Applied Disaster Response Theory

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Information about Applied Disaster Response Theory

Published on July 28, 2010

Author: gislio



Talk given at Disaster Leadership course taught by University of Tulane in New Orleans. Session is on the applied aspects of disaster response theory and uses Haiti USAR response as case study.

Applied Response Theory International USAR Perspective Gísli Ólafsson Disaster Management Advisor Twitter: @gislio


Collapsed Structures

Survival Window

INSARAG was established in 1991 following lessons learned in the 1988 Armenia earthquake INSARAG Established

Platform for its stakeholders to define standards for international USAR assistance develop methodology for international cooperation and coordination in earthquake response INSARAG Introduction

Sponsored by Turkey, co-sponsored by 58 countries, unanimously accepted after 2 year discussion Measures to improve speed, effectiveness of international USAR assistance Endorses use of INSARAG Guidelines Endorses coordination support to disaster affected country by UNDAC team Encourages regional cooperation in USAR Encourages member states to resolve administrative delays to deploying USAR teams e.g. customs entry procedures, visas, overflight UN GA Resolution 57/150 of 16 Dec 2002

Haiti Earthquake – January 12th, 2010

Initial Alert

Virtual OSOCC

Offering Assistance

Assistance Accepted

Getting there

Getting out


Reception Center

Customs Immigration USAR Teams AST LEMA Reception Center

Reconnaissance BoO Location OSOCC Location LEMA Initial Rescues The First 48 Hours

ICE-SAR Video Trailer


BoO Location

BoO Location

OSOCC RDC MINUSTAH Airport Building OSOCC Location

OSOCC Location


Initial Rescues

Importance of information

High tech job?

Difficult conditions

The reason why we do this!

Coordinating the chaos

OCHA Video

Overall Coordination at the MINUSTAH USAR Coordination at the airport 1. RDC at PAP 2. RDC at SD Coordination Structure

OSOCC at Minustah

OPC at BoO

Front Desk


Information Processing





Divide and conquer

Operational Planning

USAR Team Coordination Meetings

Dealing with media

They got there first

Live Media Coverage

Constant Interuption

Embedding Reporters

Social Networks

Photo: Reuters Psychological Effects

Lessons learned

Thank you!

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