. We have a mobile app which is being use to share great stories every day. The kids are active with us on this community, sharing their stories about their experiences with mushrooms and inviting others to join our community. These kids are buying mushroom kits and their parents are ordering mushrooms directly from us online. This allows us to go directly to the end customer; by passing the supermarket chains. We are in charge of our own destiny. 21

Reflective Questions When we are shaping our social media strategy & practice, which group is front of mind? Are we looking to • Stop the subversives (e.g. cyber – bullying)? • Enforce compliance? • Release contribution? Our organisation problem is? Vs Positive topic to engage collaboration is? 22

Collaborative production is simple: no one person can take credit for what gets created, and the project could not come into being without the participation of many ― Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations 23

Jeremy Scrivens Website: Twitter: Linked In: 24

KINSHIP “A leader is like a shepherd who stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.” – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

Social Enables Kinship • • • • • • • • • • to be taken seriously. to find my place in the world. to have something to believe in. to connect with each other. to be useful. to belong. for more. for control. for something to happen. for love and to be loved.

Helping Businesses Grow People. Passion. Commitment. We help businesses use social technologies to grow, enabled by the purpose passion and commitment of their people and customers.

Support for Haiyan / Yolanda victims When Haiyan landed in Leyte, the village of Poblacion was badly hit. Lots of houses are destroyed. Help is still needed.

Support for Haiyan / Yolanda victims The community took things in their own hands and self organised. This was also critical due their government inefficiency and behavior.

Support for Haiyan / Yolanda victims Donations and efforts were coordinated in a facebook group. Your modest one will feed the whole community for 4 days.

Our Clark Team

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